ZEITGEIST The affirmative action racial recruitment team of the RHC

They seem to be interested and sympathetic to Kasavarina, Nevla and her have the strongest link which is expected with the familial link set up they also seem to be considering there to be two different Kasavarina's the 'old' Kasavarina who was an Ob leader , and the new Kasavarina they are travelling with and helping understand her self, overall they are not that keen on the Old one but are sympathetic to the new Kasavarina's reaction to her old self.
We forgot Manuels parents in Seobriga , as it slipped my mind and he forgot that Seobriga was that city, we'll do it in a flashback at the start of the next session. Nevla is revisiting much of Dala's past , the mysterious bits of her own recent past happened in in Danoran occupied territory so they consider that hard to visit. William and Ulvaar don't have any great mysteries to visit. To make up for that they have considered or are considering all the following options
1)Harkover Lee , can they persuade him to cooperate and look into his past, they also considered asking Pemberton
2) William. Can he use his ties to the kings of Risur to see their histories. I am thinking about this one
3) The Humble Hook can they use the arc on this (definetly no)
4) Ashina-Shintu well Manuel wants to try this no one else does
5) Early incidents at Cauldron Hill and Maccbennins mansion

The Arc of Reida is getting close to being as popular as the Absurdist Web
This session the Absurdist Web continues its campaing to be declared MVMI.
We started with a flashback to the team in Ber as after a discussion they decided on their being 2 more historical events they wanted to revisit(There would have been more if they thought they could persuade Pemberton or Harkover Lee to participate)
First we go back to the tragic murder of Manuels parents outside a theatre in Seobrigga. Manuel dressed in his Straw hat, blazer and short is eating a dried frog lollipop as he and his parents leave the theatre where they have watched a performance by Alonzo the Half giant and his troup including the incredible hummin Alpaca's perform a musical story of a family forced to flee over the mountains to Risur by evil dragon tyrants called the Sound of Yodelling. Two Hobgoblins in clown make up confront the family , as Manuels Father confronts them standing up to their waste bands shots are fired by large caliber Drakran Bear pistols. Manuel flee's and as the hobgoblins flee their pistols mysteriously misfire as if a stealthy invisible spell caster had intervened . (Speculation about a time loop involving Manuel and the Arc of Reida is rampant as is the assumption it is El Extrano or his agents). As Manuel fleet to the butler Alfredo the team watch as the Hobgoblins meet with the Lizardman Lissa (of railroad challange fame) who was a rival of Manuels family and are paid before being stabbed by other lizardmen as they leave. As Glaucia witnesses all this she promptly arrests Lissa , sentences him to a severe beating and confiscates his company and assets , justice is done speedily in a very Beran fashion.
Next they enlist the help of Gale carrying Ulvaar to the ziggurat of Avilona with the rest of the team in the Absurdist web. They are distracted by speculation at this point as to why Copperhat gave them such a useful item and conclude it is a faerie trick with the evidence of his crimes such as the theft of she who writhes swim suit stashed within so he can deny that he has said stolen items. They then use the Arc of Reida and witness Kasavarina trying to switch the plane to point to another plane of air, the explosion of energy from Nem and then the near disaster as their flight spell fails as they leave. They speculate if Nic knew this would break the plane of air or if it was an accident, they decide it was probably an accident from an early version of the later plans.
Then we move back to were we left them on their way with the God Hand Vitus to the island of Odeom. Arriving on the island they encounter the Simulcram of Grandis Komanov whose cunning plan is somewhat undermined by the presence of Vitus who is almost immediatly aware she is not in fact one of the clergy guardians assigned to the island resulting in her destruction, the party are alarmed that such a powerful spellcaster is opposing them, later they are able to identify her as the exteremist eschatological leader and are rather glad she was not around to learn the ritual. Moving through the vaults they expose Vitus to all the evidence of the long standing corruption of the clergy shaking his faith and setting the seeds for his trial of the gods later, which makes it convenient for me to blame the pc's for their own problems later. When the reach the vault with Ashima-Shintu in it Wiliam notices the new statues are duplicants , they consider leaving them alone to talk with Pemberton but decide it will risk messing up the memory event to Manuel and Ulvaar stuff them into the absurdist web before they activate. Once Kasavarina and Nic finish opening the vault they watch the conversation and learn the ritual of apothesis they also realise what caused the death of all the Eladrin women and think Dala must have been the subject of the ritual, they are divided on wether the death of Ssramma was Nics objective or if he really wanted to kill the clergy war god. They part with Vitus determined to finish purging the clergy of corruption and Ob influence. Kasavarina blames herelf from the death of Ssramma the team make a good point for it all being Nic's fault with Kasavarina having beem a victim of his schemes.

With a letter of permission from Vitus they head to the Clergy colony which has been built on Kasavarina's home town. They determine their are three sites were either Kasavarina or Nevla have memory events they decide to start with the Temple of Ssramma were they get a vision of Nevla 3 day before the Great Malice, Nevla/Dala is sleeping at the temple when Clergy God Hand assassins assault the temple silently killing all the other priests and acolytes before capturing Dala and teleporting out with a Word of Recall spell back to Crissilyr. The next vision on this site is from 3 BOV and is Kasavarina attending the service were Dala/Nevla is consecrated as a full priestess of Ssramma the maiden with Luanga in the crowd, the final vision on the site is from about 90 BOV and is Kasavarina's marriage.
They then procede to the site of Vekesh's performance and witness Vekesh turn around the despair of the Eladrin army and the dance of the Matriarchs . They are impressed by the performance Nevla and William more as they have a better understanding of Eladrin culture.
Then they procede to the site of Kasavarina's home and Nevla is drawn into the memory event, the team is very alarmed to realise that the Nic of the event is the real Nic not just a vision, Nic apologises for not being able to save Kas's daughters and she resists blasting him into ashes, he then delivers his ultimatum that she join him or risk the death of all here, and gives the end of the memory event as a deadline, the team brace for the end of the memory event and having they think got everything important from here plan of fleeing by Teleport. As the event ends Nevla tries to exorcise Nic and fails, the Golems and zombie swarm appear and Kasavarina manages a teleport spell before the golems attack taking the team to a safe teleportation location the Flint Opera House where the team appears in the middle pf the Operatic tragedy of King Oliver. Quickly and to the applause of the crowd William and Nevla join in the performance to the applause of the crowd while the rest of the team slink off the stage.
William then has the idea of creating a bardic performance about the teams exploits to make sure they have many supporters in case they ever need to use the sacrement of apothesis,. Manuel suggests they should plan on using Rock as their god candidate, William says no there is no way they should do anything to encourage that man to think himself as a god, Manuel says he thought it was a good idea as Rock is popular and expendable, then it is pointed out if he dies under the ritual all his docker followers die and Manuel says in that case he is not expendable and so not a good candidate.

Next time they will investigate cauldron hill and then probably Kasavarina's enclave and if they can find it Pala. They think getting to Methia is important but difficult so should be left until last