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The Fall of Plaguestone

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The obstensibly sleepy halfling spotted the wolves, and moved with less speed and more grace, half-leaping, half-rolling off the wagon. But incredibly, it did the trick, as she came out of the roll just in front of one of the wolves, teetering on one foot, arms and hands spread wide. Then she spun, attacking the wolf with a graceful chop of her palm, while her unsteady yet graceful movements served to keep her attacker off balance.

Initiative!: 1d20+5 17
  1. Move to melee range with wolf 3
  2. Assuming the Crane Style stance - I can leap more effectively and my AC is now 20.
  3. Crane Strike Attack!: 1d20+7 24 1d6 5


Over the growls of the wolves, a mysterious melody starts to play. A goblin woman playing a lute steps out of the woods and smiles. "Looks like I arrived at the right time."

Striding in from the left, and Starting off with an Inspire Courage, then using Lingering Performance immediately. Also, rolling initiative.

Initiative: 1d20+6; 18+6=24
Performance Check: 1d20+7; 9+7=16

Please let me know if I made any mistakes


Silvi is practically bowled over as Trevor whooshes out of the wagon. The little gnome woman takes a second to right herself then turns her attention to the poor mutt that the warrior had attempted to cleave in twain. She frowned a little - she did not like to see ordinary creatures, even vexatious ones, come to harm. Waving one of her hands in the air as pulls the currents of magic into herself she says, "Please take a time out, big doggy," the gnome puts two of her fingers to her temple as she concentrates her mental energy on the bloodied beast.

OOC: I am just going ahead and posting my actions since my spell range will easily encompass any repositioning. In the unfortunate circumstance that you were mauled on the wolves initiative - well, I can probably fix that next turn, ; ) . Casting daze (DC 17) and also shield (because what else am I going to do with that action?).


Road to Almas
Late Afternoon
Round 1

Trevor rushed forward and sliced the head off of one of the wolves. The other two wolves rushed forward, jaws snapping at Varen and Trevor. One of the wolves sunk its jaws into Varen’s thigh.

Lavinia leapt from the wagon and rushed over to Trevor’s side, sliding easily into a crane stance and striking the wolf with her palm.

Music came from the woods, and a goblin woman emerged from a nearby path, singing an inspiring song.

Silvi rose up and cast a spell at the wolf attacking Trevor. It yelped and collapsed at Trevor and Lavinia’s feet.

OOC: Varen takes 7 damage and needs to make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be Sickened 1 for 1 minute.
Galahad, Varen, and Hiromi can go for Round 1, and Trevor and Jewel can go for Round 2. Sorry I took so long.

Wolf 1
Action: Move to Varen
Action: Attack Varen - hit
Jaws: 1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19
1D6+1 = [6]+1 = 7

Anyone bitten by a mangy wolf is sickened 1 for 1 minute unless they succeed at a DC 14 Fortitude save, but they can spend an Interact action to scratch away the fleas and remove the condition.
Action: Attack Varen - miss
Jaws: 1D20+1 = [4]+1 = 5
1D6+1 = [2]+1 = 3

Save vs Will - Fail
Wisdom safe: 1D20+3 = [9]+3 = 12

Wolf 2
Action: Move to Trevor
Action: Attack Trevor - miss
Jaws: 1D20+6 = [5]+6 = 11
1D6+1 = [1]+1 = 2

Action: Attack Trevor - miss
Jaws: 1D20+1 = [1]+1 = 2
1D6+1 = [5]+1 = 6

Trevor 28
Jewel 24
Mangy Wolves 24
Silvi 21
Lavinia 17
Galahad 16
Varen 15
Hiromi 13

Silvi AC 13 HP 19/19 Shield
Trevor AC 18 HP 20/20
Galahad AC 18 HP 15/15
Hiromi AC 17 HP 17/17
Varen AC 18 HP 13/20
Lavina AC 19 HP 14/19 AC 20
Jewel AC 16 HP 19/19 Inspire Courage (+1 attacks, damage, saves vs fear) 3r

Mangy Wolf 1 AC 15 HP 8/8

Party XP: 0


Galahad turned around at the sound of the wolves. He hadn't been expecting any trouble at the time so was surprised by their arrival. Fortunately for him, one of his companions had much quicker to the draw and had already killed one of the beasts. Varen had been bitten, which was concerning. But for now they had an enemy to fight. He drew his rapier with one hand and stabbed the wolf even as with his other hand he pulled a small vial free and offered it to Varen. "Drink this, it'll help with the pain."

Rapier: 1d20+5 22 1d6+2 4

(>): Draw
(>): Strike
(>): Ready Minor Elixir of Life (1d6 healing, +1 saves vs poison/disease for 1 hour)
(F): Offer potion to Varen.

Realising that she should probably help, Hiromi stood, lifted her bow, and fired at the remaining Wolf. As she did, one of the horses took a nervous step, and she stumbled as the wagon lurched forward. Her aim went wild.

OOC: A1: Interact (Pick up Bow), A2: Stand (Still in the Wagon),
A3: Bow: 1D20+7 = [1]+7 = 8; 1D6 = [5] = 5
Comment. Uh, Yay. Get out the Fumble Deck!


The newcomer looked around at the action, then without changing her serene expression, changed her tune and charged into the fight. A second, haunting tune began, and her left hand took on an ethereal chill. All the while the first tune lingered, still bringing hope

A1:Striding Jewel's speed is just far enough to get her to reach the wolf
A2 and A3: Cast Chill Touch. It seems the wolf needs to make a Fortitude Saving Throw.
Damage: 1d4+4= 2+4= 6


Varen catches the wolf's jaw with his arm, steeling through. His goddess is with him this day.

As Galahad pours the elixir in his mouth Varen smiles, but quickly bows his head. He reaches for his sword, but not his shield. Best to put this poor creature out of its misery.

He quickly dispatches the wolf, but tears up in the process. He brings a hand to wipe the tears from his eyes and the light of his goddess seals what remains of his wounds.

Actions: Interact(Draw Sword), Strike (Long Sword) , Lay On Hands

Fortitude Save: 1D20+7 = [13]+7 = 20

Longsword Attack Roll: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25

Longsword Damage: 1D8+3 = [2]+3 = 5

That's a Critical Success! 10 Damage!
Heal 6 HP. +2 AC for next round in case we are attacked by more wolves.

Lavina gracefully returned to form from her strike, and upon seeing the creature struck down by the magical assault, gracefully rolled through her companion's legs and came up within fighting distance of the remaining wolf.

  • Move
  • Attack 1 Attack 1: 1d20+7 8 1d8 8 - that is a fumble! I don't think it does anything out and out bad, just a regular failure.
  • Attack 2 Attack 2: 1d20+3 10 1d8 1


Road to Almas
Late Afternoon
Round 2

OOC: When you cast spells, it helps me if you give me the DC so I don’t have to look it up. Thanks.
Fortitude save: 1D20+4 = [14]+4 = 18
Wolf saves. I’m unsure if the save is against the damage and the enfeebled condition, or just the enfeebled condition and it takes the damage regardless. For now I’ll rule it doesn’t take the damage. Open to comment, but not sure it matters, since Varen finished it.

As the heroes downed the last wolf, another loped out of the woods. It was larger, and as it growled, a lather dripped from its jaws. Where it hit the grass, it sizzled. It gave a loud howl that reverberated up and down the line of wagons as the other wolves took up the howl, filling the forest with the predatory fear.

OOC: Everyone is Frightened 1.
And players are up.

Action: Stride
Action: Howl
Action: Howl
Intimidation: 1D20+8 = [13]+8 = 21

Trevor 28
Jewel 24
Mangy Wolves 24
Silvi 21
Lavinia 17
Galahad 16
Varen 15
Hiromi 13

Silvi AC 13 HP 19/19 Shield, Frightened 1
Trevor AC 18 HP 20/20 Frightened 1
Galahad AC 18 HP 15/15 Frightened 1
Hiromi AC 17 HP 17/17 Frightened 1
Varen AC 18 HP 19/20 +2 AC, Frightened 1
Lavina AC 19 HP 14/19 AC 20, Frightened 1
Jewel AC 16 HP 19/19 Inspire Courage (+1 attacks, damage, saves vs fear) 2r, Frightened 1

Caustic Wolf AC 18 HP 30/30

Party XP: 0


Silvi squeaks, "That one looks bad, very bad!" but her she summons enough resolve to use her divine gifts, putting her fingers to her temple and focusing on the slavering beast before ducking down in the wagon.

OOC: Casting daze (DC 16 with the penalty) and shield.


Whenever you see something that calls for a basic save, the result is this.

Crit Fail: Double damage(in this case, enfeebled only happens on thsi result.)
Fail: Normal damage
Success: Half damage
Crit Success: No damage.

Standing in the wagon, Hiromi looked with wide eyes at the strange new wolf. She drew and fired three arrows in quick succession. Twang Twang Twang. To her frustration, her shaky hands caused all of them to fall short of the horrible creature.

OOC: Including MAP, and Frightened 1 Condition:
A1: Bow: 1D20+6 = [10]+6 = 16; 1D6 = [3] = 3
A2: Bow: 1D20+1 = [5]+1 = 6; 1D6 = [4] = 4
A3: Bow: 1D20-4 = [14]-4 = 10; 1D6 = [6] = 6
Arrows Left: 16/20
Edit: Forgot the Inspire Courage again, so everything up there is +1.
I think they all still miss, but the first was close!
Funny how we're Frightened AND Couraged!
Last edited:


OOC: Did I get a chance to pick up my shield in the initial foray before the wolves got there. Want to make sure I am staying consistent with the fiction.


Both of the goblin woman's songs lingered, as she glided through and slapped her glowing hand on the newcomer.

Second verse, same as the first.
A1: Stride two spaces to be next to wolf
A2 and A3: Casting Chill Touch
Damage: 1d4+4= [2]+4= 6


This wolf looked more dangerous than the others. And Galahad was about to pull a strange stone from his bandoleer when a few others rushed towards the beast. Changing his mind, he rushed forward himself and stabbed artfully at the beast with his rapier before raising his buckler as a barrier against the creature's teeth.

(>)Move up, flank if possible.
(>)Rapier: 1d20+6 19 1d6+3 7
(>)Raise Shield (Buckler for AC 19)
Galahad Lightfoot
AC: 18 (19 w/shield)
HP: 15 / 15
Infused Reagents: 1 / 4 available

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