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Which Edition(s) of D&D did you play in 2022? Check all that apply.

  • Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (2000)

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DM-ed the Saltmarsh Campaign for my in-person group to the finish and have just started The Scarlet Citadel for the same group (of players that is; new characters)
In the same group, I’ve played in Odyssey of the Dragonlords, run by @TheSword and in Mad Mage.
Online, I’ve played in the wonderful Sins of the Scorpion Age campaign, run by @Steampunkette and in The Enemy Within campaign using WFRP, run by @TheSword . Two great games.
Finally, I’ve run my two grandkids (with my wife joining in as the dwarven cleric) through a mash up of Phandelver, Forge of Fury and White Plume Mountain. My grandson (13) is just getting ready to run Dragons of Icespire Peak as his very first campaign. Both grandkids were inspired by Stranger Things.

A great 2022 in gaming terms.

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Let’s see. Here is what I did.

— My main group started the year finishing up a campaign that ended in the buried city from Rime of the Frost Maiden.
— Then we went back to the game we played pre-Covid that had ended at 15th level. We then went to 20th using a modified version of the 4e E series modules converted to 5e.
— Now someone else if DMing (I DMed both of the above) and we are doing an Iron Kingdoms Requiem game.
— I am DMing a game for my sons (13, 16 and 21). We started with Tyranny of Dragons and then switched to Spelljammer when that came out. They are 8th level now and more than half way through that adventure.
— Did some online gaming with some friends in other states. They are newer player so it’s been interesting. On Hiatus right now but ot May start up again soon.
— on the non-D&D side did some Edge of the Empire And a few sessions each of Down Darker Trails and Lamentations of the Flame Princess.


Reeks of Jedi
Sad to see “at table” is behind “online” but happy that more people are able to play.

At table is so great. Social interactions. Minis. Markers. Maps. Real dice rolling and everyone watching. DM screens with who knows what going on behind there…. So great


Moderator Emeritus
I ran two different 5E games. Played a 5E one-off run by one of my players who was new to DMing and trying it out. But I also joined a Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign I am loving.

One of the my games is in-person, the DCC game uses Forge VTT, but my other 5E game is played via zoom w/ occasional Owlbear Rodeo for dungeon exploration mode (the combat still happening with minis and a dedicated camera for the table).


Limit Break Dancing
Sad to see “at table” is behind “online” but happy that more people are able to play.

At table is so great. Social interactions. Minis. Markers. Maps. Real dice rolling and everyone watching. DM screens with who knows what going on behind there…. So great
We managed to do both in 2020. Our regular weekly game is virtual (and probably always will be, from now on), but we had two in-person gaming sessions when the stars aligned and everyone could make it. So I'm in the "why not both?" camp.
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This year I DM'd three campaigns totaling about 55 sessions. Two are 5E and in both the PCs just reached 9th level and have played about 45 sessions each since starting in 2019. The third is a Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign that started in 2021. Players are 7th level after about 40 sessions. In the coming year I expect to wrap up one of the 5E campaigns as well as the SotDL campaign. When SotDL is done, one of the players wants to GM the latest edition of Twilight 2000. I expect we'll play that for a few months. Afterward, I'm planning to run a modified version of 3E's Red Hand of Doom using the 13th Age rules.


2022 was the year I made the switch to online gaming. The in-person group that I played with disbanded in late 2019 due to real-life demands, and as of a year ago, the gaming stores in my area had not resumed in-person sessions. So I got crash courses in DnDBeyound, Roll20, Discord, and now FoundryVTT.

My groups included:

1. A group playing a campaign of classic 80s modules, converted to 5E. When I joined, they had just finished Palace of the Silver Princess, and were Level 5. We are now running through the G1-3 series, and just hit Level 10.

2. A group playing a homebrew campaign by a DM who was preparing to go professional. When I joined, I was unaware that most of the other players lived in Europe. The DM was Lithuanian (living in Norway); two players were in Greece, one in the UK, and one in The Netherlands. I was one of two players in the US. This was a mini-campaign, expected to last 2-3 months, but we ended up playing from March until late June.

3. A series of one-shots, with a new DM who wanted practice learning to run the game. This only lasted about a month, since the DM got a new job and had less time for D&D.

4. A player from Group 2 invited me to join a group they were DMing for. This DM usually has 2 or 3 campaigns running simultaneously. This group played a) a campaign using the Midgard setting, which inspired me to buy a bunch of Kobold Press books: b) an abbreviated Star Wars campaign using the SW5E rules; and c) a second Midgard campaign, with a pirates-and-firearms theme, which is still ongoing.

So I’m starting 2023 with two ongoing games every week. I’ve also just moved to a new state, in order to be closer to my family. One of my goals for 2023 (or 2024) is to recruit enough family members to D&D that we can have our own campaign (and eventually introduce the game to my nieces and nephews, when they’re old enough).


I've been mostly a remote player for 25 years, and exclusively since the Pandemic began.

Continued my ongoing 5e Tal'Dorei series, three sessions a week, three different groups, one world.
Started a new 5e, homebrew world/experiment. PCs are discovering a lost realm which I have detailed, but I invited players to detail as much of the rest of the world as they like.


Looks like I only DMed one game this year, a Spelljammer one-shot. The rest has been playing in other folk's game - Theros, Tomb of Annihilation, and my wife's homebrew (a sort of Rome vs. Greece world, haven't quite figured it out).


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