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Which Edition(s) of D&D did you play in 2022? Check all that apply.

  • Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (2000)

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I continued 5e online (fantasy grounds and discord) with the weekly group I've been gaming with since the pandemic started and I stopped going to my local face to face group. I started out as a player in 2020, but I am the DM now.

I also started to go back to my now every two weeks face to face group playing 5e being the only one still masking. Right up until I got covid in December.

I am currently covid negative but still recovering. I feel good enough for telework and online games, but not for driving to a face to face one yet.

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Sad to see “at table” is behind “online” but happy that more people are able to play.

At table is so great. Social interactions. Minis. Markers. Maps. Real dice rolling and everyone watching. DM screens with who knows what going on behind there…. So great
I prefer in-person play, but on the other hand virtual play has enabled me to run a campaign with the best friend that I started this journey with over 40 years ago, so that's pretty great too. I'm glad we live in a world where I can have both!


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