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The Fall of Plaguestone

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mortimer approaches carefully.

"Make sure to check his pulse, and tie him up just to be sure," he advises Hiromi, holding his rapier at the ready should Halod suddenly get up again.

OOC: Are you guys not seeing the map? How close does Moritmer want to be? You can be right up on him if you want.
Oh, I must've missed that. Sorry!


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)/Hallod’s home
Summer/Day 3/1050
Weather: Normal for the season (hot), light wind, heavy rain
Round 0

Checking Hallod found the man unconscious, though still bleeding badly from the party’s assault. It was easy enough to tie the man up (if you have something to do that with). A search of his body produced a key, likely for the strongbox.

Also found is a note on a scrap of parchment. The handwriting was different from any that you have come across so far, plain and very severe, as if self-taught.


The final shipment of corpse blood is due in just over a week, and it is the last
thing I need from that greedy bastard, Bort. I’ve enclosed a parting gift for him
that should ensure he never tells anyone of our dealings. Be sure that he gets it,
my darling.

Drop off the reagents as soon as they arrive. My work is almost done. You will
find your usual reward in the stump.


OOC: Everyone gets a Hero Point for defeating Hallod. This should be your second (you should have started with 1).

Light: Silvi’s Light spell and Mortimer’s torch

@VLAD the Destroyer

Silvi 21
Pakuten 21
Hiromi 19
Grimsby 14
Mortimer 11

Silvi (+7) AC 13 DC 17 HP 8/19(13) (drained 6)
Hiromi (+6) AC 17 HP 17/17
Pakuten (+3) AC 18(16) HP 0/16 unconscious
Grimsby (+7) AC 17/16(clumsy) HP 0/25 unconscious
Mortimer (+8) AC 17 HP 16/16

Find Hallod
Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.

Party XP: 430


"Oooh. He was in league with some kind of cultist or necromancer or something!" Hiromi declared, "And our Bort wasn't quite innocent! Imagine smuggling corpse blood! Still, he didn't deserve to die for it."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mortimer takes a sturdy length of rope from his pack and starts tying up Hallod's wrists and ankles.

"Corpse blood? That's odd. I'm not sure if that's against the law, however... I need to get back to the books to check."

He looks over and politely asks for the note. "I'll keep this for now. It's an important piece of evidence."

OOC: Curious to see if Mortimer knows anything about local laws regarding corpse blood:
Legal Lore: 1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7


"Hmm. Maybe it's not illegal." mused Hiromi, "But he wouldn't be making any friends selling it. And I can't imagine how the buyer would ever be any savory type. Here's my proof: His buyer had him killed."

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