Kickstarter The Fury of the Northmen, a 5e-compatible Viking rpg like no other.



My new Kickstarter has just gone live. It's for The Fury of the Northmen, a 5e-compatible rpg set in England during the first six years of the Viking invasion of England (865-871 CE). The Fury of the Northmen is historical fantasy; it's an equal mix of imagination and intensely researched Scandinavian & English history, myth, legend, and folklore.

If the Kickstarter funds, patrons can get:
  • The Player's Guide, a 450+-page book containing completely new character classes (nearly all the 5e character classes weren't compatible with the historical setting), new PC folk, 600+ new spells, dozens of historical ethnicities, and everything else needed to create a Northmen character and play a Northmen game or campaign.
  • The World Book, a 250+-page book containing everything a GM could want to know about the Northmen setting: the kingdoms of England as of 865, the cultures, the religions, the philosophies, the lived experiences, and all the other basics of both English and Scandinavian societies; a gazetteer of the England of Northmen; the who, what, where, when, and why of both the historical Viking invasion and the Viking invasion in the world of Northmen (two different things); rules for large-scale battles; sixty manuscript pages of new treasure types and items; and a long list of resources for people interested in learning more.
  • The Bestiary, a descriptive catalogue of 240+ new monsters for the setting. Rather than create a third book for the Kickstarter, I decided to put the entirety of the Bestiary--all 240+ new monsters--on a free website whose design will be paid for by the Kickstarter and which will contain not just the Bestiary but all the errata and freebie material for Northmen.
  • various add-ons: a poster-sized map of the England of the Northmen setting; a pad of Northmen character sheets; a leather Northmen dice tray; and a set of six Northmen dice.
Northmen is unlike any other Viking rpg ever published--more historical information (as much as fun allows) and more intensely researched setting, cast of characters, and monsters--and it's pretty good. (Admittedly, I'm biased). So...take a look, won't you? Thanks!

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