The art of trade alive and well... and a few notes on camels.



What Pounamu walked in on...
(For the reading pleasure of those who did not happen to be in the CRT tonight between approx. 7pm and 7.40pm pst, Sat Nov 08.)

Part 1 of 2: The art of barter

wizo_pounamu {enters}
rajak: so Dontella, by chance i can steal your man?
rajak: i trade you two camels for em
wizo_pounamu shivers a little as she steps in, pausing to shake and wipe mud off her bare feet.
dontella: By chance.. Perhaps.. If his mind were to go soft
rajak: they're really good camels
guardian_darrius: Rajak> Give me four camels and I will arrange that
rajak looks to Darrius and ponders
rajak : sure enough!
rajak : but you drive a hard bargain..
guardian_darrius smiles sweetly at Dontella
dontella : Hardly.. he's my dear man, and neither of ye can have him.
rajak : four camels can feed a whole kingdom
rajak looks to Dontella and mimics Darrius's smile
wizo_pounamu blinks at the chatter
wizo_pounamu . o O ( Kah-mel? )
dontella : I'll trade ye though..
rajak : oh?
guardian_darrius : Rajak> A kingdom of rats maybe
dontella : I'll take the camels, and ye can have..
dontella ponders a moment.
dontella : Thanriyon.
rajak eyes narrow for a moment
rajak : i gladly give you a kingdom of camels for that one
wizo_pounamu looks at those bartering camels curiously
dontella : I'd gladly be rid of him.. he keeps telling people I married him..
rajak : hmm...congratzs
rajak : but i imagine Nevine would be jealous? does he know?
rajak : when did the marriage take place?
dontella : It didn't!
rajak : sure...wheres' the ring?
wizo_pounamu carries her book on Juxta over to the bar and promptly starts looking through the index...
rajak grins slightly
dontella : There isn't one!
dontella hmphs.
rajak : he was cheap then?
dontella : Just send the camels over promptly?
guardian_darrius : Rajak> That or the ring is hidden
rajak looks to Darrius "probably"
wizo_pounamu . o O ( Kah... Ka... Kay-Ay-Em... )
rajak grins at Dontella "as milady wish"
dontella giggles
dontella : I'll give them to Nevine for Yule?
rajak chuckles
wizo_pounamu . o O ( No... no is in here..,. )
dontella : He'll hate it.. or love it..
guardian_darrius snickers at Dontella "He will eat them all by himself"
rajak : with a spork
dontella : .. Eat them?!
wizo_pounamu sighs softly in disappointment, then looks at the group again
dontella : Ye don't eat camels?
wizo_pounamu leaves her book on the counter, wandering over
guardian_darrius : Sure you do
rajak : you eat them before they eat you
guardian_darrius : They are little stringy every now and then
rajak nods sagely
guardian_darrius {action: rajak} agrees with rajak whole-heartedly.
dontella : They spit.. they don't bite?
guardian_darrius : They must all love you
guardian_darrius : Probably think she wouldn't taste good, being all skin and bones like that
rajak : they spit, because they show their spite for us
wizo_pounamu : Ahh, Lady Dontella?
rajak nods to Darrius
rajak : most likely
dontella waves to Pou
dontella : Hello..
wizo_pounamu smiles hesitantly
rajak : not enough fat on her
wizo_pounamu : What is kah-mel?

Coming soon, part 2 of 2: A few notes on camels

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Part 2 or 2: A few notes on camels

wizo_pounamu : What is kah-mel?
dontella muses..
rajak looks to Poun with a grin slightly
guardian_darrius : Where does she think the humps come from?
guardian_darrius tsks Donny
dontella : Yes.. Darrius, tell Pounamu about.. camels.
rajak : a creature that has two humps and a spit
rajak : or spits most of the time
wizo_pounamu : Spit? Cooking stick?
guardian_darrius : Pou> Second most used mount, though why no one knows, primarly in the deseret
guardian_darrius : No SP-It, as in saliva pushed out of the mouth
dontella : No no.. spit.. like..
dontella : Yes.. just so.
rajak : Dontella will demonstrate
rajak : on Darrius
dontella : She will?
guardian_darrius : Yes Dontella Demostrate on Rajak
dontella : Spitting's not nice..
wizo_pounamu looks confused, then raises a brow
rajak : not into that kind of kink
guardian_darrius : But he says its ok
rajak : i rather be stepped on
dontella : I can do that.
rajak looks to Dontella "your place, when the moon is full"
guardian_darrius : Oooo Demostrate that!
rajak : be there or be square
dontella : Ye don't know where I live..
wizo_pounamu scratches her head as the conversation shifts
dontella : Okies.. so..
dontella finishes her wine, and nods.
dontella : Spitting..
dontella spits in the now empty wineglass.
guardian_darrius : Yes that is Spitting
rajak looks to Darrius "i bet she going to drink it now"
dontella : Ew
rajak : how so lady like..
guardian_darrius : Camels are also carnivores as they live in the deseret and having nothing else to eat
guardian_darrius nods sagely
guardian_darrius : Why do you think more travelers die in the deseret than on the plains
rajak : yes...they eat the flesh off any victims they come across
dontella : Do ye have a picture of one Darrius?
guardian_darrius : A camel? No
rajak looks to Poun
rajak : think of a large horse with an ugly snout
guardian_darrius : And two humps
rajak : and a scorpion tail
wizo_pounamu : Ummm... real sick cow?
wizo_pounamu . o O ( No. Cows no eat folk... )
rajak : nah, they eat cows
guardian_darrius : Rajak> And don't forget the pincers they hide in their humps
rajak : oh, quite right..
rajak : all the better to surprise folk...
guardian_darrius : Oh oh, and the new ones fly by powers of the mind
wizo_pounamu : So.. is thing like horse what... spit... with scored pen tail and lumps?
guardian_darrius : Humps
wizo_pounamu gives Darrius a funny look
guardian_darrius draws two humps on the table
guardian_darrius : Humps
wizo_pounamu : No sulk, I no have seen thing!
guardian_darrius : Few have and lived to tell the tale
guardian_darrius grins at Rajak
rajak mirrors Darrius's grin
dontella : They lie.
rajak : aye...nasty beast...worse then fiends
dontella : It's rather like a big hairy horse.. with humps.
rajak : and a scorpion tail
dontella : That likes to spit.
dontella : .. There is nay such thing!
rajak : poison, the spit is also poisonous
guardian_darrius : Its spit starts to disolve its prey
wizo_pounamu : Lumpy horse with scored pen tail. WHat spit.
dontella : Oh that's ye..
dontella pulls a book out.. of somewhere.
guardian_darrius snatches for the book
dontella eeks and holds it away from him.
rajak sees Dontella pull the book from her corset?
dontella probably..
guardian_darrius Kinky
guardian_darrius but still moves for the book
dontella tosses the book to Pou, since Dar's moving in.
dontella : Camel.. C.. A.. M.. E.. L..
wizo_pounamu catches the book in surprise
dontella : Ye can read it..
wizo_pounamu nods and starts looking... knows how to use an index ^ ^
guardian_darrius turns and goes for the book "Most people don't realize how deadly camels are"
dontella intercepts Darrius..
wizo_pounamu : See-Ay-Em... hey!
wizo_pounamu dodges away from Darrius
rajak excuses himself and goes to the privy...
wizo_pounamu : Well, no will know if you stop for find!
guardian_darrius : Fine fine
wizo_pounamu : ...Em... Eeee... El. Camel.
dontella poks Darrius
wizo_pounamu flicks to the page... and holds the book open on a picture of the "lumpy horse"
wizo_pounamu : Huh? That no much look like to horse...
guardian_darrius : Ulfs at donny's poking
dontella and then pokes him.
guardian_darrius Then ulfs at her poking
dontella : No scorpion tail either.
guardian_darrius {action: dontella} pokes dontella in the chest.
dontella eeps..
guardian_darrius : They are masters of illusion and deciet Camels are
wizo_pounamu : I no knowed what a scored pen tail is.
dontella : .. Camels!
wizo_pounamu : They live at... beach?
dontella : .. deserts?
guardian_darrius : They live in the Desert, where there is lots of sand from the bones of their previous victims
guardian_darrius nods sagely
wizo_pounamu brushes her fingertips over the sand dunes behind the camel in the picture
dontella : Previous victims indeed..
wizo_pounamu : No see bones, sir.
guardian_darrius : Dontella> Lets see you put your head in a camels mouth then
dontella plants her hands on her hips and gives Darrius a.. ohhh now your in trouble young man.. look
dontella : There aren't any camels about here..
guardian_darrius : Pou> Thats because they walk all over the bones so much the bones have become dust
guardian_darrius : My point exactly
guardian_darrius : All these people are nice and lively, and not a camel to be seen
wizo_pounamu : Darrius> Take much time for bone be dust...
guardian_darrius : Or lots of hidden camels
wizo_pounamu : If have many camel, why picture no show?
dontella : Aha.. good point!
guardian_darrius : Because the authors have been seduced by the She Camels
dontella : What?!
dontella : SHe Camels?
dontella : Are ye mad?
guardian_darrius : Dontella> What never heard of the vast She Camel Empire of Yester Year
dontella hmphs.
guardian_darrius : Its all over in the Guardian Lore....what do you think we are guarding against?
guardian_darrius grins
dontella : Ye are not guarding against She Camels of Yester Year..
guardian_darrius : Shows what you know
dontella : What happened to Free Will..
wizo_pounamu finds somewhere to lean, holding the book
guardian_darrius : How can you have free will if she camels have seduced you?
dontella : Free Will is tossed aside.. when She Camels looom?
rajak {leaves}
guardian_darrius : No...She Camels deny free will they seduce everyone
wizo_pounamu : *carefully* Camels. Ships of the desert. Camels are warm blood-ed mammals that are used for riding and carrying loads...
dontella : Aha.. see that.
guardian_darrius winks at dontella
guardian_darrius : Seriously, they don't though
guardian_darrius : Mebbe....
dontella : Meh.
wizo_pounamu : Camels are popular in south eastern desert lands where they survive longer than other animals due to the... the... res-a-vee-or... in their hump. Oh! Hump!
dontella : But no scorpion tail.
wizo_pounamu : No, tail look to me like cow.
guardian_darrius : The hump is their latest victims I tells you
dontella : Feh..
guardian_darrius : And you can't trust books written by people seduced by the last of the She Camels
wizo_pounamu : Sir, book say camel eat plants.
wizo_pounamu very clearly believes the book over darrius
guardian_darrius shrugs "Believe as you will, just don't come running to me when a camel eats your leg"


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