The Grey Cloak Council Campaign Background Thread [RESTORED]

Aust Thale

Scout the Village En Force


"Right. Let's be about this, mates. I say we start at the village center and work our way out each arm, looking through the structures and scouting the area. First we check out the shops: the Blacksmith Stall, the old Herbalist Shop, and the General Store, in that order. From there, we work our way back north to the docs and the building near it. Then we cross the field due west back to the hostel. Then back to the center of town, perhaps taking a break before we move southeast and southwest to investigate the rest of the town. Most buildings will receive a moderate review; we don't want to advertise our presence, but we need to examine for anything out of the ordinary, interesting items, clues about this place, and above all, any potential adversaries we may encounter. At all times we need to be reasonably sure we have an unobstructed way out of here. I can alarm locations that we don't want disturbed after we leave it."

An overview of the village:

1. Entrance to the village; After crossing a small, foot bridge, you are in the village limits of Nulb. The first building that doesn't look like a residential dwelling has a sign that says, "Waterside Hostel." Like all the other structures in this abandoned village, it looks to be badly dilapidated, and in danger of collapse.
2. Village Center; in the center of the village, there is an old Herbalist Shop, and old Blacksmith Stall, and an old General Store. These buildings have seen better days.
3. The Docks; four boats still sit at anchor, although time has taken its toll. There is a canoe that is about 90% submerged, and two rowboats which have suffered a similar fate. The largest vessel here is an old riverboat, which is about half submerged, which looks as if it ran aground long ago. The riverboat is about 40 feet long, and 10 feet wide.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Summer Update

The party met in real-time at my mother's house, and resolved the search of the village. Among the abandoned buildings, the party discovered an Ogre Magi, an Otyugh, an advanced Otyugh, two Goblins, and 5 Wraiths! The party emerged victorious in all of these conflicts, although there are still a few buildings left on the "need-to-explore" list, including the Hostel. Here are a few pics from the session, all taken of the Wraith battle, which occurred at the marina.




Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Moving the game along...

DM Note: I'm posting this in order to move the game along, it's been too-long stagnant. We will go ahead and do the combat online, instead of waiting to resolve it in-person.

As the party is walking back toward the Northern end of town to check out the Hostel, a screaming and shouting can be heard coming from that very building! The shouting voice is that of an angry, adult male. "Betrayer!" you hear it say, "I trusted you with my life, and look what I've got to show for it!"

The party bursts into the front foyer of the Hostel, kicking down the double doors, and rushing forward en masse. You are faced with a man, who appears to be a horribly disfigured, Human Cleric, wielding Quarterstaff and Shield, facing off against a Ghostly Apparition, dual-wielding wispy, ethereal, short blades.


Initial combat positions are below:



Ghostly Figure: 23
Lareth: 22
Teedi: 20
Mavet: 18a
Prince Derrith: 18b
Kleborn: 14
Robhuud: 13
Trang: 6
Del Tan: 5a
Osprey: 5b
Jonwaine: 3

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Combat Begins!

Combat begins...

Ghostly Figure: Spell (Banishment) DC 33
Kleborn rolls 14 (FAIL)
Lareth rebukes undead (roll: 13) = 8 HD affected / 11 HD turning damage (more than twice)
Ghostly figure is controlled.

The Ghostly Figure says, "Lareth, you always were a fool. And weak, as well. You can't even face me alone, you have to attack me with your petty minions!" obviously referring to the party.

The figure glows brightly, as it invokes a special power. "Let's just see if we can't banish a few of these peons to locales unknown! Feel the TRUE POWER of Wat!"

A wave of energy washes over the party, but it is not strong enough to affect as many of you as Wat had predicted; in fact, only Kleborn is affected.

Kleborn winks out of existence, as Lareth begins to laugh maniacally. "YOU are the fool, old ghost! These interlopers are NOT my minions, and their lives are NOT precious to me! You want to see true power? BOW TO THE WILL OF THE ELDER EYE, ALL SPIRITS ARE HIS TO COMMAND!"

Wat screams in agony as Lareth holds the red, glowing quarterstaff before him, pointing it in a manner indicative of control.

The scream is brief, and then Wat's next sentence is capitulatory: "Yes, my master."


It is now Teedi's turn. After consulting Sonya, I shall post her actions tomorrow.


Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Teedi shouts a battle cry, and charges Lareth, who looks very non-plussed to see the trident-wielding amazon hurtling toward him at breakneck speed.

Teedi = 24 (Hit)
Damage = 1d8+8 = 15 pts.

Teedi thrusts her trident at Lareth, whose smug look of confidence is now gone, as his shield saves him from a blow that would otherwise have skewered him where he stood. He grunts as the force of the blow dents his shield, and numbs his forearm!


Mavet, it's your turn. What do you do?

Sylvar B.

Mavet charges Lareth so that he is positioned behind him. " Die you unholy abomination" Mavet strikes at Lareth with a powerful overhead swing.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Mavet said:
Mavet charges Lareth so that he is positioned behind him.

By the rules, you have to charge in a straight line, and you have to end your charge as soon as you are within striking range of your enemy.


GM: You have a clear "line of sight" to charge to, even with the clipped corner in the way. But you would have to end your charge at "X." Your intention was to end your charge at "Y." Not only is position "Y" against the charging rules, but even if I let you charge to that position, Lareth would still get an attack of opportunity on you. DM ADVICE: Just charge to position X; you still get an attack bonus (+2) and then, in subsequent rounds, you and Teedi can make 1-square adjustments in order to get into flanking positions.

MAVET: Is this still what you want to do? If you charge to Position "Y," I will allow it, but you will only get +1 bonus instead of +2, and Lareth will get an attack of opportunity. If he hits you, your charge will end in square "X," and the attack will automatically fail. WHAT DO YOU DO?
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Combat Continues...

Retro-active saving throws: (Fort save, DC 16)

Teedi: (20) Saved
Mavet: (19) Saved
Derrith: (26) Saved

At the start of everyone's action, the remainder of the party will need to make Fort saves, DC 16.
This is because "Wat" is a Ghost; his appearance is so horrific, it can drain your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution!
PCs who make their saves are immune to this effect for a 24 hour period.
PCs who fail their saves suffer ability loss, but then they can't be affected again for a 24 hour period.

Mavet's roll = Natural 1 (Miss)
Mavet Natural 1 001.png

Derrith Turn Undead:
Turns 3 HD (FAIL)

Mavet charges Lareth, but the Cleric is ready for him, and easily blocks the blow with his shield!

Prince Derrith steps forward, brandishing his holy symbol, demanding that Wat leave, but the Ghost laughs at him, saying, "Your powers are WEAK! I shall eat your SOUL!"


ROBHUUD: It's your turn. Roll a Fort save, DC 16, then take your intended action!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Combat Update:

Robhuud, Del Tan, Jonwaine, and Osprey have all made their saving throws vs. the Ghost's presence.


Robhuud, it's still your turn. What do you do?

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