The Forges of the Mountain King Chapter 1- Bottom's Up!


Mardred is a little suprised when the Dwarf grips his shoulder and begins to force him back towards the Sneak.

"My father be saying that each man should be looking after his own lot. I respect that he be wrong. Now I be thinking that you be returning that purse. I don't be liking to see another man's greed be affecting those around them. I be struggling to be digesting my food, and I don't be wanting that. Let's be not doing this." He growled a grin on his bearded face. "The name be Kazzagin," he finally remarked as he started to steer the cut-purse in the direction of his earlier victim.

Mardred Plasters one of his best smiles on his face.
OOC: not sure what to roll here

and says. "Now good sir, why would I be returning what was already mine, if he had wanted to keep this.... lets see 3 silver here he would have kept it somewhere more safe, like yourself there, I would have a much harder time of sneaking your purse.
OOC: Bluff check and perception check here
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Mardred Plasters one of his best smiles on his face and says. "Now good sir, why would I be returning what was already mine, if he had wanted to keep this.... lets see 3 silver here he would have kept it somewhere more safe, like yourself there, I would have a much harder time of sneaking your purse.

Mardred is still being pushed backwards... towards his original mark, Jimmy Numbnutz...

OOC: It's difficult to judge PC on PC action, you're attempting to Bluff Kazzagin with a '14', the problem being is Kazzagin spotted you with a (nayural 20) 22 on his Perception. Certainly you can see where Kazzagin's money purse is with your Perception check.

OOC: I think the rest is up to you two here- I'm happy for swords to be drawn, or else you talk this out- somehow. You can use skills of course on each other, if a skill check is 15 or over then it's believable, or else the other PC has to take notice of it and adjust their reaction. Roll 20 or over and you have to pay attention. For 25 and over- what the other guy says is true.
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Kazzagin's face turned a shade darker, thought it was difficult to tell with all the beard covering his facial flesh. "You be lying," he said matter-of-factly, and continued to drag the nameless cut-purse towards where he'd seen Jimmy Numbnutz disappear. He glanced at the beer in his other hand, and decided it was worth hanging on to it until this matter was sorted. He gave the assembled dwarves a brief glancing, silently wishing that they would get on with this. If he created a scene here, his father's armor would be a dead give-away, and the reception wouldn't necessarily be the best one. Best to handle this quietly and politely.

"I be thinking we can be finding the person in question. He be just outside there." It was clear from the direction he was drawing the cut-purse in where there was. "We can be having a nice friendly talk. I even be bringing beer. Dwarf to dwarf. No?" One eye kept an eye on his own purse, lest the craftly little half-goblin find his fingers there as well.

OOC: The dice seem to be favouring Kazzagin. Mardred's move! :)
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OOC: The dice seem to be favouring Kazzagin. Mardred's move! :)

OOC: I'll say

Dwarves clear the decks, step out of the way, although a fair few of them stop to stare... "isn't that..."

Like a naughty school boy Mardred is dragged across the chamber...

OOC: What's it to be Mike?


OOC: I guess I'll have to try harder

"Hold up my simple friend, I will be happy to return the purse I only borrowed from Mr. Numbnutz over ther" I point out our target. "Except for one thing, I have an important meeting I need to be getting to, so I was wondring, would you mind returning it for me, I really am sorry that I stole it. Habit's of a misspent littlehood and all"

OOC: Come on Dice. Also I have already removed the gold so all that is in it is the silver, which I considered using to buy my new friend a drink with


A group of slightly inebriated Dwarves have taken root- the gaggle of drunks settle down for some free entertainment- several of them have already started taking bets.

By the sound of things the plate wearing Dwarf- Kazzagin, is the odds on favourite, the dishevelled stranger- Mardred is the 5-1 outsider, long odds in a two horse race.

One of the Dwarves staggers forward, and in a loud whisper states, while pointing at Kazzagin, "... and he zed summats about yer Mum!"

Another cries from the safety of the crowd- "sed she wuz bald..."

There's a collective in-take of breath, you could hear a pin drop...


First Post
Len's having the time of his life, the centre of attention, with the girl on his arm. Then something else is drawing everyone's eye - looks like something's about to kick off.

'Worth having a look' thinks Len, leading Rita through the crowds that seem to be forming.

"I'll put 2 gold on the stranger." Len offers to anyone who will take the bet, after all the luck has been with him so far tonight.


"I'll put 2 gold on the stranger." Len offers to anyone who will take the bet, after all the luck has been with him so far tonight.

"Awright Len, nice catch", it's Billy Nosoap, he takes the two proferred gold and marks a small pad, "4 to 1 'fraid Len, someone just put a lump on the weasely one- says the other guy's yella." Billy nods at Kazzagin.

"Lummy!" Billy notices Rita for the first time, "Damn, should'na took yer money- yer gunna need all you can get with that one... Still, more power to ya."

Billy turns back to the staring competition and offers some advice.

", gi' it sum welly!"

OOC: Note the rules update is now available in the OOC thread, go take a look and add any comments.
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A pocket of silence forms over the area, the crowd is swelling- only a fracas or some fine words are going to resolve the situation.

Kazzagin is hemmed in a little, and Jimmy is fast disappearing- exiting the Great Hall.

The silence gathers as even more Dwarves become aware of the stand-off. There's the odd cry-

"Who's that Dwarf? He's not a Bottom Worker..." Mardred's cover has been blown.

And to make matters worse a whole lot more Dwarves suddenly appear on the scene- gathered in clumps around the exits to the Great Hall, the tension rises, their Guildsmen, by which I mean Thieves.

And smack bang in the centre of the biggest scrum is Perry Tonne, one of the biggest, meanest bastards to ever stalk the halls, a Guild Lieutenant no less.

Perry looks daggers at Mardred, it seems the pair have some unfinished business.

OOC: To recap- Mardred you're not in good books with the Guildsmen, exit the chamber and you're... well, it would be very unhealthy for you. Kazzagin somehow you've been thrust in to the spotlight- your biggest audience perhaps ever. You two need to resolve the situation before tomorrow AM, preferably by later tonight. Then comes the lottery- at least in an ideal world (for me).

Or else someone else needs to step in and remedy the situation, that's any of you with a will and a way.

Walking Dad

First Post
Thorgrim Wildaxe

The sudden tension gave Thorgrim the final invitation to awake. Not really paying attention to the presumed boring meeting, Thorgrim performed the ancient dwarven art of sleep-drinking (including shouting cheers) for most of the evening.
Heavily blinking, he tries to make some sense of the things going on...
he barely remembered something about some strange poetry and weasel wrestling (perhaps the last stout was bad?) but at least the current situation didn't seem to involve other members of the RRC, the royal rat-catchers...
with his uncle's reputation and his ragged armor, this was the closest thing to be a warrior fighting 'monster' he could achieve.

Thorgrim Wildaxe
Played by Walking Dad
Dwarf Ranger Level 1

Perception: 17 Insight: 12 Low-light Vision

AC 14 Fortitude 15 Reflex 12 Will 12
Initiative: +1 Speed: 5
Str 18 Con 16 Dex 13 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 8

Hit Points: 33 / 33 Bloodied: 16
Temporary Hit Points: 0
Healing Surge: 8 Surges per day: 9 / 9

Saving Throw: +5 vs Poison.

Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1 (Minor Action)

Languages: Common, Dwarven.

Trained Skills: Athletics +8, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +9, Heal +7, Perception +7.
Other Skills: Acrobatics 0, Arcana 0, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, History +0, Insight +2, Intimidate -1, Nature +2, Religion +0, Stealth 0, Streetwise -1, Thievery 0.

Feats: Toughness, Weapon Prof (Waraxe).

Stand Your Ground- You move 1 less square with Forced Movement, and get an Immediate Saving Throw to avoid being knocked Prone.
Prime Shot- +1 To Hit if closest to enemy with Ranged attack.

At-Will Powers: Standard Actions.
Melee Basic Attack (Waraxe): +6 vs AC 1d12+4 damage.
Ranged Basic Attack (None):
Maraunder's Rush (Waraxe): +6 vs AC 1d12+6 damage (Wis bonus included in damage). Can use in place of Charge attack.
Twin Strike (Waraxe & Waraxe) +6 vs AC 1d12 damage & +6 vs AC 1d12 damage.

At-Will Powers: Minor Actions.
Hunter's Quarry: You designate the nearest enemy as your Quarry and deal an extra 1d6 damage against the creature. The Quarry remains active until the creature is killed or you designate a different enemy as Quarry. Minor Action.

Encounter Powers: Minor Actions.
Off-Hand Strike (Waraxe & Waraxe): +6 vs AC 1d12+4 damage. Minor Action.
Second Wind: Healing Surge & +2 to all Defences until end of next turn. Minor Action.

Daily Powers: Standard Actions.
Sudden Strike (Waraxe & Waraxe): +6 vs AC 1d12 damage. Regardless of hit or not Shift 1 square and make a secondary attack against the same target. +6 vs AC 2d12+4 damage, and the target is Weakened until the end of your next Round.



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