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ZEITGEIST The affirmative action racial recruitment team of the RHC

Andrew Moreton

The start of the session was discussion on preperation for a possible fight with the Ash Wolf and how to evacuate Muleshoe. One plan was to have William take on the spirit of the Archmage and set up a teleportation circle, but eventually they decided on a more conventional evacuation so that William could use the spirit of the Champion and be more useful in a fight. This was probably a good choice.

Arriving in Muleshoe Nevla sensed the Ash Wolf was near and Ulvaar took up position as an Aerial spotter, the party has used Ulvaar's life bubble and Nevla's spells and was largely unbothered by smoke and forest fire. He failed to see a very stealthy 40 foot tall wolf moving through the forest but did see the smaller smoulering wolves moving into town after encircling it. The citizens were ordered to take shelter and the pc's strode out to try to challange the Ash Wolf and draw its attention to them. Fours smouldering wolves attacked them unleashing a firestorm from their father as they attacked which reached up into the air to strike Ulvaar as well as those on the ground. Nevla ignored the atracks and addressed the forest fire asking the Ash wolf why he attacked Risur, Padme and William tried to stab smouldering wolves and discovered they were harder to hit than expected and protected by their fathers resistances, Manuel used his Maxim gun to shoot one of the wolves, while Ulvaar continued trying to spot the Ash Wolf itself. The Ash Wolf answered Nevla speaking from the flames themselves and demending revenge for the slaying of its cub by Risur. Nevla replied promising Justice and saying that any who had killed a smouldering wolf was not a citizen of Risur and would be brought to face the Fey Titans justice or killed. The rest of the team went full defensive and largely managedt avoid being gnawed by wolves to let Diplomacy play out. The Ash Wolf accepted the offer and granted them a day to bring justice but before doing so demonstrated its power running out of the flames leaping into the air taking a bite out of Ulvaar then retreatng back into the flames.

One of the smouldering wolves remained behind and guided the Queen to its dead sibling with the help of the Lightning Weasel and Manuel she identified the wounds as being inflicted by some sort of superhot enchanted Obsidian blade, not a weapon found in Risur. William called up the spirit of the dead wolf and got a description of its killer which the identified as a Salamander, they immediatly decided this must be an invader comming through the Zigurarat and went to the Ziggurat , on arrival the fact it was now made of Brass, surrounded by burning fire worms and guarded by a pair of Salamanders convinced them this was the right place. Manuel slipped into the ziggurat easily sneaking past the guards who had merely mortal perception. He move through the Ziggurat locating the Leader of the Salamanders and desciding from the fact that he and his mates were standing around seeing how things burnt that they were dealing with some sort of Hilly-Billy savage salamanders he returned and reported.. They decided to move in and deal with the Invaders Manuel suggested arresting them and then discovered that in this situation the others meant stab to death when they said arrest, the two sentries ambushed died almost immediatly and it was discovered that Ostea did not protect immigrants from the plane of fire.. Moving through the corridors the sleeping Devishes where knocked unconcious with suprise stabbing and silent cannon fire before being stuffed in the absurdist web., the two gate guards were rushed and stabbed to death by Padme and William before the moved towards the leader where they heard one side of a conversation between 'Master Bubba' and some sort of Wish granting genie suggesting he should perhaps find out about the image of doom in the skies and instead being told to turn all the flames purple.....

Before they could attack a projected image of Liesi the efreet spoke with them ,and there was groaning and singing of theme tunes as they spotted the reference. She revealed she was bound to aid Bubba, but would happily betray him and provide them with three wishes if they promised to free her, they agreed on condition that she would never return to this world or send any other efreeti here, she gauranteed whe would never have anything to do with this mudball once she got home. They planned their attack to prevent Bubba calling on her. Ulvaar would suck the wind out of his lungs to stop him talking, Manuel would shoot him with a field gun, Nevla would use teamwork feats to charge and attack him while giving the more deadly William and Padme a free move so they could full attack. We only got as far as rolling the attacks from Nevla, William and Padme. Nevla did about 70 pts between them William did 962 +73d6 +6d4, Padme added 20d4+ 60d8 +416, at this point I did not bother rolling the dice, each of them was doing sneak attack plus whenever a crit was scored the other got an extra attack resulting in william getting 13 attacks and Padme 14 most of which hit as Bubba was flatfooted and did not have a readied shield, he had nearly 400hp and so was so stabbed he became a fine red mist. The Viziers chose to surrender having witnessed this.
Nevla used the Humble hook to learn their names and then took all the prisoners to the gate told them never to return or bring allied back on pain of death and threw them back through the gate before bringing stone from the ground to seal it and using the monarchs power to exile all the Salamanders,

Then they used their three wishes from Liesi, the first one was used to ask about the Gyre and got an answer. It would destroy the world in two years, that the white worm had gone into it and was going to destroy the Arc of Riedda and thus commit this world to oblivion, but he waited as it was his nature to give the Monarch of Risur a chance to defeat him. They thoguht this gave them another reason to go to the Gyre.
Wish two and three were a pair contacting Kasavarina and asking if she would object to being brough to Nevla, she did not and asked to bring someone else. Shortly Athrylla and Kasavarina arrived revealing that after the fight atop the tower she had ended up in the Dreaming of Elfaivar and shortly before the end of the world she had travelled to one of the enclaves and made her way back to the world she was helping settle the Eladrin in new refuges with the Risuri colony and dealing with a series of Raskshaha incursions apparently freed from prisons by the change in magic. She had brought Athrylla so the other Eladrin could create teleport portals linking Risur to the Elfaivar settlements.

Before they could catch up further they decided to talk to the Ash Wolf they told him about the Salamanders and he agreed he owed them two boons, Nevla then said she would ressurect his cub the next day and he decreed that was three boons. They accepted his aid in battle and he offerred to aid two of them in finding their true loves.
They discussed William said if it was likely he would end up replacing the Voice of Rot he should find his true love to avoid going as mad as the voice. (At this point he suggested that perhaps William and Padme (a GMPC) were secretly each others true loves but had never realised each of them felt that way about the other as they bonded over their shared stabbing tendencies) as they discussed if they should use one of the boons for William, Padme finally realised what the glances he was casting her way meant although William remained as oblivious as always (Sense motive 1 and 20 respectivly) then impulsively she stepped forward and kissed him, piercing his heart nearly as effectively as the two of them had pierced the hearts of many enemies, ending the requirement for the AshWolf's aid.
Manuel demured saying their was no room in the short life of a Busy (Batman) Goblin for love , and instead demonstrated his brooding silence unaware as yet that he had aquired the life span of an Eladrin.
So Ulvaar and Nevla recieved the boon and as soon as the players tell me their visiions of what their characters true loves are I will work out who and where they are.

At the same time as the world for the first time in 300 years saw a dragon go to war, a certain Kobold and another dragon began their courtship

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Andrew Moreton

The idea of William and Padme romance was a suprise to me but it was the players idea and everyone seemed to like the idea so I went with it. I will be fascinated what Nevla's player comes up with she likes complicated plot hooks for herself.

They also suggested Kasavarina for the boon, but she demurred and they realised it was likely to point to an ex-husband (possibly dead) or William Millar and that was all bad

Andrew Moreton

The Queen and the rest of the team prepared to deal with Granny Allswell and spent a signifigant amount of time preparing tactics, they were very worried about Gremlin aura's and finally settled on using AOE effects to clear the area of them. Then they remembered the missing children and decided they would have to live with Gremlin effects if the children were at risk. They then tried to work out if they could de-gremlin the gremlins and return them to children and came to the conclusion it would need a Miracle or Wish and that was just not practical on any scale. Later they wondered if over time Ulvaar would be able to turn the Gremlins into Dwarves. Manuel's player had a complete inability to call the Gremlins Gremlins and always called them Goblins leading to occassional confusion as Manuel is a Goblin.

Eventually prepared to face Granny and knowing that unlike the other Titans they had faced there was little room to deal as she would want children and they could not agree to that while they had the power gathered to strike her down. They reached Favela , and as they were travelling by Wild Hunt their option of arriving incognito went as the Queen's arrival was announced by blaring trumpets. They spoke to the Mayor and rapidly realised she was lying to them about the situation as she is just not up to lying to high level characters , then they worked out she was the brother of the Druid they had arrested for working with the Voice of Rot and got serious about questioning her, she revealed her plans and was arrested for Treason. They discussed taking her along to meet Granny as they thought her schemes may annoy Granny in the end they decided to take her along as a possible distraction.

Reaching the mine they found the only working lift and decided to fly down the liftshaft as they assumed a trap, Ulvaar took the lift down so it was out of the way and found a Gremlin planning to cut the cable and obliterated it. At the bottom of the shaft they met Granny's favoured children and were escorted to meet her, disabling all the traps along the way much to the annoyance of the Gremlins.

When they reached Granny Nevla presented the traitor and started talking about the betrayal by the Voice of Rot, she did not intend to get a deal but was distracting her while Manuel sneaked off and found the children. He considered putting them in the Absurdist web but that would have been too slow , instead he planned to put the portable hole he normally kept big bombs and guns in under them and just drop them into it , some would get hurt and they could not stay for long without running out of air , but it would get them clear of the fight and the barrels of firedust and Nevla could easily fix all the injuries. As soon as the children started to vanish Granny noticed and the fight was on.

Manuel continued to rescue the children, Nevla William and Padme charged forward and eliminated 2 of the 3 earth elementals, Granny tried the evil eye and Nevla and William saved, it soon became apparent that her Evil Eye was rather Neutral as not one pc would fail their save against it all day , she backpedalled a bit out of reach and tried a charm on Nevla which was blocked by a Spell immunity so Granny did not try that or curses again presuming them to be blocked (Correctly) Ulvaar flew forward and hit her in the face with lightning. Swarms of Gremlins stole lots of stuff from the pc's and the aura's of Granny's 4 children hit.

Manuel finished putting the children in the hole and activated his Mecha suit. Nevla flew clear of the rest of the team and cast Dictum wiping out a field of Gremlins and staggerring Granny , she missed 2 of the children as she could not risk hitting her fellow pc's after she realised at the last minute the spell targeted Neutral characters as well as chaotic ones. Padme and William charge Granny and stab her, which triggers a tragedy. Some of their attacks missed, so both of them are hit by the anger aura and turn the nearest person which means that after granny backs off next round the couple will be fighting each other. There is discussion and no quick trick to avoid this can be found, instead they suggest they should talk to Rock and get him to write a tragic ballard about love cut short by viscous stabbing. Granny backs off to let the two fight and mazes Ulvaar, he and the lightning weasel discuss the best way to get out but sadly they take ulvaar's route and he remains mazed.

Manuel blasts Granny with a Nock Gun despite her DR that hurts , Nevla scours the rest of the Gremlins from the room with a Firestorm and singes Granny. William and Padme stab each other, fortunatly an early strike from William staggers Padme and she is tough enough to take his attacks, he is lightly stabbed by her. Their lethality when not working together is much reduced fortunatly for them. Granny hits Manuel with a Hostile Juxtaposition and punches William. Ulvaar listens to the Weasel and emerges from the Maze.

Nevla uses a magical item to Maze Padme, Manuel shoots granny with a Cannon and is Juxtaposed hitting himself with a cannon shot which really hurts. William is now able to charge Granny as she attacked him last and rushes across and stabs her, which is not fun for her. Padme finds her way out of the Maze and is now standing next to a badly wounded Manuel, Manuel gets worried. Granny punches William again. Ulvar flies over and hits granny she offers to Surrender and come to a deal something about taking some children and cursing their enemies, no one listens .

In any case William has no option but to attack Granny from confusion and hurts her, Padme tries to Kill Manuel who hides behing his Tower shield and desperatly defends, he is not hit. Nevla hits Granny with a Soulreaver spell blasting through her spell resistance and killing her. They flee the mine and release the children outside. With the absence of the Fey Titan William and Nevla are able to push Ulvaar into the role, he slowly starts to notice he can feel the mountains. There is no time for him to stay here, he will return once the world is safe and become the King Under the Mountain.

They plan on going after the Voice of Rot and to avoid the hour or two of fight planning next week , I skip ahead and reveal he is gone they do talk to the Goblin shamen ghost and are dissapointed he does not remember more details of the Ritual they want more. They contact Athrylla and ask her to divine anything she can about the Axis island ritual, she promises to do so once she and Kasavarina finish putting down the Raksahas released from imprisonment by the Eladrin Empire. (A useful explanation why Kasavarina is not helping with the Fey Titans)

Next they discuss recruiting the other Dragon refugees as the Risuri air force, Manuel wants to build them steam suits, he despite the protests from others mentions the idea to Tinker who is currently working on refitting the Coaltongue to fly. Tinker is inspired. This will come back to haunt them in book 13 when Harkover has a steam battlesuit. They persuade two of the three to sign up by paying them a lot, the third is busy salvaging wrecked Danoran warships sunk by she who writhes.

There is them much discussin about if the Lightning Weasel now has a beard, and if so what a beared weasel looks like.

Ulvaar is too busy to look for his destinied love, duty comes first! (also the players notes are taking longer than either he or I expected) Nevla is not sure who her true love is but feel a pull towards the Vault of Heresies. Incidentally there is a discussion about if the change of the world has released Ashima Shintu. William feels she will have escaped and be a disaster, Manuels player agrees but Manuel is convinced that if they release her she can be redeemed and become a useful member of sosciety . Nevla's player remains silent as she knows that Nevla and Ashima Shintu have a destiny.

Next Week She Who Writhes

Andrew Moreton

No they don't auto succeed they rolled well, and Manuel had to use a Heropoint to pass one roll. He then failed DC27 against hostile Juxtaposition. I was just disgusted at how well they resisted all the Evil eyes. Nevla may have been close to auto succes but that was due to the +8 for being queen and fighting a Fey Titan.
Granny gave them a scare, they were very worried William and Padme were going to kill each other, or Manuel.

Steamsuit Harkover is going to be Fun. Not sure what he'll gain from it we'll see how vindictive I am feeling by that time.

Andrew Moreton

We start off in Flint with planning and talking to Tinker. Tinker is currently working on converting the Coaltongue to be an airship with some components build and stored onboard but not yet fitted , he has been distracted by Steam suits for Dragons tapping into the elemental energy of their breath weapons in the same way as the brand on the Coaltongue to allow really impressive effects. Harkover is less enthusiastic but soon he and the other dragons will have steam suits! William worries that Tinker should concentrate on one project at a time as Manuel also diverts him with Torpedo's as a concept. Manuel thinks Tinker is always going to have mad enthusiasms so they should live with it as he gets the best results from ma inspirations.

Meanwhile Nevla gathers up a team of Druids lead by a Dwarf called William the likely future Brother in law of Ulvaar though they don't know it yet and gets them on the Coaltongue. They talk to Beshala and agree that she will try and charm her Mistress while the Queen and her fellows try to stun and distract she who writhes. William calls upon the spirit of the Hierophant who then calls upon the god of the Sea and Tidepools to grant a Miracle that She Who Writhes will automatically fail her first save against Nevla's magic. Asraby volunteers that he will help guard Beshala and explains he is not in Elfaivar because he is avoiding Kasavarina because she is not the women he married and there is friction, the players nod along to this and do not think about the implications , also his bluff total is very high with a good dice roll and none of them notice anything odd about him.

They then journey out to challange She Who Writhes, who responds to the challange and is promptly beached by mass druid lower water, she strikes at Nevla before a Wave of Ectasy followed by a Greater Curse hit her leaving her staggerred and 75% chance of not foing anything in any round, while she is in this state she fails to hit any of the pc's and Beshala is able to charm her and open negotiations when the Sudden but Ineveitable betrayal by Asraby occurred completely blindsiding the pc's. Nevla swooped down and pulled Beshala to safety before she could be drawn into the interior of She Who Writhes taking a hit from Asraby, William used a Heal spell on Beshala, then Manuel shot Asraby with a cannon and discovered that he was learning and had dropped 2 arrow magnets which drew his cannot shot away from Asraby destroying one of them. Ulvaar and Padme attacked in close combat and hurt Asraby who returned the favor by stabbing Ulvaar a lot. She who Writhed was incapcitated by the Curse. Then Manuel fired a flury of rifle shots taking out the other atttractor and lightly wounding Asraby, William Healed Ulvaar and then Nevla mazed Asraby. Asraby remained stuck in the maze for ages allowing the healed Beshala to renew her communion with She who Writhes. She Who Writhes was angry with Asraby and the Ob at this point and much more willing to negotiate than normal, her mood being helped when Asraby popped out of the maze just after all the negative effects had worn of her and was dragged to his doom by a frenzy of tentacles. She settled for a huge tribute in Gold, propiatry sacrifices of animals and the right to drag down and destroy any ship not blessed appropriatly . The Queen agreed as that left She Who Writhes to snack on Danoran ships. As they at his time did not trust the Bruse to stay on their side the instructed the druids not to pass the new blessings to Ber just yet.

The players had a good magical plan to deal with She Who Writhes and the dice were with them, what few actions she took were rendered useless by bad dice rolls. They were very surprised by Asraby but afterwards they realised it made perfect sense and they had warning signs which they had ignored , I think they quite liked the way things were set up.

Following the defeat of Asraby the sea glowed red and the manifestation of Ashima-Shimtu arrived giving a nasty scare to the players particulary William before they realised that she was just a projection. She told them what she had seen of the world and they asked a few questions to clarify what was going on in Crissylir and with the Danoran navy. They learned that many angels and similar beings had come answering ancient calls and were relieved to here no divine avatars had shown up to help or chastise the clergy. Many of them were surprised that she was being helpful and worried by the fact she may be able to break loose of her bonds that much but intrigued by the fact that she implied she could break free and did not. They are intrigued about trying to persuade her to reform. Manuel and Nevla were particulary intrigued at the options and someone joked that Nevla should marry her. One of advantage of the on line play is that my camera was off so no one saw my face and I look forward to their surprise when it happens.

They then discussed their plans, there were two basic ideas one was to head for Crissily were they hoped there were the details of the Axis Island ritual and they could investigate Asima-Shimtu's situation. The other which they settled on was to go and visit Pemberton on axis island and find out what was going on before Danor and the Ob took it back. They decided they could probably cut a deal with Pemberton and considered offering him the whole of the Yerasol archipeligo to satisfy his territorial demands without having him need to conquer a country (after the world was saved obviously) and thought they could trust him at least until then. They also thought he would either want to hold the island or at least evacuate his followers. With She Who Writhes still interdicting travel they thought they had a chance of holding the island and that was important to stop the Ob trying again and to allow them to do something when they had the ritual. So they took the Coaltongue from Flint and headed for Axis island , and ordered the fleet from Slate to head for axis island and arrive a day after them to reinforce the defenses, they also planned to have William open a teleport portal between the fortress on Axis island and Risur so they could bring in more troops and also evacuate more if they had to.

The Coaltongue arrived at Axis island and was greeted by megaphone, a discussion was had and they agreed to meet with Pemberton under a flag of truce so neither side would fear violence. They accepted the Limeade with Nevla preferred to lemonade and made a note to ship Pemberton some Lemons. The discussion quickly settled that they would cooperate against the Ob details to be settled after Pemberton had given a tour of the island and they had met up with El Kevin who was leading the investigation into the ritual sight and Brakken. Manuel liked the steam cars, Nevla did not. They were reminded they needed to find a planar configuration which made the Fey less sensitive to machines, Manuel suggested that they use this plane of Musical's they had heard of as that would allow the magical Disney and Mary Poppins effects to mask unsightly machinety with cheery music. I am certain of one plane which will be in their final configuration.

On the journey out they ran into the Golem which I abstracted it turned up at a bad time , too late to finish a full on battle and too early to wrap up for the night. Brakken turned up and they were reminded of the value of thinking at thought forms. They investigated the Mine and Manuel stealthily located the lone survivor and when William came up to talk to her he saw her inject needlewire so they knew it was Nicodemus they were talking with and told him so , he blamed them for wrecking his ritual, they told him it was the Voice of Rot, he continued to blame them Nevla lost her temper and shouted at him accusing him of being a self righteous incompetent who never listened to anyone else and was busy wrecking the world and tried to stuff him in the absurdist web, he departed before his host was in fact stuffed in the web. There was a brief pause as the rest of the group was mildy suprised by Nevla's outburst then they continued to the ritual site.

They looked over the site and confirmed it was indeed the Voice of Rot or at least his agents who had destroyed the ritual team , and they stayed well away from the rogue planar energy having seen the damage done to Boure and added getting something to lift the seal and something to protect themsevles from the planar energy to their wanted list. One of them thought of the ritual of apothosis and wondered what its limits were , then the realised the expert was Ashima-shimtu and decided they really needed to go to Crissilyr for the two rituals and a chat with a demon Lord. They also met up with El Kevin who was able to give them all available details on the ritual and noticed the young Kobold with a cybernetic limb he was very close too ... and realised he was involved with Pembertons daughter presumably with his consent as he had not been eaten.

El Extrano's arrival in the car and his explanation of what was going on along with his put down of Pemberton amused them, like me they all like El Extrano and his crazy appearances. With news of the approaching Danoran fleet we ended as they planned their deal with Pemberton and defensive plans.

They plan of fighting for the Island both to deny it to the Ob and to draw the enemy away from attacking Risur as here they have a Fey Titan, a fleet, a Dragon and an army.
This has forced me to try and work out details of the Danoran and Risuri fleets. Given that it has been nearly 40 years since the first steam and iron warship the Risuri fleet as outlined is obsolete rubbish and would be useless against the sort of ironclad historically avialble by that time so I have to decide if Danor has been slow to develop compared to the real world (plausible Risur seems to have no more than a third of the UKs population at the time and Danor must be similar so development could be slower) or work out how Risuri druidic magic on their ships matches actual Pre-Dreadnought battleships which is what Danor should have and which should slaughter any possible sailing fleet. My other hobby being naval history I just can't avoid trying to work this out in detail.

Andrew Moreton

I believe he may be my favorite charachter from the campaign and I am going to have to try hard to resist Kobold spymasters turning up in future unrelated campaigns, including ones without Kobolds in the universe

Andrew Moreton

The team spent a long time planning and preparing for the battle. They discussed with Pemberton and their allies the battle plan and other expected events. Their conclusion was that making a major effort to hold Axis Island was necessary, firstly it prevented the Ob from messing things up again, secondly it would be much more convenient to control the island when they wanted to launch their own ritual, and finally the Ob would go all out to take the Island back which would mean Ob Naval power concentrating on Axis Island not invading Risur.

They went all in , firstly they signed an agreement with Pemberton recognising Axis island as his territory on loan to Risur for one year it also recognised most of the rest of the Yerasol Islands as his territory and he agreed comprehensively that he would take no actions of any kind against Risur for the reign of Queen Nevla and 50 years after her death. Not killing the Queen was included in the deal.

They contacted their Eladrin allies and Athrylla helped William set up a teleport circle link to Flint with portals at both ends, she also spent most of the day before the Danoran fleet arrived casting spells on the fortress before returing to Elfaivar and avoiding the battle. This included Guards and Wards on the Fortress, Teleport Traps covering all of the Sea Wall, Wall of Iron spells reinforcing the bottom of the Coaltongue and a few other miscallaneous uses of high level magic. Kasavarina joined the defenders as part of their strike team.

Gale arrived from Flint and began to ensure a good solid fog over the surrounding area, overwhelming any attempt by the Obs casters to lift the fog. With Gale arrived the Dwarven siege regiment of the army , heavily armoured experts in close combat who were deployed to reinforce the Gnoll defenders and a light cavaly regiment which was sent to picket the southern beaches in case the Ob landed there. Several teams of Kobold commandoes revealed themselves and deployed as snipers among the defenders

Nevla called up the earth to build a 20foot thick stone wall on the inside of the Sea gate so it could not be opened, various illusions covered the sea wall making it difficult to pin down the defenses until they engaged, Manuel brilliantly integrated Pembertons Flight systems and Tinkers new work and had the Coaltongue ready for flight before the Danorans arrived, he also enthused over the Dragon fliers.

The Flint squadron consisting of the Improved Kraken ships Scylla and Charybdis with the Armoured Ram Thunderchild deployed South East of the Island intending to sail in and engage the Danoran fleet as it attacked the fort and in doing so draw attention away from the Shale fleet making a covert approach after hiding out near the Sea Cave for a ramming attack on the Danoran fleet. Beshala informed She Who Writhes of the battle and plan and they hoped she would fit in, failing that they thought she would attack the Danorans anyway and any damage was a plus. While discussing Fey Titans the possibility of calling in the Ash Wolf they noticed that Pemberton had joined them in his own body which they thought meant he may join the battle, they rated him as being at least the equivalant of one or two Danoran warships.

Preperations done they were ready to engage the enemy . William as the Archmage and El Kevin deployed amid a minefield outside the Sea Gate accompanied by the Risuri Seal team last seen aiding them at Methia , several in the shape of Dolphins to give advance warning of approaching ships. William and El Kevin had multiple disintigrate spells ready and hoped to be a nasty suprise to several Danoran warships. Manuel prepared to control the weapons on the Coaltongue as the finest heavy artillery gunner in the world he hoped to pull of some nasty hits. Kasavarina, Nevla, Ulvaar and Padme stood at a high point planning to teleport to where the fighting was heaviest and devestate the enemy. Nevla had prepared many deadly AOE Spells and Kasavarina was a walking arsenal, Ulvaar and Padme could defeat vast numbers of low level combatants they expected to be able to make quite a difference.

Risuri Druids shifted as Albatross's spotted the oncoming fleet and with that warning the battle was on, the only concern on the heroes part was the presence of a new Tarpaulin covered structure in the middle of the Lux Du Raison

Andrew Moreton

The 4th Battle of Axis Island (5th Yerasol/Obsucrati War)

The opening battle of the Obscurati war was the attack by a Danoran fleet lead by Sovereign Han Jierre one of the Ob leaders on Axis island. This attack was both a part of Danoran policy to control the Yerasol islands and a vital operation for the Ob to take back control of their Ritual site. For the operations Danor committed most of its fleet
Danoran fleet
1st Battle Squadron (Praepollens Auctoritate Class class)

La Lux du Raison- flag
Praepollens Auctoritate
Inventum Nobilis
Droits De Homme
2nd Battle Squadron (Tyrannicide Class)
L’Honeur du Republiqu
Croisade Du Raison
Tueur de Superstition
2nd and 3rd Cruiser Squadrons (Sovereign Class Cruisers)
There were also 8 sloops and 12 hastily converted small merchant and fishing vessels as well as 4 large troop transports carrying the 1st and 2nd Republic Marine regiments and attachments.
2 of the Danorans Submarines Lya's lament, and Pride of Han operated indepentently of the fleet carrying special operations forces.

The opposition to the Danoran fleet was a combination of allied forces operating under the joint command of Queen Nevla of Risur and the Steel Tyrant Lord Pemberton and including support from the Coalescing Elfaivar Triarchy notably the matriarchs Athrylla and Kasavarina who with Queen Nevla were among the most potent spellcasters then active.
Risuri combined fleet
Flint Squadron

Scylla Improved Kraken Class
Charbydis Improved Kraken class
Thunderchild Thunderchild class
Howe Admiral class Steam Frigate
Jellicoe Admiral class Steam Frigate
6 Sloops
Flying Squadron
Shale Squadron
12 Rams(Thunder,Rain,Lightning ,Sleet,Hail,Snow ,Hurricane,Typhoon,Whirlwind,Sirroco,Bora,Mistral ,Buran)
47 Torpedo Boats

The coastal fortifications were held by Pembertons Gnoll fanatics reinforced by Risuri Siege troops

Danoran forces had sailed from Cherage along the Danoran coast until they could turn south and head straight to the fortress on Axis island without having to get close to the coast before then , they feared Risuri ambushes in coastal waters. Their plan called for a surprise attack by the sub borne special forces followed up by landing troops from the fleet backed by gunnery from the 1st Battle Squadron and first cruiser squadron with the other capital ships prepared to engage any warships arriving and the escorts screening against She Who Writhes.

The battle started before the Danoran fleet came in sight of the fortress when She Who Writhes attacked the fleet in the open ocean, the use of primitive depth charges seemed to enrage her as did being engaged with heavy guns , she shredded the sloops Shark and Tuna before attacking the 1st Cruiser squadron trying to protect the Battleships coming up from below she ripped the Keel off the Jango ,, before grappling the Jabba tearing a huge hole with her beak finally as she assaulted the Valoreum she took enough shell fire to drive her to retreat although her parting Ululation killed everyone onboard the Valoreum. Shaken by the attack the Danoran fleet pressed on, once they were clear She Who Writhes returned to slaughter the survivors in the water.

As the Danoran fleet approached Axis island fog rose, the Danorans magicians proved unnable to lift the fog maintained as it was by the Aerokenetecist Gale. Combined with the lack of a sun in the new age the Danoran fleet was much disadvantaged their strength was using their speed and firepower to crush enemy fleets at a distance,and the conditions ment that any fighting would take place at close range where the guns on the fort and the Risuri ships would be able to penetrate armour. The Danorans were using magic and a shapeshifted wizard in telepathic link had warned them that the Risuri fleet was supporting the fortress and provided overhead reconaisance during the battle reporting directly to Sovereign Han. Thus the Danorans knew when the first part of their plan failed.

They had made insufficient allowances for the strength of the heroes in the defensive force and two of those heroes engaged the submarines with disintigrate spells opening both of them to the water , surviving member of the Porteurs du morte then faced Risuri SEAL commando's and magiclaly enhanced heroes in underwater combat quickly being killed before they could reduce the defenses. Debris rising to the surface told the Danorans their plan had failed.
The fleet moved in to bombard the fortress prior to an assault landing as they did so the Flint Squadron was sighted approaching from the South-East and the 2nd Battle squadron assisted by the Inventum Nobilis moved to engage them. During the approach the tarpaulin on the La Lux du Raison was removed and the defenders saw a lighthouse style lantern, immediatly they feared a mind control spell centered on the lantern and prepared to launch the Coaltongue to attack. At this point the rising emotions of the combatants had started to form a Hive mind, and the lantern cannon was forced to destroy the nascent gestalt revealing its function to the defenders. The launch of the Coaltongue was delayed.
The Flint squadron was steadily losing its battle and the Danorans had become aware of the approach of the Shale fleet as it skirmished with their sloops and auxiliaries forming a picket line while trying to break through to attack the main Danoran fleet. Han ordered an assault on the wall landing boats from the transports accompanied by the Cruisers Lando and Palpatine closed on the wall while the capital ships intensified their bombardment as they waited for the lantern cannon to recharge.
Queen Nevla launched a counterstoke to eliminate the Lantern cannon with Kasavarin, Queen Nevla, Ulvaar of the Ligtning beard and Duchess Padme teleporting onto the deck of the Lux Du raison. Attemots to killed them were complicate when a DanoranWizard was dominated and unleashed a cloudkill in the conning tower. Ulvaar strived to bring down the Lantern cannon. The Praepollens Auctoritate closed to sweep the Lux Du raison with cannister shot and kill the intruders unfortunatly its forward turret was disabled by a disintigrate spell and chain lightning which caused an explosion in the ready ammo and a flash fire to the main magazine tearing the front half of the Praepollens Auctoritate apart , the ships sank almost immediatly.
Onboard the Lux Du Raison Ulvaar and another disitnigrate spell brought down the lantern cannon and the fully charged cannon fell through the hole in the deck into Boiler room, the resulting explosions opened up the bottom of the ship leaving it rapidly sinking, the strike team and Han teleported out.

With the threat of the Lantern cannon gone the Coaltongue took to the air, alongside it the first sighting in nearly three hundred years of a dragon in flight as Pemberton launched into the battle. Pemberton moved to attack the assault transports while the Coaltongue moved to support the Flint Squadron which was in trouble Chatybiis crippled by gunfire was trying to beach itself as was Howe. Jellicoe was sinking having taken several shell hits below the waterline. Scylla and the burning Thunderchild stood against the Danoran fleet although Tyrannicide its forward turrets knocked out and on fire was limping out of the battle
Along the Sea Wall Danorans troops teleported in and were redirected to a killing zone and so switched to assault ladders. The cruisers supporting them were struck from below by disintigrate spells and forced to slow to a crawl to prevent out of control flooding and at that moment the Shale fleet broke through and launched ramming attacks finishing off the Lando and Palapatine with heavy losses.
At the same time Pemberton attacked the troop transports igniting one with a huge gout of flame and landing on a second tearing it apart the cruiser Amidala the only escort available was preoccupied by the ramming fleet and managed to cover the withdrawal of one of the transports the third being rammed and sunk.
Inventum Nobilis was moving in to finish the Scylla when the flying Coaltongue arrived punching a shell through the thin deck armour and taking out half the boilers, suddenly slowed the Inventum Nobilis was struck amidships by the Thunderchild and the combination of the ram and the detonation of the Thunderchilds magazine sent both ships to the bottom.
The Droits de la Homme was boarded by the strike team and after Ulvaar forced a hatch the crew took heavy losses against the heroes before surrendering.

The remainder of the Danoran fleet with withdrew harrassed by the Coaltongue which after a lucky hit was keeping its distance, as they withdrew She Who writhes attacked again dragging down two more sloops before a lucky hit from the heavy guns on the Crusade Du Raison hurt her and persuaded her to retreat.
Total losses
Danoran fleet
4 Battleships sunk
1 Battleship captured
5 Cruises sunk
3 Transports sunk
2 Submarines sunk
7 Sloops and 8 armed auxiliaries sunk
approx 10,000 dead
6 Rams
23 attack boats
approx 2400 dead
pluse about 300 gnolls and 150 Risuri soldiers killed in he fort total 2850

Andrew Moreton

As the clear up after the battle began the team saw an unnusual figure walking over the water of the battle carrying a body. There suspicions were confirmed as they saw it was a projection of Ashima-Shimtu. She walked over to them and spoke
"She struggles to understand mortals, she had thought that it was the meddling of her kind that brought strife to mortals. But she see's blood in the water here and none of her kind are free to walk this world. She has watched this one for many years like another fisherman before him he caught her eye although no great destiny or power touched him she saw him married and saw him as a father of his children, she saw him hit his wife and abandon her to join the navy , now his story ends and his choices stop here in a battle he understood nothing of. What do the choices of individuals mean if the choices of others lead them to fight and day in war beyond there understanding? "
They spoke with her and Manuel explained the legal concept of guilt and that she had not intended either this or the death of the Eladrin to come from her actions and so she would not be guilty in they eyes of the law, Nevla said that too many choices had been made leading to this battle to place the blame on events 500 years ago and that she did not blame Ashima-Shimtu for the death of Ssramma and so many Eladrin. They spoke a bit more about freedom and choices then the image faded and the Demon Lord faded away. They thought it was probably a good sign that she was interested in guilt and redemption and Manuel suggested that Nevla ressurect this randome sailor to show that they too had concerns and perhaps influence Ashima-Shimtu. She agreed and added a raise dead to her spell list for the next day

The Coaltongue flies to Cherage and there is a discussion with Brakken about objectives they agree on gathering information and having Brakken try to push a pro-peace and Diplomacy line to try and prevent a war. They also plan on what they can do to help, they can give advice and in an emergency Ulvaar could help Brakken fight and Nevla can provide spellcasting she makes a point to prepare a Word of Recall so that she can pull Brakken out if things go wrong....
They land in a valley prepared by El Extrano's commando's and get the latest report from the rats revealing no major changes so Brakkens infiltration is on.

Brakken arrives at the city and see's the signs of the military build up. The players note the installation of several lantern cannon and the Ob military constructs as they did not plan to attack Cherage anyway this is not a problem but they are glad the constructs are not full on Golems as this means that the Risuri army can possibly defeat them unlike the powerful Iron Golems. They also note that Witch oil is not being used in these Golems.
Brakken arrives at the Symposium and passes through security. They check who the guests are and are dissapointed to see Betronga Sidhon,present they talk with him and the other representatives of minor nations and come to the conclusion that while most are actually happy about events Lord Kulp is definetly keeping his opinions to himself and Betronga Sidhon, is largely there because he respects the strength and power of the Ob and resents the Eladrin enclaves not because he approves of them.

Brakken ends up talking to the leaders of Crissily and Drakr as well as Eloise Duffet the Danoran military commander and with some coaching from Nevla and William he is able to convince them to share the war plans with him as Ber would be a great help to the invasion and is willing to help provided at least some diplomatic efforts are made. The plan seems workable to the pc's as the Risuri fleet is weak , although they note that the Drakran and Crissylian navies need to delay while they are fitted out to defend against She Who Writhes, Brakken shares vague reports he has heard that the new Risuri monarch has allied with Granny Allswell, Father Thunder and the Ash Wolf and so invading armies will need big cannon and anti-gremlin protection, which results in more preperations being planned which will further dealy things. They have by this point decided that the Cardinal is either a cleric of Asmodeus or is going to get into trouble when the gods get round to auditing their faithful in this world.

Heids arrival and conversation amuses them, they support his needling of the Chancellor and are concerned that the Cardinal has sufficient control of a Planatar to send it out shoe shopping. They consider ways to reverse that but in the end GM reluctance to let them mess with contacting outer planes with Gate spells to bring the Planatars boss up to speed thwarts them, I decided I had to draw a line on the use of planar travel magic to the traditional outer planes as that Cosmology is a bit stretched if applied to this universe and drawing a firm line prevents me having to spoil some later scheme when they were counting on such access.

With this out of the Way Nicodemus starts his speech, they quite like the concept but don't think he believes it and would not trust him to actually manage to be benevolent and stay out of the way of people building a better world but the concepts are good. When he finishes Brakken gets the first question in asking about reports from Beran astronomers that Av may be pulled into the Gyre soon. Nic confirms this blaming the sabotage of the Ritual, he says they are unsure about the effects of the destruction of Av but do not think they will be immediatly catastrophic and they hope to restore Av when they renew the Ritual which unfortunatly will take most of a year. They have a few more questions but decide they had better let others ask questions as they don't want Brakken to attract too much attention. They also spotted Lya here and plan to use Sending to contact her later as they hope to try and start a dialogue although they fear as a ghost she will be too much under the control of Nic for negotiations with her to work.

As the leaders all talk about eliminating those who do not contribute they spot an incipient hive mind at about the same time Nicodemus does and start trying to sport signs of it, as Nic retreats they spot the Hive mind and realise it is growing fast and hidden by psychic powers which must have defeated the Obs monitoring . As the Hive mind forms they have a quick debate and before they are aware of all that is going on William teleports himself and Nevla into the council chamber where they hope to disrupt the Hive mind, they manage to overcome all the obstacles to teleportation and maintian control of their minds. There they encounter Sighim who taunts them before departing, they are so glad to see him and the Gidim back, although they were expecting the Gidim or a Demonic army since the Ob turned off the planar protection.

Looking round they realise they need to act fast and Nevla calls on a Miracle to free the people of the Hive mind and is slightly surprised when a blast of Holy flame and not grinding gears answers her call burning away all the evidence of the Hive mind, while the stunned , confused and dazed delagates slump to the ground they feel a lurch as if the building was falling after being lifted in the air, quickly they decide to leave. Nevla grabs Brakken, and the nearby Heid and his bodyguard, William grabs Lord Kulp , Betronga Sidhon, and between them they also grab quite a few represtnatives from the Malice lands, basically everyone they can reach and depart via teleportation and word of recall.

They day has been saved , tens of thousands in Cherage will live and almost no one will know what happened , the Risuri will catch the blame for what did happen and they will get no credit from anyone in Cherage. Also I don't get Giant Dwarf hacking his way into a walking building atop a giant hive mind which is sad. They do get credit in the Malice lands and with Betronga Sidhon, in Elfaivar , the Malice lands largely end cooperation with the Ob shutting down the railroad and delaying troop movments. Betronga Sidhon, and his people join the Risuri/Eladrin enclave in Elfaivar strengthening it against any Ob attacks.

The team heads back to Risur for a short rest, briefings, planning and a quick wedding. Also Nevla gets around to actually making them all Dukes of somewhere. Padme gets Romanov's old duchy along the coast facing Ber , next to the New Duchy of Greenland which covers most of the Voice of Rots territory and goes to William , Ulvaar becomes the Mountain duke, and Manuel becomes the Duke of the Risuri colonies in Elfaivar where he can work to cement ties with the Eladrin as well as to develop a synthesis between technology and magic. Manuel is concerned by his lack of Social skills so Nevla suggests appointing Isobel as his Seneschal who will handle a lot of the people skills, she is an Eladrin which will go down well but not one of the Enclave Eladrin and they hope she can help bring everyone together.

The various disasters facing nations are discussed and they agree that helping with those should help derail Ob plans, although of course letting the apocolypse wipe out most of Drakr would be even more effective but they are heroes so rescueing they will do. They decide to deal with Crissily first as it is close and go to Sid Minor and Ashima-Shimto first even though several of the players more than their characters are nervous about messing with a demon lord. They also send to the Coaltongue into Drakr and sailing ships to Seobrigga and Ursalina so they can teleport around after Crissilyr, they are using Wind walk cast by Nevla to get to Sid Minos as it is fast and not dependent on prior knowledge

Andrew Moreton

My Sarcasm does not work. They had expected the Gidim or someone else to turn up when the Ob removed planar protection, so they were not surprised that he was there, although the timing did surprise them. They are going to be even less happy about Ursalina, on the plus side they will not actually get Invaded by the Invincible Golden Legions of Oswyn the Magnificent or conquered by Syrah the Diplomancer so their worst fears will not come true