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All I know is that a 1st level wizard with a spell should be more dangerous than a random peasant with a stick. 4E pulled that off in high fashion. In third edition you spent the early adventuring days hiding behind the fighter with a urine soaked robe.

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Yeah! I mean, look at the real world, where it takes just as much time to toss a grenade as it does to pick a lock. 4E can be so unrealistic.

For the armed forces, it currently takes only a little more time to blow a lock than it does to throw a grenade. Slap the shaped charge on, blow it. It takes even less time to use a ram.


I ran an AE campaign and I also really loved the magic system.

But that said, I also found it the most unbalancing spell system in dnd I have played to date:) Casters there have a crazy ton of power and flexibility.

So if that system were implemented a lot of would have to be taken out if you still wanted wizard/fighter balance.
The magic system itself works well, but the power level of the spells or the spell list size should probably be taken down a notch. But if the fighter abilities were also more evened with more cool stuff to do at higher level, then the extent of modifying the spells would of course differ.

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