DMs Guild The Dread of Dynwel - A DnD 5E Adventure from levels 2 thru 8



While you were romancing the pants off every NPC in Baldur’s Gate, just to the east an evil stirs in the Reaching Woods. Ahem. An alliance of hags, dragons, and aberrations gathers to transform the landscape.

The Dread of Dynwel is an adventure set in the Forgotten Realms and optimized for 4-5 players. The characters start as a down on their luck but somewhat experienced crew of adventurers with a wanted poster which pays a much-needed gold reward. Soon, events in the Sunset Vale are revealed as more dangerous than they seem, sweeping the characters along with them. From the heights of the Sunset Mountains, the alleyways of Scornubel, and depths of the Reaching Wood: The Dread of Dynwel covers levels 2 through 8 and features material which can be played as a full campaign or dropped into an ongoing one.

  • 240+ pages of material!
  • 50+ unique maps presented with and without grids at 70 ppi and 150 ppi.
  • 200+ tokens. A token for each monster and NPC.
  • 40+ monster stat blocks. New monsters and variations on old favorites. Including the Bone Devil Commander, Displacer Beast Matriarch, and Undead Swarm!
  • 15+ NPCs to interact with, each with connections and clues to facing the The Dread of Dynwel Alliance.
  • 20 Magic Items, including 4 Legendary Items and other unique and useful baubles.
  • The starting town of Three Crows, the hub of the adventure and a fine place to take in a show.
  • Modularity. Play as a campaign or easily drop elements into your own game.
  • Traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, handouts, and in-world reference material- including songs!
  • Guidance to DMs on Monster Tactics, Parley, and Talking with NPCs.
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