ZEITGEIST The affirmative action racial recruitment team of the RHC

I forgot the interaction with the lost pyramid of Avilona , they received the Stargazer vision from Padme and immediately worked out it was a vision of the death of flight magic. Nevla remembered the Vekeshi initiation involving burning sacred fire into a mystics hands and was able to confirm that the hand seen in the vision had similar scars to her. They concluded this meant that it was probably Kasavarina who broke flight but could not decide it it was a deliberate attempt to screw the Dragons or some sort of accident, if it was deliberate they were uncertain if she was working for the Ob that long ago. Nevla believes the Ob deliberately broke flying to get the Daragons and hopes to use this to persuade Pemberton to hate the Ob.

Getting back to the attack on the pump room they opened up with Ulvaar hasting everyone, El Kevin launching a fireball which injured 6 archers and then Nevla charging in to use a detonate spell and kill those 6 archers, Manuel shot a priest and Padme moved towards the control panals on the catwalks.
The remaining Gnoll archers shot Nevla , and the Priest (reclassed as a kinetecist) blasted Manuel with fire which hurt, a second priest started the timer on the bomb.
El Kevin with Padme's help cut down the 1st priest and an archer, Ulvaar charged another archer wounding him and Nevla hit the last 3 with a Burst of radiance blinding them. The last priest blasted El Kevin with fire.
Manuel again shot a priest (his incendiary bullets were not doing as much as he hoped as the priests had a fair bit of fire resistance) , El Kevin ran forward and put 1 pistol round in the priest. Ulvaar dispatched the archers and Nevla ran up to the last priest and stabbed him with Padme arriving just after the priest went down, then the bomb went off flooding the room and electrocuting Manuel and El Kevin the rest being on the catwalks. El kevin dashed onto the catwalks picked a control panel at random and turned off the electricity.

They moved forward to Discover Kenna and the other hostages had been freed by Kobold Ninja commando's (I did not feel like throwing a wave of berserk Gnoll warriors and priests at them). So they pressed on and encountered the steam cart and duplicant head of Tinker, they somewhat carefully took the tram being careful to look out for traps. The conversation with Tinker did not get very far although Ulvaar took some offence about the Dwarf pet idea. When Pemberton took over the conversation they were polite but finally decided that they had to have Tinker and were not willing to try and sink the Beran fleet although Manuel had a bomb which he did not mention. Instead they pressed on to fact the music.

In a side conversation Manuel's player provided a convincing argument that Harkover should be a Blue dragon based on his personality so I may well change him over
The constables and Lya's team arrived at the same time with the constables on the rail cart and Lya's team who had come in via a secret entrance just behind.
We could not work out how the Crusher would fit onto the main map and ignored it which was a pity as I really wanted to push a PC through it. Everyone thought the Cart was a trap and would plunge into the lava at the earliest opportunity so they all got out (before it plunged them into the lava).
Nevla held back summoning a Bralani Azata for further healing and spellcasting support and a few buffs on herself, Ulvaar hasted all the constables ,Manuel activated his Mecha suit and considered himself the Dark Knight, Padme rushed forward and took cover behind a pillar and El Kevin moved up to the conveyer belt (but not close enough alas for the grabber arms, no one came in reach of them all fight) Tinker introduced himself by chaingunning El Kevin. This made them all consider that Tinker had a very good steamsuit as El Kevin was badly hurt. Lya had moved out behind another pillar leaving a cluster of Merten, Rush, Ulvaar and Manuel who got flamed as a Steam enhanced dragon swept down from the roof flamed them and glided on to land on the platform. Unfortunatly all of both teams had used Communal protection from Fire scrolls and so were not paying much attention to fire damage. (Every round the Tyrant beam hit someone for negligible damage)
In the second round Padme and Ulvaar moved to engage the dragon and Manuel shot her with a none lethal rifle round while getting closer for a Nock Gun shot. El Kevin was unwilling to hurt a dragon and shouted to his team to take her alive while closing in on Tinker. Merton also moved to engage the dragon while Lya skirted the dragon hoping to close on Tinker, Nevla and the Bralani as a mist cloud came around the corner, Nevla moved towards the dragon. The dragon gave Ulvaar a viscous clawing and pushed him back, Tinker chain gunned him as her had hurt the dragon.
In the 3rd round Nevla cursed the dragon so it had a 50/50 chance of doing nothing each round, the Bralani cst Blur on Ulvaar which Manuel protested as racism. Padme broke of from the dragon on moved towards Tinker, El Kevin reached the top of the platform, Lya joined Padme at the base of the stairs. Ulvaar charged the dragon agian hurting her, she did nothing , Manuel Nock gunned her on none lethal. Rush was invisibly brachiating around to get behind Tinker and find his body , it was slow going, Merton flailed at the Dragon his dice rolling would be abysmal.
Round 4 Manuel got chaingunned by Tinker who also moved over to El Kevin and punched him off the topplatform fortuantly he landed on the lower platform. Padme and Lya rushed Tinker both getting in a single attack Padme missed Lya hurt him quite a bit, the party marked Lya down as being absolutely lethal in melee(she is a 14th level swashbuckler 4 ahead of the pc's with great stats and pc level gear). Nevla closed on the upper platform , the Bralani moved to heal El Kevin but would do that next round. Manuel fired at Tinker missing , Ulvaar and Merton attacked the dragon Ulvaar did a fair amount of damage, Merton gave him a flanking bonus. The dragon retaliated and hurt Ulvaar, who fortunatly has a lot of hp.
Round 5 Tinker hit Lya in melee but failed to knock her anywhere, and missed her with a raygun , his chainguns hit Merton I believe. Lya , Padme and El Kevin let tinker have it leaving his suit very badly hurt so he fired time bombs hitting Manuel and Ulvaar disconcerting them. Nevla reached the platform and prepared to engage Tinker. Ulvaar and Manuel both removed the bombs (in Manuels case by taking off his steam suit) and both attached them to the Dragon, Merton flailed and the Dragon did nothing

Round 6 Pemberton walked out and told everyone to stand down or he killed the gnome he was carrying. Padme stood down until later in the round, Lya rushed over and stabbed Tinker for half his hp, Rush broke invisibility and fixed the Tinker suit in place with a rod. Padme and Nevla rushed to fight Lya, Merton through a sonic bomb at Ulvaar and Manuel nearly dropping them through the floor. Manuel moved to disarm the bombs on the dragon, Ulvaar healed himself , El kevin moved around to get a clear shot at Lya. Tinker suit chaingunned Lya and punched Rush into the laval although he avoided falling because he used one of his rods.
Round 7 Merton actually hit the dragon triggerring her rocket burst flight upwards to a perch taking Manuel with her, Ulvaar charged over and hit Merton. EL Kevin emptied his revolvers into the helpless Rush who fell to his doom in the laval (I may bring him back as a magma monster) Nevla and Padme laid into Lya who due togood rolls by Padme and poor rolls by herself was killed (Padme 'forgot' to take her alive). Manuel finished disarming the bombs with not much time to spare. Pemberton insisted that everyone stand down while they negotiated. The constables all backed off but remained in position to kill the dragon if they wanted too.

Then in a suprise change of pace , we cut to a scene of Ob officers arriving on a deserted island as I wanted to get this in this week and could leave the wrap up till next week if neccessary. Manuel was McDruid, El Kevins player (El Kevin will actually be retiring until Pemberton returns in book 10) too the Monster killing warrior, Ulvaar too the Dwarf Wizard and Nevla the Risuri court elf they were accompanied by the hitman who is probably possessed by Padme. The discovery that a lot of the Ob leadership were ghosts suprised them as did the appearance of Macbennin they had thought him gone but his appearance made sense of his death scene to them, Confirmation that Han Jierre was very senior interested them, and meeting Nicodemus in Andrei/Mr Mapples body had them interested , they could think that a construct may be a perfect hoste.

We pulled back to the present were it was negotiated that El Kevin would take a job with the dragon starting by teleporting his daughter who had been quelled by bwing hurt and her dad's anger leading the constables to conclude they had jsut beaten up a teenager and feeling slightly guilty except for Ulvaar who had nearly been eaten by this teenage dragon In return Pemberton promised to not send assassins after them, hand over Tinker and said he would look into the Ob and be back in touch if felt the constables could help him deal with them.

There was then speculation as TInker talked about the specifications of Bourne and they concluded that its job was to raise some sort of plate possibly a seal set up by the ancients and possibly linked to axis island although probably underwater . They also heard the Mindmaker was alive and living in the steelshaper and decided to try to find him ASAP as the Mindmaker knew more about the Ob and was helpful, Nevla also thought this may give Xambria a chance to move into a robot body. Tinkers inventions intrigued them and they think to help the Risuri militay particularly the navy they want advanced explosives, radios and analytical engines ASAP
Sounds like a crazy fight. Did it take the party the whole time to realize Lya and company were not really on their side, and just had orders to silence the gnome?
They never trusted Lya but the majority opinion was that the Ob would want Tinker back, so they expected a fight for Tinker after they captured him, there was a minority opinion from Nevla that the Ob would want Tinker dead to both keep his secrets and stop him building another collossus. It was very close when she went down Lya was due to act next and her full attack would shred Tinker.
It was an interesting and complicated fight