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ZEITGEIST The affirmative action racial recruitment team of the RHC

Hm. Yeah, we were intentionally limiting access between PCs and Nicodemus until after the convocation. You shared a flashback that's queued up for adventure 8, so that makes it much easier to figure out.

As for how he'd respond? He'd squint, cock his head like he didn't hear it right, and then say something like, "I wasn't the one who named the proposal. I believe the title is meant as a warning that those who think they know how the world works will sometimes take a step too far, and be punished for it."

And if they press about him being Miller: "I suppose when you're part of a conspiracy, it's natural to think everyone has secrets. I'm not if I should be flattered by the comparison, but no, I'm not the ghost of William Miller."

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Andrew Moreton

Definitely my own fault she may have guessed without it but that bit of information which was meant to be harmless and flavorful has caught me out as it is a key in the current logic chain, but at least my players are paying attention to the things I say!. Thanks for the answer

Andrew Moreton

We started up after the Christmas break and after reminding people where we were we settled down into a discussion of the various planar configuration options and if Nicodemus was Millar. We had one undecided to convinced he was and one who thought it was too tidy if he was but that the logic was good he is holding out for Nic being some kind of extradimensional infiltrator although not a Gidim. There was also discussion if he was a ghost or something else , and if he was something else was Millar just another of his identities which tied the extradimensional infiltrator further into the Millar hypothesis but they decided they did not have enough knowledge.
They did not do much about the murder apart from a brief theory that Romana was behing it all so William tried talking to her in an attempt to convince her to lure/have him lured out of the main hall and murdered , persumably he was counting on the other pc's stopping the murder. I never really understood the scheme and as Romana was innocent did not bother following the logic that deeply.
They did decide to talk to the Godhand and find out where he was for a later rescure they in the end sent Padme to do it as her cover ID is the Crissilyan murderer and they felt that he had in character reasons to talk to the man to see what he knew about the criminal operations in Crissilyr and incidentally give him more information about them if he escaped. Once they knew about his location and security they decided that in the event things fell apart they would have a go at rescuing him.

The interviews with Nic went well, Manuel and Ulvaar said as little as possible to get things over fast as neither of them had any social skills and both were afraid to gestalt in case they lost control as they have weak will saves so getting the interview over ASAP before they blew things was good. Nevla and William decided to try and talk to him both being secure in their better social skills. William went first and got him talking and realised that Nic wanted to talk to someone who could sympahise about the hard choices he had made and the important of doing it right , but made a few mistakes and a bad diplomacy roll to try and smooth them over and blew it but was able to brief Nevla before she went to talk to Nic. She went in prepared for the avenue of conversation and both supported Nic and made it clear she was a Millers Pyre supporter who had a few issues with it mainly the lack of planar protection , they talked for quite a while including a trip back to the real world (her diplomacy smoothed over a few slips by the player) and she came away convinved further Nic was William Millar , that he really did believe he was doing this for the greater good and whatever he was saying he was firmly behind Miller's pyre and that it would be a serious mistake to go against him by backing Collossus , she though he was much more tolerant of the Panarachists , watchmen and arbatoreum as they were also selfless attempts to improve the world.

Shortly after that I called the vote. Manuel and Ulvaar voted arbatoreum while William and Nevla voted Millers Pyre , Padme voted Collossus as her cover certainly would but planned to be 'convinced' to change her vote by the second vote. They did not take much part in the immediate discussion of alternatives instead retiring for an early night.
Woken by the rattling of a note under their door it took a moment for them to realise who was sending the note when they did they read it and immediatly Padme and Manuel were despatched to spy using invisibility although lacking gear and Goblin bonuses Manuel declared himself to be the late afternoon at best. Still only Vicemi came close to seeing them.
They listened to the conversation with interest it did not tell them much knew except to make clear the importance of Kasavarina and Nic let slip that with special precautions he or Han could scry other Ob members but they had not the time here and at least in Kas's case they needed to go somewhere special. (I let this slip so the players knew why the Ob could not defeat it's own anti-scrying system and solve the murders , it fits with what they will find out later). They also found the warning about choosing a more popular option for Leone ominous and began to suspect that Nic was going to kill everyone who disagreed with him.
Then came what was a big suprise to them the attempted murder of Leone. As they discussed all they had learned they heard frantic rattling from Leone's room and rushed in to help catching Macbennin doing his Vader impression and choking Leone.. He first tried the line about this man is voting against you he must die but when he saw that was not going to work out he told them that even if they defeated him the Ob would still be defeated they the constables of the RHC . at this point 3 out of 4 players were preparing to kill him , in an unusually impulsive move(normally she agonises about this sort of decison for ages) Nevla blurted out that they were the constables! The other players all thought she had jsut screwed up and prepared to try and kill macbennin before he could raise the alarm and were completely wrongfooted when he released Leone and asked her to prove it.

Part 2 later possibly next decade

Andrew Moreton

The others and Nevla tot some degree were shocked that MacBennin seemed to consider that they could be the constables and allies. Ulvaar demonstated his rare abilities and they demonstrated the depth of their knowledge about the incidents in Flint. He then explained that he had always thought he was working for Risur and since his death he had learned the truth about the Ob and was working on messing up the convocation hence his murders, at this point the checked he did mean murders plural and discovered he had killed Dame Constance . They regretted this as she had seemed to be one of the better Ob officers but agreed that given his plan killing her was a good idea as it did raise tensions. However they agreed no more murders as it seemed best now the constables were here to let them get out of here with all their information and an ally on the inside. He revealed he had a curse prepared to stop someone reincarnating but as his main target was unavailable he had planned to use if on Vicemi , he and the constables agreed that actually killing Nic seemed unlikely. They parted with him agreeing to back them if anything went wrong.

Returning to the morning politicing they examined the various proposals the Watchmen was clearly going nowhere , MAP was ok but lacked planar defense and Colossol Collossus was in their opinion and attempt by some Ob to rule the word. They set out to push an amendment for MAP to MAAP adding Nem as the plane of time instead of Illocus their arguements that this was not terribly important to the MAP ideal but would protect the world against the enemies of the Ancients was effective and combined with their charisma they were able to get it adopted and win over almost all the adherents from the Watchmen leavining Amiella as the lone supporter of that faction.

Then Nic made his speech and immediatly the constables got a bad feeling that going against him would be a mistake, the votes went in and all the pc's voted MAAP leading to a tie 24,24, their feelings got worse . Then the lamps turned blue , everyone except Ulvaar resisted the effect but they all went along with filing out into the hall were the lack of guards and the overwhelming presence of the Ghost council meant th perhaps a mind wipe or something else less extreme would work. Sadly Nic told them that the only man who could have done that had betrayed the Ob and that there was no other way if the Ob was going to maintain its focus on a better world. The constables stopped their arguements and did a quick mental check and realised no one they liked was going to die and two of them (Romana and Aloicus ) were guilty of a mininimum of high treason and would have been arrested and execcuted at the earliest convenience. Manuel noted that Aloicus did not even make very good steam suits.

Then Pemberton interrupted , the players had not guessed which person was the duplicant but realised it now made sense and that Manuels long conversation about science with him had undoubtably been what gave them away as McDruid lacked the knowledge of Manuel and in the debate Manuels natural style had taken over. Pemberton introduced the constables to Nic told them to start fighting and started to tick

Conveniently the session had reached an end and mass violence will follow next week

The players enjoyed the convocation and the players agreed trying to build a new worlds planar links would be fascinating even though in character they opposed changing things as they could not get world wide consent. They also enjoyed finding out the Ob's goals and confirming that most of them were not just typical villains but instead horribly misguided idealists.

We have 2 votes for Nic is William Millar, 2 votes for he is something else which may also have been William Millar

And I forget to mention it but the Humble hook ened up with Nevla , it was a close call with William but she is a cleric .

Andrew Moreton

With Pemberton Ticking and the Ob leadership looking at them the Constables thought they were in trouble, particularly as their normal bodies with all their combat gear and magical combat boosts were still the the absurdist Web. Most of the Ob representatives scatterred and ran, The host council and Cula charged into the main hall with the other delagates, Vicemi departed to alert the guards and Nicodemus prepared to wipe out the constables , only to start arguing with his own body , realising he was not in a fit state to fight he teleported out. The constables ran into the lounge much to my suprise leaving the delegates with the wrong opinion to be slaughtered.
As they switched bodies they stuffed the confused hosts into the web , a quick discussion among them decided that this evidence Andrei was still alive in the body was good as it meant they could rescue him later, for now they decided to rescue the God Hand and then get to their ship, a sending was sent and they knew the ship was en-route as soon as it came close to the island it would shift to the Bleak gate and they would dimension door out to it. Grappa went in the web as they could not dimension door more than 5 bodies and he was a none combatant.
Heading around the coner to rescue the God Hand they were attacked by a senior ghost councillor and a showlisk. Nevla cast day light before the counciller attacked Ulvaar, then Manuel shot the Shadowlisk with a Nock gun blast nearly killing it, Ulvaar and Padme started attacking the shost councilloer annoyed that he took neither crits or sneak attack damage , William as the Champion King Broyan charged down the corridor and stabbed the poor shadowlisk a lot more then was needed it died before it acted. At this pont the Ghost counciller died to retroactive combat maths as he suddenly realised he had triggerred an attack of oportunity and died.
As Nevla rushed to rescue the God hand the Ghost council swarmed in and attacked moaning and inflciting damage on everyone, Manuel Power punched it down the corridor, and it was stabbed by Ulvaar , Padme and William , but kept fighting. Nevla blessed Manuel's cannon and he fired ghost touch grape shot into the council so they decided to run away, leaving 2 senior ghost councillers behind who struck from ambush hurting Manuel and Nevla before being cut to pieces by the party in a counter attack.

The God hand was freed and a hole blown in the wall with a demolition charge and the team ran towards the cliff as they did do Manuel put an explosive cannon ball into the top of the light house to try and stop that doing any lantern tricks. Then Vicemi came around the corner with a Golem, some monks, some Ghost councillers and Macbennin.
The cloud kill spell from Vicemi was a mistake as it left the constables able to see though it and ignore the poison from their protective magics. But he was able to go first and struck the God hand with a flesh to Stone which failed. Padme, William and Ulvaar started to charge though the cloud kill while the God Hand went around it, Manuel sniped the golem with a rifle and started to load his cannon , Macbennin hit Vicemi with a misfortune curse and Nevla hit him with burst of radiance blinding his sight but not his life sense, the three ghost councillers and the Golem charged Ulvaar, William and Padme. The Ghost council emerged to attack Nevla and Manuel dropping a wall of force between them and the rest of the fight, Nevla cast detonate and prepared to explode at the Swarm, Vicemi hit Padme with a finger of death leaving her on the verge of death so she began to retreat, William and Ulvaar settled down to figh the ghost councillers and the Golem , William dropped a counciller. Macbennin cast a curse on the council turnint it corporeal in time to eat a truly lethal blast from the Nock gun of Manuel and it departed to reform later, Nevla blew up somewaht suprise not to have a ghost council to maim. The mellee continued and the Golem went down to Ulvaar and one of the Ghost concillers became unhealthy , the guards with Vicemi were locked in combat with the God Hand and he did something to someone which was pointless because they saved. He also flew up to prepare to deal with Macbennin this was a mistake. As he got level with Macbennin he gave manuel a line of sight, so Nevla blessed the cannon again and Vicemi went down to a vital striking cannon ball in the face.
As he announced he would return Macbennin saluted the pc's then stabbed himself with a spectral knife permently slaying himself and dragging Vicemie with him to the after life. The party and Manuel in aprticular think they should build a statue to commemorate Macbennin and have requested a posthumous royal pardon for him.
The Ship arrived and they teleported over, before returning to the normal world. The God Hand was quickly transfered to a patrol ship of the local navy and began organising an assault on the island which was destroyed by a massive earthquake and he began to track down Ob inflitration of the clergy.

The constables sailed away. Drelft joined them a day later , to discuss strategy. They learned of world events, got their ships radio delivered and reported in. The demonic terror attacks in Drakr gave them a general sense of worry as did the reduced Fey activity. Apparently Primo has not appeared in any Final fantasy games any of them have played.
When delft said he continued to think something big would go down in Flint they thought about it and none of them could think of any further precautions to take there as the only issue they could find was industrial unrest and they had people working on that.
Tracking down Kasavarina was agreed as the next plan.
They discussed Axis island but it looks like it will take a war to crack it they have asked for the fleet to be assembled but have not tried to convince the king to attack yet .

They also got a letter from the king discussing the fact that he intended to abdicate once the current crisis was over and suggesting that one of the constables would likely be his successor and they should discuss this and think about it.
Ulvaar and Manuel ruled themselves out they are both sadly lacking in charisma and felt they could not be a monarch leaving William or Nevla
William is slightly less famous than Nevla , and both are seen as fey traditionalists but the King thinks they may be able to do a better job or balancing technology and tradition with the advice of people like Manuel. William has slightly better ties to the Unseen court but Nevla could help unite Risur and its Elfaivar colonies with the Eladrin enclaves there and make a better nation for everyone.
We will see who becomes monarch. They did check that there were alteratives in place who could succeed quickly of the king was assassinated while they were awayy tracking the Ob and were assured the head of the RHC or his bodyguard could become Monarch although the King felt they lacked the vision to lead Risur forward, then again William and Nevla have centuries left so could succeed after them.
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Andrew Moreton

So was I.
They enjoyed it , they found it very interesting to get into the heads of the enemy and learn about them. The player of Manuel regretted that in character he could not really make as much of the opportunity to try and plan a new world for two reasons , one was that he felt in character that the Ob had not done enough testing and quality assurance so no matter how good the plan he could not sign off on it,a nd the other being that Manuel had no charisma and would not be listened to.
He was the driving force behind the players getting Nem added into MAP although the others agreed and pushed it.
They also really appreciate having thoughtful and intelligent bad guys whose motivations are often good although their means and methods are evil , rather than another wannabe evil overlord

Andrew Moreton

The start of Chapter 8
First they remembered the Absurdist web still had Kvarty and all the slaves they rescued from the Icy wastes in it. They discussed for a while and eventually decided one of them had to take the Web to Risur and drop everyone off , no one else could take it as the Web is on Loan from a faerie and giving it to someone else may be insulting. Fortunatly William has just learned to teleport so he could take the people back.

They then seriously discussed borrowing a few hundred troops and storing them in the web for emergencies, Manuel calculated they could hold about 36,000 people in it. They in the end decided it was better to just keep the troops on standby then if needed William could teleport load them in the web and bring them back, this was after they realised troops in the web would still need paying.

They then turned to trying to work out where Kasavarina was . William , Nevla and the lightning Weasel agreed Asraby could be linked to three Enclaves all of which were somewhere in the area of Rationalis. Their first conclusion was that trying to sail to the Danoran colony was asking for trouble so instead they headed towards the Crissylian colony on the opposite coast. This meant I could not justify the Danoran Navy ambush as there was no reason ships would be in that area in advance, they are following the pc's and if they leave by ship then the ambush is on.
Next they decided that the combination of Kasavarina's abilities, being in an Enclave, Asraby working for the Unseen court and Kasavarina's Ob membership they had not conceivable way to use divination to find either of them. So they sent a message to El Extrano via sending to see if he could help, , writing this reminds me they have not shared information on the conclave with him I think this means he will be waiting for them in Sentosa,, He did not reply immediatly although the next morning Manuel found a note in his breakfast cereal from El Extrano telling him not to be impressed , but he had anticiapted the need to communicate and hidden magical notes in the ships supplies which could be filled in when needed. They were impressed . The note told them that his agents had observed Ob and Danoran agents at Akravan and Bharat but they had abandoned those sites and now they still had agents working at Rumah Terakir. They decided this meant Kasavararina was probably there , then they had to work out how to get there. This proved difficult.

They could not teleport as they had never been there before, Long range travel magic like Overland flight or Wind Walk were not practical because Avilona was weak, they could the point of getting a better plane of air. Shadowwalk needed an 11th or better level wizard they did not have one and William could not fake it well enough to get 6th level spells, he could get Tree stride which would have helped but in the end they decided to use the Aburdist web again loading the pc's in and having Manuel fly from the coast to the city on Roger.

They arrived at the city which I described as being a larger Angkor Wat and spent some time looking around Nevla wanted to visit the temples and was dissapointed the temple of Ssrama had been desecrated. They remembered the legend of the Arsenal of Dhbisu while looking at the temple of Hewhenharimau and William decided to try for it as it was the perfect weapon for him. He had taken on the aspect of King Broyan the warrior champion and challanged the Guardian who was very suprised to be sliced to pieces in a single round (I should have upgraded the guardian I forgot how good the pc's are at violence)

They also looked at the temple of Ingatan and discovered the secret writing and will be spending time this week looking for obscure and powerful 3rd level spells from weird caster lists.

Their scouts then found the Danoran scholars and decided the archway must be the entrance to the enclave. Sadly the Soldiers could not spot William, Padme and Manuel moving into position and two sentries were bashed over the head while the 2 artillerists on duty found themselves looking at a cannon. Taken by suprise they Danorans yielded as they realised they would be wiped out before they could properly arm themselves, the wizard tried to teleport from his tent but Padme counterspelled with Greater Dispel magic and he failed to escape, The soldiers went in the web and the scholars were questioned they learned this was an entrance and about the ten headed lion.
Nevla intends to appeal for admittance to try and avoid them having to damage the guardian.

Next time they meet Kasavaina (or get eaten by a ten headed Lion)

Andrew Moreton

In this exciting episode I don't get to murder the party with a ten headed Lion and again they try desperatly to avoid walking any great distance in a Jungle.

Standing outside the entrance to the enclave, the party suddenly realised that the mortar shells of the Ob had antimagic properties and were really neat and possibly useful. Except they could not store them in an extradimensional (magical) space, which ruled out the Web, the Portable Hole, the Picture, Manuels Mecha and about a dozen other little things, and anyone carrying them would be effected which meant Nevla, Ulvar and William could not stick one in a bag. Manuel, Nevla and William were also not strong wnough to carry them and their normal gear without being encumbered so after much discusion they buried these wonderful toys in a hole.
In the meantime they send a sending to Asraby and erect a message saying that they come in peace with the tents of the Danoran/Ob team They wait and after an hour or so the portal opens and they are admitted by Faedravan , Asraby and a squad of Rajputs they are impressed with the amount of magical gear the Eladrin troops have . Faedraven grudgingly welcomes them in closing the portal as fast as she can, she then heads off to report to her Great Grandmother while Asraby takes the party to meet Kasavarina.

On the way to meet Kasavarina they pass the traing ground and observing that the Eladrin only have one rifle open up the Absurdists web and hand over all of the Danorans rifles and revolvers as well as the mortar without being asked.

Kasavarina is facing away from them reading when they arrive and Asraby orders the old scholar and everyone else out of the house, Kasavarina turns around and is shocked to see Dala standing amid this odd group and asks if it is Dala with the response 'I don't know ,I think so' ignoring everyone else she demands answers and learns of Nevla/Dala's dreams , she recognises the amulet Nevla is wearing as one she gave Dala but she can't understand how it came to Nevla , surely Dala would have worn it when she died. The conversation ends in puzzlement but acceptance that Nevla is indeed Dala reborn, she can even recreate the flavors of Dala's favourite spices with Presdigitation , spices that have been gone for centuries.
Nevla and Kasavarina want to find out more and Kasavarina finally starts to talk to the rest of the team, they discuss the Ob and what they know of her own actions and she is appalled at what she seems to have done it makes no sense she remembers being a fairly junior combat mage with a personal grudge against the clergy and a duty to fight them , not a leader , terrorist and conspirator. The Collossus comes up in conversation and she is momentarily ovwewhelmed by memories/visions which leave her shaking and wishing to go home, Nevla embraces her and she weeps for a moment before gathering herself and telling them about the Arc of Reida . At which point everyone gets a raiders of the lost arc moment and Manuels player asks if its known abilities include melting Nazi's, unfortunatly that has never been tested. She then explains Athrylla while being courteous won't let her leave or send Asraby to fetch it, and her impression that Athrylla is bearing some kind of grudge or ill feeling about something she did as her old self, she hopes the team can convinve Athrylla to cooperate.
Asraby returned and asked the team to take responsibility for protecting Kasavarina while he returned to his duties with the unseen court. There was a brief discussion and the team came away with the impression that he was conflicted his loyalty was to the Kasavarina of old not this one and he thought she was weak , and as a result wished to go back to his duties until matters were settled or he decided what to think.

With a meeting scheduled with Athrylla in a couple of hours Nevla remained to talk with Kasavarina following up memories and so on while the others wondered around the enclave. There they met up with Copperhead who told them of Rackus leaving him to follow a pretty face and they agreed that sounded like him, he asked how the web was working for them and if they had indeed had a bunch of bodies to stash they said they had and it was great expecting to take away their favourite toy but he let them keep it for now . Then of course he headed off to talk to the Voice of Rot but that's a suprise for later.

Athyrlla met with them atop they pyramid with Faedraven among her attendants . Nevla made most of the case for the team with William backing her up. They explained about the Ob and the Collossus and how they were a threat to everyone, and that Kasavarina's memories could be the key to defeating them, they told her that Kasavarina wanted to help tear down the organisation she had built and thought that her previous self had been mad, they pushed Athyrlla politely on what she had against Kasavarina and she told them how Kasavarina had prevented any chance of peace with the clergy and of the assassination attempt and how unfortunate it had been that it had failed but she agreed to meet with Kasavarina to see if this change of heart was true. She had been largely convinced by their arguements so far but being a ruler sensibly asked what Risur could offer them in return for their aid, would Risur recognise their ownership of the land. After a quick discussion silently betweent the team they determimed that Risur already had a relationship with the enclaves near their colony and apart from that they would be recognising the Eladrin claim to other peoples colonies , and that it really was the Eladrins land. William speaking for Risur agreed in principle subject to royal confirmation that Risur would recognise Elfaivar as the land of the Eladrin , not just Sentosa's claims and that Risur would negotiate with the local Eladrin to buy or lease the land their colonies stood on as the Eladrin did not need all the land and the Risuri wished their freindship. Athrylla was happy with this agreement and said she would meet with Kasavarina that night and announce her decision in the morning. The constables got agreement for William to leave and return to the enclave after teleporting to Risur to make sure his agreement was confirmed.

In the morning Athyrllar agreed to let the constables fetch the Arc but said that Kasavarina should remain safely here until she had to depart with the arc, however she did agree to send her Faedraven and three rajput bodyguards to assist with Faedraven aiming to travel to Risur as ambassador. As the discussion about how to travel to Ingatans refuge began she agreed to provide 4 scrolls of shadowalking to help them travel.

They said their farewells and then shadowalked to Ingatans refuge emerging about two kilometeres from the reguge , they soon ran into a weretiger scout and Nevla convinced the scout to talk to them and guide them to the refuge. As they reached the refuge they suddenly recalled the Arsenal of Dhbisu and which god it had defeated , William hurridly hid it in the absurdists web before any Weretiger noticed it.
The number of young eladrin at the camp suprised them and their meeting with Betronga started , he told them that to prove their freindship and gain access to the Lost Arc he wanted their help dealing with the Vigil soldiers attacking his community he made it clear that being freinds with the cowardly enclaves was not impressing him, they provisionally agreed.

Since the session they have been discussing how and what to do
So far diplomacy seems out because it will annoy the weretigers, reveal RHC involement in the area and probably not work. Anyway they don't like what the clergy is doing, Nevla in particular still prefers some way of not killing everyone in the fortress . On the other hand Manuel thinks this may be a good use for the BOMB

Andrew Moreton

This week was spent largely planningand then fighting the attack on Vigil Longis with a sizeble set of completely unrelated distractions.

They decided not to use the BOMB parlty for ecological reasons and partly because of a general distrust of using really large bombs. I am sure they are going to blow something up sometime, at the moment I think the dooay army in book 11 , or the pirates in 12 are going to get it.

A frontal assault was ruled out but finally they decided to take advantage of the huge range of fireball spells. William assumed the role of archmage , and he and Faedraven used up all of their 3rd and above level spell slots in a long range fireball barrage combined with ice storms from the weretiger shamens and mortar bombs from Manuel also a stamped of Cape Buffalo summoned by Nevla for variety. This wrecked Vigil Longus but killed very few of the soldiers as they rolled poorly for how well coordinated the strike was and as a result the chaplains were able to use channel energy to keep everyone alive. The attack over they retreated to rest and see what the clergy troops did.,

The clergy marched out to assault the Refuge of Ingatan and was ambushed. tWilliam channelling the marshal directed the attack by the weretigers and the constables opened up with a barrage of lethal spells and cannon fire which dropped everyone near the commander , he leapt forward and put up a valiant fight hurting manuel before being killed by Ulvaar (twice) and Feadraven (once the final time) as he demosntrated the Paladin back from the dead system.

Finally they were given permission to enter the Refuge and declared allies of the weretigers , Nevla joined the celebration party and the rest had their own quiter celebrations and did not wake up with a Shamen. Entering the refuge they decied to procede logically from far past to the future and were surpised to end up on the Coal Tongue. We ended as the fire demons exploded out of the engine room

Andrew Moreton

The players have recovered the Arc of Reida, Manuel is trying to work out if they can use it with the Humble hook to research the life of Triogenes. The answer is going to be no but it is ingenious

Andrew Moreton

-The session starts with the constables experiencing the distant past. They are under attack by a pair of Fire demons unfortunatly for said fire demons every pc is equipped to fight incorporeal opponents having prepared for the Ghost Council and similar enemies, the demons hurt Manuel with a negative energy attack before they are hacked to pieces. Recovering the flames the group return to the sanctuary .

Moving on they enter the Recent past and discover themselves in the volcanic lair, Ulvaar and William start flying to grab the flames they can see while Padme and Nevlar head up to the office area and encounter a slightly confused Pemberton. Meanwhile Manuel uses a grappling hook to ascent to grab one of the flames and is slightly miffed to discover that Ulvaar has already grabbed it and flown off leaving him to work out how to get down from the walkway, he laments this never happens to Bat man. Pemberton and the constables don't really say a lot before the three flames are united and the constables returned to the sanctuary.

Next they move on to the near future, as they emerge on the top of the Lance of Triogenes they recognise it from their knowledge history checks and become very confused as they know it was destroyed five centuries ago. They note that the city they can see through the portal is a clergy city under siege from the golden dome but their speculation is cut short by the arrival of two tragedy spirits these shrieking creatures attack and cause chaos, William and Padme are both confused and between them they do massive amounts of damage to each other and Manuel . In a confused fight as 6 other tragedies occure Manuel , Ulvaar and William take negative levels and William is blasted into unconciousness with a cannon ball by Manuel before he can stab Manuel more. Ulvaar and Nevla deal with most of the tragedies with some help from Manuels ghost touched gunfire the fight largely depletes Nevla's spells and leave all the constables shatterred so after the flying Nevla and Ulvaar recover all of the flames and they return to the sanctuary they decide to rest before the final test. They also discuss the future and one of them realises that the only way they can in the future go to a building destroyed in the past is if they use the Arc of Reida which implies Kasavarina a swon enemy of the clergy was ontop of the Lance before its destruction they don't seem to have any idea why she may have been there and obviously can't ask her.

Finally the next morning after getting rid of the negative levels with a mix of restoration spells and natural recovery they enter the far future and join Rock in the flight across and unknown landscape looking up at the sky the feature that attracts their attention is the sight of 2 massive gears or cogs grinding away , which given how Nevla's channelled energy manifests immediatly makes them think of a link but they can't think of one in detail. Then they are attacked by demons wrapped in gold chains crying their battle cry of "Victory for Oswyn and Marcus" immediatly the players of William and Ulvaar are blamed for being in charge of this demonic and devilish force (Oswyn and Marcus were the characters in the Way of the Wicked campaign and will be in charge of the legion for this campaign. Marcus an Anti-paladin grave knight will most likely be the general trapped in the Gyre, while Oswyn an Oracle who has ascended as a Pit Fiend is the off screen leader of the legion). Defeating the enemy is almost incidental as Nevla lands a Harm spell which cripples the leader and then he is cut to pieces by the rest of the constables.

With much to think about the constables teleport back to Sentosa , then William briefly teleports to Risur to deleiver Faedraven as an ambassador to Risur. Entering the enclave they are taken to meet with Athrylla who asks to investigate Nevla's magic as she is intrigued by how someone who claims to be a cleric of Ssramma is actually getting their magic. She then asks to speak with them in the morning before they start to use the Arc and retires to the temple of Ingatan for a night of high intensity Divination burning through a vast amount of divination magic. She gets a whole lot of hints about the future and comes to the conclusion that a great disaster is coming and that the Eladrin people are going to be in trouble and will need help and the only real source of aid she can see is the nation of Risur, she also see's that the constables are the key to the fate of the world and gets some vague hints about them.

In the morning the constables and Kasavarina meet with Athrylla and she makes cryptic comments to each of them. First she confirms that Nevla is drawing most of her magic from Ssramma however the energy she is channelling and the Domain spells she casts are being drawn from some other source that she cannot recognise , the players think this is probably the gears they saw in the sky but as they know nothing about those that does not help. Next she apologies to Kasavarina for the past between them and offers her sympathies in her trials ahead.
To Nevla she gives a gift of an icon of Ssramma and the following cryptic advice "remember to resist the temptation of the crone,when you stand at the light house at the end of the world and hold the fate of so many in your hand"
To William "If your path takes you to the dreaming and to replace the fifth then this will help you take the power and guide it"and the gift of, a white shed snakeskin. The players link this to the Voice of Rot quickly but are not sure what this will mean. I think William is likely to be invited to the Unseen Court and may well end up being the main opponent to the Voice of Rot.
To Ulvar Your path is largely clear of the great tragedies and choices but you may find these useful
amd gifts of a Miners lamp and a Book of childrens songs the players link this to Granny Allswell. I actually don't have a lot of ideas for weird things in Ulvaar's future but he is a dwarf and if they do kill Granny he is the best candidate to take her place,
To Manuel "The new world will need those who can understand the machines and still appreciate the magic of the dreaming this will help you be there for the future." Golden vial which was a gift from Ingatan and give him an Eladrin life span....

Finally she wishes them luck and success and asks that they remember their allies when disaster comes to all and resources are short. She has foreseen the fall of the enclaves and knows her people will be refugee;s who need a lot of help when the skies go dark and the enclaves fall and rather hopes that one of these people will be monarch of Risur and send the aid her people will need.

Next week history lessons

And here's the part of the campaign that always concerned me the most about getting it right: the Kasvarina show. I hope the PCs don't end up feeling sidelined.

Andrew Moreton

I hope they are interested enough in finding out the secrets and also that tieing Nevla to Kasavarina will also increase their interest. So far they seem to look forward to discovering the assorted mysteries. They also plan to revisit the murder of Manuels parents and if I think of anything interesting I could tie events from past monarchs of Risur to William

Andrew Moreton

The Kasavarina story part 1
So far the players are enjoying investigating history and determining how much of a bastard Nicodemus is. They are also developing many more plans for the Arc of Reida. One popular idea is to try and get Harkover Lee to use it and then study interesting bits of history (I may use that for the cauldron hill adventure if I decide to use it), they also want to go and study events at Cauldron Hill when the collossus broke loose, and in Macbennins mansion in the hope of uncovering more secrets of the Collossus and things Macbennin was geased from telling them.

They started off in the Sentosa enclave and decided this was a safe place to experiment with the Arc. The first vision they got was Asraby being sent to the unseen court and while not vital in intelf they performed two interesting experiments First it turned out that William channelling King Kellan as the Marshal combined with his spirit medium abilities could pretty much guarantee to pull Kasavarina out of the vision to a lucid state, secondly and invisible Padme slipped Kasavarina's Ob ring of her finger in the vision and brought it back to reality. They determined the white marble ring was definetly none magical and suspect it was made in Methia but cannot prove that. Next they saw the meeting between Athrylla , Kasavarina and the other Matriarch before she went to fight the dragon, fortunatly they had Athrylla onboard and so were able to avoid a disruption , again they learned nothing new but got more comfortable with what they needed to do to avoid messing things up.
Then they departed Sentosa and checked the city and got a memory from Kasavarina here , and their first surprise when Nevla was pulled into the memory event. It took place on the temple of Ssramma with Kasavarina in the crowd with Luanga watching Nevla/Dala being inititiated as a cleric of Ssramma , again they did not learn anything new of sognifigance but it was confirmed that Nevla was definetly linked to Dala in some unnusual reincarnation or something, they thought it may be like Deva's and then had to explain to Kasavarin what a Deva was.
Next they moved to Risur via teleport to see what they could find there, although for now they decided to avoid Cauldron hill. First they went to the Opera house and watched the meeting between Kasavarina and Navras. When they reviewed his later history they decided Kasavarina probably did not have him killed bit for a while considered a terrrible possibility that he has taken on a new identity as ROCK RACKUS!! But then decided that while Rock was a musical genius he was too shallow and crude as was his music to tbe a disguised ancient Eladrin master bard. This is something I wish I had thought of earlier as I could have done something with it , I still may find a way to bring Navras back into the story . Next they went to Slate and saw Kasavarina meeting with Chatwood , the real Kasavarina was horrified by her own behaviour and too ashamed to meet with Chatwood. The constables went straight to the asylum, checked everyone for rings and used divinations in case an Ob member was not wearing a ring and discovered the Ob agent in the asylum before arresting him. Chatwood was healed of her blindness and then the team apologised to her on behalf of the crown , she was granted an royal pension for life and offerred a job at the royal court as one of the court skyseers. Another team of psychologist was brought in to evaluate all inmates at the asylum in case the Ob has hidden someone else in the Asylum
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Andrew Moreton

With their business in Risur finished the team decided to try to get permission from the Bruse to go to Seobrigga and bring visions of the death of a Dragon Tyrant to the streets, they market this as a public entertainment event and the Bruse agree's. The first vision they bring up is Kasavarina's second visit which ends up with a Dragon Tyrants arc grilled head on a pike in the middle of the main square. Then they move onto the one which is more interesting to them the first fight against the Dragon Tyrant. They are intrigued when the betrayal of Kasavarina occures as to what they know which has made them turn on her, they don't think her Ob activities by this point in the timeline can explain it. Fortunatly for them Nevla makes her perception roll to notice Sor sneaking away and surviving. They decide that the best way of finding him is to contact El Extrano as they assume he would know about a powerful Eladrin lurking somewhere in Ber and indeed they are correct he gives them an address. They decide if they take Kasavarina with them to meet him it will probably start a fight instead they persuade her to let them stash her in the absurdist web. The interview with Sor is largely painless they have excellent persuasive skills and conduct a thorough interview, they determine the two important facts firstly that Sor is convinced Kasavarina killed Ssramma , second that Nicodemus set up the whole thing probably to kill Luanga and return Kasavarina to the Ob they can't think of any other reason why he would be part of this, They also assume he provided the information about the death of Ssramma so they don't entierly rule out that is a lie. They depart and pass over all the information to Kasavarina she it outraged at the thought that Nicodemus arranged the murder of her daughter but wants to know why. She also decides to let Sor live after all he has spent 400 years in terror that she would come after him and she thinks it was Nicodemus's fault.

They still have not come up with a lazy way to get to Kasavarina's home town or enclave so they choose between Pala and Sid Minos for their next visit. Pala is a guess on their part that Nic = William Millar so they will get something interesting, unfortunatly they don't actually have a good map of where it is so they set the Royal scholars searching and decide on Sid Minos. William contacts their Godhand associate and convinces him that letting them take Kasavarina to the city and visit her memories is essential for uncovering the secrets of the Ob , and he may be able to identify which hierachs are Ob controlled by their reactions. He arranges safe passage for her and them but he will be present at all events.

The event of day 1 , year 1 AOV surprises them they did not expect her to be here on this day and they don't seem to realise who the dead body is despite Nevla being paralysed by a burst of psychic agony for the whole event. William is immediatly desptached to grab one of the burning swords and he manages to bring it back , which cheers up Nevla a lot. The size of the manifestation surpises them as well they put it down to the magical energies of the event. They did not connect that based on the memory Kasavarina must have arrived here just after the death of Ssramma and not been at the battle.
Moving on they saw Kasavarina breaking into the city and realised the priest who rescued her was Nic, then they saw the vision at the church and really settled on Nic being evil as his greater good even at this stage seemed to involve quite a lot of murders.

Finally they moved on to the arrest of Kasavarina and Nic , and worked out they must have travelled back to Elfaviar inbetween these two memories. They were not entirely pleased at discovering they wanted to go back to the vault of heresies. Manuel had an idea and before he could even explain it Nevla and William had said NO!, they had worked out he wanted to try out the Arc of Reida on Ashama-Shintu and they did not want that at all . They did agree to travel to the vault with the Godhand they were not sure this was a good idea but also could not think of any way to say no. Finally they decided that seeing some of the bad things the clergy had done may be good for him.. I intend to blame this visit for his militant atheism in book 11 so that the players can feel their actions have come back to bite them.

As we were packing up I asked what they thought of the following up Kasavaina's history plot and they were enjoying it , it gave them the impression that they were finding out the history of the Ob and the campaign and that interested them as they wanted to solve the mysteries and so far they were mainly discovering new mysteries

Cool. Glad to hear it.

Are they clicking with Kasvarina personally?

Aside from Manuel's parents being murdered, are they planning to use the arc for any of their own histories?

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