The Fall of Plaguestone

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OOC: Yes, Silvi healed everyone 4 points. Pak's turn was for last round when he had the ability to act because his fast healing revived him before the bleed put him down again. He can take his turn for this round now, too, with Silvi's 4 healing.

Pak begins to slip into the embrace of death. The powers of Battle that fuel Pak's magic rebel against this death. They push life and power through the tengu's body. The shallow breathing strengthens and his eyes flutter open and focus on the enemy before him. This conflict will not end yet, not while his friends are still in danger.

Pak stands and shouts out the words of a spell to shield him from the onslaught of the plant. He then strikes down at the plant but misses.

Action 1: Stand
Action 2: Cast Shield (This puts my AC at 16)
Action 3: Two-handed katana strike at final bush.: 1d20+6 14 1d10+4 9

And I continue to roll like crap.

Not sure if I am still bleeding so Flat check to stop bleeding: 1d20 20. Well that was good at least.


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)/Feedmill
Summer/Day 4/0910
Weather: Normal for the season (hot), no wind, no rain
Round 8

Grimsby has no luck grappling with the bush, but his bleeding stops.

Silvi put out a prayer, healing everyone in the vicinity, causing Hiromi, Mortimer, and Pakutan to gasp back to consciousness.

Hiromi got up and carefully slipped away from the bush to get some distance.

Pakistan took two more swings at the bush, slicing through it like paper, and it collapsed to the ground.

OOC Pakutan: Keep your Hero Point. I think Silvi’s healing would have gotten to you in time. Save it for next time :) Also, what is your AC then? I and your sheet have you at AC 18 without your shield, and the sheet’s numbers should have you at 20 with the shield. I had you still up from Silvi’s healing, and you weren’t bleeding anymore, so I used your bleed roll as a new attack, since you had the extra action, and that means it was a crit, so you finish it off!


See Combat Map below.

@VLAD the Destroyer



Silvi (+7) AC 13 DC 17 HP 10/19 Wounded 1
Hiromi (+6) AC 17 HP 4/17, Wounded 1
Pakuten (+3) AC 18(16) HP 5/16 Wounded 2, shield AC 16
Grimsby (+7) AC 17/16(clumsy) HP 8/25 Wounded 2
Mortimer (+8) AC 17 HP 4/16 Wounded 3, prone

Silvi: 21 gp, 37 sp, receipts, map
Unclaimed: Silver rapier

Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.
Who is V?
Help Noala investigate the blight.

Party XP: 460

OOC: I miss calculated my AC. I thought it was 18 with the shield and 16 without. But you are correct it would be 18 and 20 with shield. Though my moderate curse drops it by 2 if I don't strike on my turn or 1 if I do make a strike. So currently my AC is 16 until I retrieve my shield.

Pak finish the thing with a flourish. With a quick practiced motion he cleans his blade and sheaths it smoothly. Pak then stands there hand resting on his sword hilt eyes unfocused. His wounds seal a little more then he slumps the strength granted to him leaving his body with the defeat of the enemies.

Pak looks at his companions eyes sunken but more focused then they were seconds earlier. He gives a half hearted smile.

"Well that could have went better. At least we are all survived."

The tengu then pulls the staff strapped to the side of his pack and uses it as a crutch to leverage himself off the ground. He shuffles over to where he dropped his shield and picks it up. He returns to the others and collapses to the ground again and closes his eyes resting for a second.

"Now what? I'm not sure I am comfortable continuing until we tend to the wounded. If we encounter anymore hostile creatures it is unlikely I would survive."

OOC: So the Fast Healing only happens while in a non-trivial combat encounter. Since combat ended it goes away.


Possibly a Idiot.
Grimsby retrieves his maul, gasping for air. "'Enemore o' 'em?" The calm of the next few moments awnsers 'no'.

The dwarf takes to resting, and after his adrenaline levels out, he asks another question. "C'n we get better weapons fer this?"

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