VULT 13, 999

Kim Elderich, Jasyne Symtex, John Play, Arsenal, Avireal, Alton and Screecha are huddled around a warming spell as Glyder Freetime continues to sleep off his near death experience. They have teleported to the ruins of the Siberys Heir on the glaciers of Xen’drik.

They are discussing what to do with the Schema Artifact now. Kim had studied this some in the year before but never found a means.

So now the discussion goes to how to hide the artifact then.

Jasyne comes up with one means. Separate the plate and the five pieces and disperse them throughout Eberron…. As they were before.

Not good enough.

“What about through the planes?” suggests Play.

There is a lot of agreement to this.

“and through time……” comes a weak voice. Glyder has awoken and listened to the conversation.

They discuss it further and agree to it.

Once rested they merely walk into the portal to Risia that lies just beyond the damaged hulk of the airship. They see no Frost Giants or White Dragons. One piece is thrown into a fissure of an ocean.

VULT 15,999

They time travel back to Zarantyr 23, 996 and jump into the Plane of Lamannia. Arsenal cracks open the earth with an empowered earthquake and drops a piece down before casting another empowered quake to collapse the fissure.

The next time jump lands them in a year where the goblins rule. They enter through a portal to Mabar. Play finds a volcano that spits out glowing dark blue obsidian and throws a piece in.

They do this until all of the pieces are gone.

It takes three more time jumps before they return to Vult 27, 997.

Play, Avireal and Arsenal are brought to Sharn. Arsenal begins his long trip home to the Mournlands. Play wants to return to searching for his mother long thought dead. Avireal has joined to join him and he agrees.

In Zarantyr 2, 1000 Jasyne Symtex returns to his future bride. He has no idea what he will do…. Perhaps continue training archers or just settle down and raise a family. So long as Kim Elderich is not involved he is certain he will be happy.

Kim, Alton and Screecha also leave Glyder in year 1000. Alton wishes for more adventure. Kim is uncertain. Many of his past adventures have endangered the world. But what about Cedious?

Glyder Freetime reappears in year 1028. The ruins of Wroat.

He died but the power of the ring resurrected him. He clung to life and the Schema. The Schema. He is aware of how it will one day reemerge. Xulo-12, The Face of the False Moon and the Dragon named Bree will all make appearances again. Play and the drow will be interesting also before it reaches its sad end.

Sad End.

I miss you Calli.

The End…… for now.

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So that's it for now. Many PCs and many friends later. Hope some of you drop a line or two on your thoughts about this Storyhour.
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Just reread this again and I am looking forward to the next Creation Schema like Storyhour. Working out its general plot as I type this with a new group.

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