The Fall of Plaguestone


Possibly a Idiot.
Grimsby smashes into the bloodthirsty bush , follows up with a miss, then falls back to interpose himself between the bushes and MortImer.
OOC: So I just roll a d20 to stop bleeding? I'm still a bit unsure of that.
Strike, Strike, Stride over in front of Mortimer to cover him while he lights up the torches. I dunno if being physically between them will make it harder for the vines to lash out or not, but at least they are more likely to attack a bleeding target right?
Maul First Strike with Rage.: 1D20+7 = [10]+7 = 17
1D12+10 = [10]+10 = 20

Maul Second Strike With Rage: 1D20+2 = [10]+2 = 12
1D12+10 = [3]+10 = 13

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Silvi takes a second to appraise the situation then runs up to behind Hiromi and attempts to stun the bush that Grimsby tried to strike with magic.

OOC: Stride and daze.


Etran’s Folly (Plaguestone)/Feedmill
Summer/Day 4/0910
Weather: Normal for the season (hot), no wind, no rain
Round 4

Hiromi strode up to the nearest bush to stab with her rapier, but missed the writhing mass of leaves and bark.

Pakuten didn’t have any better luck as he infused his katana with magic, but also missed.

Mortimer started to pull out torches and flint and steel from his pack to light.

Grimsby’s maul smashed into the attacking bush, doing damage, but not as much as the dwarf had expected. The dwarf was still bleeding, however. (Grimsby, at the end of your turn you roll a straight d20 and try to get better than 15 to stop bleeding. I rolled for you this turn so we don’t slow down and got a 6.)

Silvi moved up behind the fighters and cast her magic at one of the bushes. It shook a little, but didn’t seem to be as affected as the previous one she’d hit with her magic. (18 on the save)

The northern bush started to spin again, this time catching Hiromi, Pakuten, Grimsby, and Silvi in the lash of branches and vines (rolled 25, which hits them all for 10 slashing and 1 persistent bleed and crits Silvi for 19 slashing and 2 persistent bleed), hitting all of them, especially Silvi, dropping the gnome.

The bush to the west finally succumbed to the flames, crumbling into ashes and not moving.

The bush to the south lashed out at Mortimer with three attacks (26, 25, 6), hitting him twice (5 and 5 slashing and +2 persistent bleed).


See Combat Map below.

Blight Clearing R4.png

@VLAD the Destroyer

Party 18.6
Hiromi 25
Mortimer 24
Silvi 18
Grimsby 15
Pakuten 11

Enemies 15
Bloodlash Blue 18
Bloodlash Red 15
Bloodlash Green 12

Silvi (+7) AC 13 DC 17 HP 0/19 2 persistent bleed, dying 2
Hiromi (+6) AC 17 HP 7/17 1 persistent bleed
Pakuten (+3) AC 18(16) HP 4/16 Wounded 1, 1 persistent bleed
Grimsby (+7) AC 17/16(clumsy) HP 5/25 2 persistent bleed damage
Mortimer (+8) AC 17 HP 1/16 Wounded 1, 2 persistent bleed

Bloodlash Red (+6) AC 16 HP 0/35 6 persistent fire damage
Bloodlash Blue (+6) AC 16 HP 12/35
Bloodlash Green (+6) AC 16 HP 31/35

Silvi: 21 gp, 37 sp, receipts, map
Unclaimed: Silver rapier

Help Sir Lawrence quiet Talmore’s ghost.
Who is V?
Help Noala investigate the blight.

Party XP: 460
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Wow, those plants don't mess around. They are lethal!

Struggling to stay on his feet, Mortimer has trouble focusing on lighting the torches. Finally, finally he manages to have one in flames, and he quickly lights the next with the first.

"Take it," he says, holding the second torch up for any of his close allies to take.

OOC: A1. Lighting first torch with flint and steel (action 3 of 3).
A2. Light the second torch with the first.
A3. Hand second torch to ally (Grimsby?).

Straight roll to stop the bleeding: 1D20 = [12] = 12 :(

Pakuten curses again as Silvi is knocked down by the killer plant. He gathers his magic and sends healing energy at Silvi hoping the gnome will be able to assist the others. The others where bleeding and the fight was not going well. But he can't back off and leave others exposed. Cursing Pak drops his shield and grips the katana in two hands. He then settles into a Tengu sword form and slashes up through the center of the bush.

OOC: Action 1 & 2: Heal (V,S): 1d8+8 11
Free Action: Dropping shield.
Action 3: Two-handed katana strike at blue bush.: 1d20+5 20 1d10+2 10

Flat check to stop bleeding: 1d20 17.

It is so annoying that the area heal would also heal the enemy or I would have done that. This is a tough fight. Probably should have left when the things dropped Mortimer and I in one round.


OOC: I meant to move to behind where Hiromi was last round rather than where she is this round, so like 5 ft south and east of where you had her. But in any case these things have a 30 foot reach?


Hiromi was about to call out for her friend Silvi to stay back, sure as she was that these horrible plants would be the death of them all, when the thing lashed out, mangling all around. It was a bloodbath, and Hiromi was afraid that none of them would make it out alive.

With nothing else she could think of to do, she tried to trick the plant-thing by dancing to one side, and then another, and she lashed out with both her weapons suddenly.



OOC: I meant to move to behind where Hiromi was last round rather than where she is this round, so like 5 ft south and east of where you had her. But in any case these things have a 30 foot reach?
They have 10' reach. I put you where you told me Silvi went, behind Hiromi. Hiromi went before you, though. I don't know how to put grid numbers on the map, but maybe try indicating direction next time, like Move N-N-N-E-NE kind of thing? That's what I do. Then I can "move" your token very specifically.

And yeah, they hit hard when they connect, but their HP isn't too hot. What's saving them is their resistance to damage. But once you get slashing damage (no resistance) and fire damage (weakness), they'll melt. You're picking up the tricks, though, and the knowledge roll helped. Fire, slashing, and don't group up around them. And the alchemist fire worked well because the persistent fire damage was doubled, and it's just as hard for them to deal with as the persistent bleed is for you!
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