The AVENGER (5e Class) - now available on Dungeon Masters Guild

"Woe to those who have committed great wrongs, for vengeance is coming."

Presenting the Avenger (5e Class).

The Avenger is a warrior strengthened by divine power and a relentless drive for vengeance. Enemies who underestimate the determination of an avenger soon find themselves at the end of execution's blade.

Every avenger pursues a grudge that has awakened a divine connection to fate as well as abilities beyond the pale of ordinary mortals.

Grudge of Divine Retribution: The avenger punishes the foes of a god or faith that he/she is devoted to.

Grudge of Indomitable Fury: The avenger seeks vengeance for an unforgivable tragedy in his/her past.

Grudge of Primal Condemnation: The avenger hunts down threats to the balance of nature.

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