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Which Edition(s) of D&D did you play in 2022? Check all that apply.

  • Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (2000)

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Which edition(s) of D&D did you play in the past year?

Now I understand that there are many ways to "play" D&D. Some folks "play" by rolling up characters and tinkering around with abilities and backstories on D&D Beyond. Others "play" by writing an adventure, or prepping an adventure module for hours and hours. And some folks "play D&D" at actual gaming sessions with their friends, or by playing an official D&D-licensed video game like Solasta: Crown of the Magister, or Baldur's Gate, or Planescape: Torment, etc. So for the purposes of this survey, you are considered to have "played" a particular edition of D&D if you played at least one gaming session, rolled up at least one character, and/or prepared at least one adventure.

And bonus: tell us about it in the comments!
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I added a few write-in options.

And I added an option for D&D-licensed video games, too, since so many of the old-school AD&D CDROM games were rereleased on Steam this past year. I can't be the only one playing them!
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Last year I ran two fortnightly D&D 5e campaigns and played in a third.

With the group I play with, we completed Descent into Avernus and then started the Eberron Oracle of War campaign. We attained 9th level in our last session of the year.

For my Friday group, we started the year with Odyssey of the Dragonlords but quickly abandoned it. I started to run the Acq Inc adventure, "Orrery of the Wanderer", but the players didn't quite get into it as much as I'd hoped, so I switched to Dungeon of the Mad Mage in July and have been running that ever since. The PCs are currently 12th level and have made it down as far as the 12th level of the dungeon. I will continue to run that this year until either a) we finish it or b) we all get bored of it and decide to play something else.

For my Saturday group, I continued to run Tomb of Annihilation, which we started in 2020. I hope to wrap things up early this year. Not sure what we will run next.


I clicked 5e and PF2 -- vote won't accept PF2 for some reason. Ran them both (2x 5e, 2x PF2). RotFM is ongoing, SotDQ just started.

I expect RotFM to end in late spring/ early summer, and we will move on to a 5e Classic DragonLance DL 1-14 campaign with that group. I expect a campaign crossover between SotDQ and my Classic DL groups, which is something that has never happened before in any of my campaigns -- and I have been gaming for a very, very long time (45 years!) So "new" is cool when it comes to things like that.

Also: playing Traveller (Pirates of Drinax) and Runequest. [Edit Ooops - forgot: also started playing a M&M 3 (Emerald City Knights) campaign. First time in decades playing in a super-hero game!]

All of my play is online and has been for a decade+ now. I far prefer it that way.
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I played a handful of editions, actually. I'm currently playing 5E with my main gaming group; I won't get them to change to a different edition anytime soon. That said, I'm also playing a 5E adaptation of a B/X module (which I count as 5E) for my second gaming group.

Earlier this year, I ran a quick BECM adventure over VTT with my old high school buddies back home. I also tinkered around a bit with a couple of character builds for the OneD&D Playtest, even though those characters never actually made it to the table. And I've been cherry-picking A5E for months ever since I got the PDFs. I'm pretty much all over the place.

I was able to get together for a complete gaming session in-person for the first time since the lockdowns began in my country. But even still, our weekly game is still being played over a Virtual Tabletop and we don't have plans to stop. I also downloaded the entire Steam collection of those old AD&D CD-ROM games like Menzoberranzan, Eye of the Beholder, and Planescape: Torment, and I've been playing the crud out of those too.
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In 2022 I ran:

2 home games which mostly played 5e, with occasional forays into other RPGs (none on that list) for variety. Mostly home-brew, with the occasional short module worked in (White Plume Mountain FTW!).
6 short (5-8 game) campaigns for beginning players at school. Home-brew.
1 campaign for a D&D summer camp, based around Sunless Citadel and then extended with home-brew.


In 2022, we finished up one campaign (Raiders of the Overreach), started up another one (Ghourmand Vale), and continued an ongoing one (Dreams of Erthe). I was/am a player in the first two and the DM in the third. All are 3.5 campaigns played in person around a kitchen table in my man-cave in the basement of my house. And I've been kept busy writing up Story Hours of all three.



Played D&D3.5, Star Wars D20 and D20 Modern. None of them as often as I'd hoped. Also played various D&D Adventure System game: Tomb of Annihilation, Temple of Elemental Evil and Legend of Drizzt.


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I played 5E and Level Up A5E.

I played Solasta and Baldur's Gate 3.

I played in person 3 sessions, and VTT more than 100 sessions.


Memories of Holdenshire (Level Up A5E)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage


Memories of Holdenshire (Level Up A5E)
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Continued before 2022, still ongoing at year's end:

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (different group)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (different group)


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Aside from updating a couple of old characters to 5E, the closest I got to playing D&D in the past year was farting around on Skyrim every so often. :(
Hey, farting around in Skyrim was my main way to "play D&D" for me in the 2010s. I love me some Elder Scrolls.

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