The Fall of Plaguestone

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mortimer, still on the ground, grabs two more torches and lights them quickly. One he throws at the murderous bush, but it lands harmlessly on the sand next to it. Another he holds in front of him as a defense against the deadly vines.

OOC: A1. Light another torch. If holding them together in one hand, can I use one action to light two?
A2. Throw improvised weapon (burning torch) at the bush: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9
A3. Holding up a torch in a defensive stance.

Edit: Forgot my flat check, now that I'm bleeding. Again.
1D20 = [3] = 3


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)/Feedmill
Summer/Day 4/0910
Weather: Normal for the season (hot), no wind, no rain
Round 7

Silvi stood and sent some healing Grimsby’s way. She did stop her own bleeding, as well (flat roll 16).

Hiromi stopped bleeding out.

Mortimer attempted to attack the bush with fire, but missed.

Pakutan continued to bleed into the ground, slipping closer to death.

Grimsby roused himself and stood. He stepped in and struck at the bush with his maul. It did some damage, but not as much as might be expected.

The bush spun around again to attack everyone in ten feet (19 to hit, 6 slashing damage), putting Mortimer down again.


See Combat Map below.

Blight Clearing R7.png

@VLAD the Destroyer

Party 18.6
Hiromi 25
Mortimer 24
Silvi 18
Grimsby 15
Pakuten 11

Enemies 15
Bloodlash Green 12

Silvi (+7) AC 13 DC 17 HP 6/19 Wounded 2, 1 persistent bleed
Hiromi (+6) AC 17 HP 0/17, prone, Dying 1, 1 persistent bleed
Pakuten (+3) AC 18(16) HP 0/16 Wounded 1, 2 persistent bleed damage, Dying 4, prone
Grimsby (+7) AC 17/16(clumsy) HP 4/25 Wounded 2, 1 persistent bleed damage
Mortimer (+8) AC 17 HP 0/16 Wounded 2, prone, 2 persistent bleed damage, dying 2

Bloodlash Red (+6) AC 16 HP 0/35 6 persistent fire damage
Bloodlash Blue (+6) AC 16 HP 0/35
Bloodlash Green (+6) AC 16 HP 16/35

Silvi: 21 gp, 37 sp, receipts, map
Unclaimed: Silver rapier

Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.
Who is V?
Help Noala investigate the blight.

Party XP: 460


Possibly a Idiot.
The blood washes away from Grimsby's eyes. He is angry, but not the familiar rage. He drops his maul , going in to fight the bush with his bare hands, but his frantic clawing finds no weakness to exploit.



Silvi's breath is ragged as she bleeds from a dozen wounds inflicted by the lashing bushes, her eyes bloodshot, and her arms hang weakly at her side. She has called on almost all of her impactful blessings, and if they do not fell the bush now all that will be left is for the survivors, if there are any, to retreat.

The tiny gnome woman, with significant effort, raises her hand to the sky and intones belabouredly, "Lady Desna, Starsong, have mercy on us weary travellers who seek to return the hospitality offered us by our besought hosts. Temper our wounds that we may make the long road safe for a while longer."

OOC: 3-action Heal: 1D8 = [4] = 4 .
Also, I think Silvi is only wounded 1? She only went down and got up once, right?
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OOC: I had fast healing so at the start of my turn I heal 1 hp, and it doesn't say anything about stopping when dying. Also not sure if the fast healing would stop the bleeding. If it does not work then Pak is dead as I am now at Dying 4.


OOC: It actually looks like you had an action last turn you did not use? Fast healing does not stop bleeding, but it happens at the beginning of your turn whereas persistent damage happens at the end of your turn. So you would have been prone, but you could have acted attack or cast a spell. Did you have a spell you could have heal yourself with last turn?


OOC: When does the fast healing stop them? I would assume everything stops when you go down. Is it Dying 4 or Dying 5 that kills you? I thought you had one more round. And as Kaodi said, it looks like you could have taken an action. In any case, you should have Hero Points that you can spend to auto stabilize, which would reset your dying count. (Everyone starts with 1 Hero Point, and you can earn more. One of the uses is to spend all your points to stabilize.)

Since only two players have acted this round, I'll give you another week for the round because of the holidays. Hope everyone had a good time off!

The powers coursing through Pak's body will not let him slip into death. He opens his eyes sucking in a deep breath. He stands and strikes at the bush again, slashing up quickly missing the enemy. Pak quickly reverses the swing and brings the blade down slicing into the bush. Pak then slumps back down succumbing to blood lose.

OOC: From what I can see fast healing only goes away when my moderate curse does. I can only lower my curse by refocusing or completing an 8 hour rest. Oracular Curse Rules. I am out of spells. I am also going to spend my hero point to not die.

For last round.
Action 1: Stand
Action 2: Two-handed katana strike at final bush.: 1d20+6 10 1d10+4 5
Action 3: Second two-handed katana strike at final bush.: 1d20+1 16 1d10+4 5
Flat check to stop bleeding: 1d20 4

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