The Fair, A Contest of Inventions



A Contest of Inventions​

The gnomish company who brought you the Gauntlet last Autumn wishes to showcase a brand new contraption they have newly invented.

To promote the event, said company will sponsor a contest in which any who wishes to may enter a unique invention.

These inventions will be judged by a panel of gnomes. To the first prize winner goes a business contract, the gnomish company will build and sell the invention chosen. Three runners up will recive generous discounts on gnomish items for the next year.

This contest will take place in Juxta City's Emporium in 17 days.

All are welcome. Entertainment in the form of fair games will be provided by the Tower of Evengill.

((This contest and fair will take place Monday, January 17th from 3-7 PM site time. Those who enter the invention contest should come prepared to describe and demonstrate their inventions in character. Entries will be judged on cleverness and originality. The prize is a title for your message board screen name. Fair games will run through out. See the thread "A Country Fair?" in OOC general for more information. ))

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First Hour ((3pm)) - Contest of Inventions begins
Gnomish Showcase Begins

Second Hour ((4pm)) - Weapons Contest, Archery, Daggers and Axes begins

Third Hour ((5pm)) - Fortune Teller arrives
Dance Begins

((All times are PST. The weapons contest will end at 6pm, the invention contests, showcase, and fortune telling ends at 7pm, and the dance will end at 9pm ))



Posted Beneath the Fair signs:

To Ricohard Draconis and Se'quoa:

The most honorable 43rd company of inventors would like to extend contracts to the inventors of the Scarab and the Table of Subconscious Study.

Should you accept our contract, we will oversee production of your item. This contract includes a generous royalty agreement. In addition, you will henceforth be Accepted Merchant Inventors of the 43rd company, an honor extended to few.

We will visit the Tower again, when you will sign the contracts.

Beneath the note is a series of illegible scribbles.



*Se'Quoa makes her way to the boards and scans over the day's writings, She then pins a note up shortly after*

I choose to accept the contract, I will deliver the blueprints for the Table Of Subconscious study to the tower as soon as possible. Thank you bestowing such a prestige rank upon me.



*Ricohard moves to the board then away after tacking up his own note*

Of course i accept your offer, sirs. The blueprints for the scarab will be present at the tower shortly.

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