The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted
DM: IronSky

Earth(Voda Vosa), Level 7 Warforged Warden
Krav(Llama Bill), Level 1 Dragonborn Warlord
Raijin(johnmeier1), Level 2 Sorcerer
Rysethynn(LadyLaw), Level 1 Dwarven Warden
Auntie Mab(pacdidj), Level 1 Human Rogue
Xander(DmDanW), Level 1 Cleric
Devinihm(jkason), Level 1 Wilden Druid
Illarion(Neurotic), Level 1 Elf Sorcerer

[sblock=Players]I'll take whoever. Doesn't matter if there's a level gap, no leader, whatever. I'll adjust to whatever we come up with, whoever wants to go.[/sblock]

Adventure Notes
[sblock=Combat rules]Should it arise, pretty much standard Malenkirk rules. I'd prefer to use virtual battlemat if it ever comes back up...[/sblock]

[sblock=Taking 10]Unless it's a skill challenge, in combat, or I explicitly say ROLLED, you may "take 10" on a skill check, treating it as though you rolled a 10 for the check. If you do this, still let me know you did so. Save some trips to Invisible Castle.[/sblock]

The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 1, Minute 1

As you rush out the doors of the tavern to the street outside you see... nothing? No, not nothing. As the bartender runs out with a lantern, you see blood. Blood splattered all over the cobblestones. Blood coating the door of the Hanged Man. Blood everywhere.

The air is almost tinged with the terrible sense of recent violence.

Somewhere deeper in Daunton, someone is calling for the city watch, dogs are barking frantically, and somewhere in the night a woman is screaming...

[sblock=Arcana 23]The air is tinged with the foul taint of abyssal magics... whoever - or whatever did this was willing to dabble in the darkest of the arcane arts.[/sblock]

[sblock=Perception 18]The blood seems to be splattered up to twenty feet away - whatever attacked the young man was must have been tearing him apart. [sblock=Perception 21]There is a blood trail leading to a nearby alley...[/sblock][/sblock]

[sblock=Insight 18]Thinking back to when the young man was in the tavern, the tail end of his cloak had fallen over the mantle of the doorway into the dark streets beyond. Whatever attacked him likely just grabbed his cloak and yanked him outside, something strong...[/sblock]

[sblock=Streetwise 23]You manage to find a witness. I'll introduce them shortly if you achieve this.[/sblock]
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: I am interested, but this is my third PC so I'm willing to wait it out.
It's Changeling Chaos Sorcerer, commonly known as "that blind elf fossil"

Those already here or following the elf from the tavern see him scanning the area.

"There is residual magic here and it's demonic in origin."
he then sniffs the air and walks for a bit, but then shakes his head.
"I cannot follow the trail here, maybe someone sighted can help? That man may still be alive and in the clutches of the demon."

[sblock=Here are the relevant rolls]
Arcana; Perception; Insight; Streetwise (1d20+4=18, 1d20=15, 1d20+2=13, 1d20+5=18)

Voda Vosa

First Post
Earth comes out just when the elf is explaining something.

"The blood seems to be splattered up to twenty feet away. It is evident that whatever attacked the human was must have been tearing him apart. I can see it trailing towards that alley. I presume it grabbed him from his cloak. Whatever attacked him was surely strong." The warforged explains.

Insight: 19
Perception: 23

Earth Warden Warforged level 7


First Post
Krav runs outside and doesn't spot anything new. As soon as he is given the clues by the people infront his mind jumps straight to the Oni and he can feel the fire building up inside and working up towards his throat. He makes his way towards the alley with his sword held tight at the thought of facing an Oni and a small growl forms in his throat.
"With all this blood his chances must be slim but if we are quick we could catch the Oni which is a far greater reward, if we do find him in time today will be a great day." says Krav as he looks back towards the group of people gathering outside the inn.
[sblock=OOC and Rolls]
If we get into a combat could you please list your ranged and melee basic atacks so that I know who to "inspire".
Arcana: 1d20=8
Perception: 1d20=6
Insight: 1d20=9
Streetwise: 1d20+4=13

[sblock=Krav’s Stats]
Krav - Dragonborn Warlord
Racial Features: Draconic Heritage, Dragon Breath, Dragonborn Fury
Class Features: Bravura Presence, Battlefront Leader, Inspiring Word
Passive Perception 10, Passive Insight 10
AC 19, Fort 15, Reflex 13, Will 15
HP 25/25, Bloodied 12, Surge Value 14, Surges 9/9
Speed 5, Initiative +1
Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind
At-Will Powers: Brash Assault, Direct the Strike
Encounter Powers: Battlefront Shift, Dragon’s Breath, Vengeance is Mine, Inspiring Word, Inspiring Word
Daily Powers: Lamb to the Slaughter


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Another robed figure emerges from the Tavern, it is the pale man wearing a wide brimmed hat and carrying a mystical metal staff. He looks over the ground as well, taking note of the elf's statements. He also nods at the earthen creature's statements. Surely it was only magic, but a strong physical force that pulled his cloak back from him.

As Krav arrives and brings up the Oni, Raijin tenses. Do you truly believe it to be one of the accursed? We should follow the trail of violence, then, for that is the wake of such creatures.

Arcana=11, Perception=6, Insight=26, Streetwise=10
Ah the d20 system! Never good at what you are good at..

Raijin is also a sorcerer, 3rd PC, and 2nd level...


First Post
Rysethynn stomps out of the tavern, in true dwarven fashion. Looking around she's taken aback by the sheer amount of blood. She hasn't seen this much in some time, and then it wasn't all from one person.

"You dunna think any others were caught up in this, do ya?" she asked the group at large.

Hearing talk of demons, she raises a brow, but doesn't comment. She has no experience with such.

"Seems t'be a trail leadin' off down tha' alley there," she says, pointing. "If'n ye wanna go envestigate, best be gettin' org'nized."

[sblock=rolls/ooc stuff]Insight: 1d20+7=27
Perception: 1d20+7=24

Didn't bother with the other two because she'd fail them with a 20.
Rysethynn is a level 1 dwarf warden. She's my second character. I'd be interested in this depending on what the ultimate level gap is. If it's like 1-3 that's cool, but I think if it's larger than that she'd stay behind, feeling that she wouldn't be of real use.

[sblock=Rysethynn Mini-stats]
Rysethynn - Female Dwarven Warden (Earthstrength) 1
Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 17
AC:18, Fort:15, Ref:12, Will:13 -- Speed:5
HP:33/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges Left: 12/12

Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
Powers: Warden's Fury, Warden's Grasp, Earth Shield Strike, Warden's Lunge
Earth Spikes, Form of Mountain's Thunder Attack
Form of Mountain's Thunder

Special: Save vs. 1 effect at start of turn (and at end)
+5 to saves vs. poison
Immediate save to being knocked prone from attack
Move one less square from forced movement
+3 to AC when using Second Wind

Conditions: None[/sblock][/sblock]
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First Post
Auntie Mab comes rushing onto the scene, slightly out-of-breath, just behind Rysethynn.

"Merciful heavens!," she gasps at the sight of all the spattered blood. "Oh that poor man. He seemed a nice sort, and handsome too. What a pity."

"There is residual magic here and it's demonic in origin."

Auntie Mab nods sagely at the blind elf's pronouncement, as though she was thinking the same thing. Her bluff is somewhat transparent though, as it is clear that her entire attention is fixed on the trail of blood, which her gaze follows into the nearby alley, and pondering what manner of creature would be strong enough to cause such rapid devastation.

"You dunna think any others were caught up in this, do ya?" she asked the group at large.

"Oh I should hope not dearie! Bad enough that it happened to that pleasant Dartanian fellow." Auntie Mab then hears the distant woman's scream and winces, "Looks like another bad night for Daunton," she adds sadly.

"Seems t'be a trail leadin' off down tha' alley there," she says, pointing. "If'n ye wanna go envestigate, best be gettin' org'nized."

"Yes, dearie. An excellent suggestion. It wouldn't do to go galloping off after demons half-cocked and unawares. Tristram might be able to sneak in for a closer look down that alley. He's small enough that he shouldn't tip off whatever beast did this that it's being followed. He'd be happy to go assess the situation before we charge in headlong. Isn't that right Tristram?," Auntie Mab says, prodding one of her cloak pockets with an index finger. After several jabs the head of a small brown rat emerges bleary-eyed from the pocket and lets out a sickly tiny belch, before nodding it's head and giving an affirmative *Squeak*.

[sblock=rolls and ooc]Arcana 19, Perception 23, Insight 21, Streetwise 13

I'd definitely be interested in getting Auntie Mab in on this adventure if there's not too large a level gap, say more than four levels. She's my second character, so she'll defer to 1st characters if need be.

Also, while I'm definitely eager to get this character rolling, I'm going to be on hiatus for a couple of weeks starting Friday. I won't be able to post between the 3rd and the 20th of September, as I'll be leaving on my honeymoon this weekend. So IS, if you're willing to take on Auntie Mab, I hope you won't mind NPCing her or having her NPCed for a little while.

[sblock=stat block]Auntie Mab - Human Rogue (Warlock) 1
Conditions: none
Passive Perception: +16, Passive Insight: +16, Init: +4
AC: 16, Fort: 12, Reflex: 17, Will: 14
Speed: 6
HP: 25/25, Bloodied: 12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 7/7
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used, Milestones:
:bmelee:Basic Atk: Dagger +3 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg
:branged:Ranged Basic Atk: Throw Dagger +8 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg, Range 5/10 (Daggers: 5/5)
Preparatory Shot, Gloaming Cut, Sly Flourish
Eyebite, Distracting Shot
Scattering Shot
Combat notes:

Tristram - Rat Familiar
HP: 1/1; AC: 16, Fort: 12, Ref: 17, Will: 14
Skills: +11 Thievery, +16 Stealth
Status: Passive Mode[/sblock][/sblock]

Voda Vosa

First Post
Earth takes his hand to his side, and rips off a piece of hammer shaped rock. As derbies still fell from the weapon, Earth produced a shield in the same fashion, and so equipped, he began stalking towards the dark alleyway, with loud "Thump"s at each step.


First Post
Xander steps outside and takes in the scene. The blood soaked ground brings back recent unwanted memories and he grabs the nearest wall to steady himself. As he shakes his head clear he looks around and listens to what the others have already discerned.

Whatever this was must have been very powerful indeed he thinks to himself. He takes a deep breath and cringes. The air reeks of foul abyssal magics as well.

"With the stink of demonic magics in the air and the amount of blood before us I highly doubt that man is still amongst the living. If we do not intervene I have a feeling there will be more streets coated in blood before long."

Passive Insight 19
Perception: 1d20+4 (Perception)=21
Arcana: 1d20+5 (Arcana)=25
Streetwise: 1d20+3 (Streetwise)=14
Xander is a 1st level Cleric. He is my 2nd character (Although if Johnmeier1 keeps the current trend in his adventure Xander may be my only character very soon....).
Preferably I'd like him to join up with other low level characters who have a shot at sticking together for a while.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 1, Minute 3

As everyone rushes into the street and Earth heads towards the alley, a lieutenant of the city watch comes running up, her longsword drawn and six spear-armed city watch it tow. She looks around the scene grimly and scans the group of you.

"Its getting more brazen I see..." she glances at the Hanged Man. "Especially if it's willing to take someone here of all places. From what I've heard of the Hanged Man, I have the feeling that you lot are crazy, seeking danger and risk. If so, perfect."

She sees Earth heading to the alley and motions him over. "Whoever it took is already dead. This will only take a moment."

"If you have no interest in being deputized to help with a murder investigation, head back inside and enjoy your drinks. If you're willing to help, then gather around, I'll make this quick."

[sblock=In or out time]If you're leaving, now's the time. Let me know and have your character head back to the tavern. Otherwise, read on.[/sblock]

"Ok, you are now deputized inspectors for the city of Daunton. Congratulations, it might just get you killed. There's been a killer in the city the last few days. This is actually the least spectacular of its killings. It's killed eleven people at three different locations over the last couple nights.

"I'm not sure how its all related, the watch is currently being pressed to its limits trying to contain a devil-worshiping cult that's somehow taken root in the city and I've been trying to keep word of these murders from getting out to keep the city from panicking. If this gets out in the Screamer..." She shudders. "That would be exactly the sort of thing the devil-cult would use to launch an uprising."

She pulls out a small bundle of papers and hands one to each of the characters. "These make you deputy inspectors. You can get to any of the murder scenes with these. Also, show them at the guard tower and you have instant access to me. They also will give you near-unlimited access to the City Archives and Grand Library, should you wish to avail yourselves of their resources."

"Any questions?"

[sblock=Who we have right now]Earth, Warden 7
Neurotic's character, Sorcerer ?
Krav, Warlord 1
Raijin, Sorcerer 2
Rysethynn, Warden 1
Mab, Warlock 1
Xander, Cleric 1

I'm fine with taking 7 people. Earth is 5-6 levels above everyone else, but if everyone else is cool with you coming along, I am. I had some ideas about mixing high/low level characters that I'd like to try out anyway.[/sblock]

[sblock=Skills from here on out]I won't be using sblocks much in the bit to come. I'll talk about it more as we go, but essentially, unless there is an sblocked skill, everyone gets one "investigative" check at a time. The more checks you make, the more time it takes as you track the killer... If you want to use a skill and can justify it, try it! I'll be on as frequently as I can to give you results, at least twice a day, though I'll try for more.[/sblock]


First Post
Devinihm, wilden druid

A swarm of wasps sweeps out of the tavern, swirling about the scene, though as they encounter the blood they seem to change color, shape, and tone, looking more like flies. Finally they cluster in place and coalesce into the form of Devinihm.

"I was right to worry about the kobold, yes?" he says. "Even in the city, there are predators. And they are hungry."

The wilden hangs to the back of the group, uncomfortable on the cobblestone after so long in the swamp.

[sblock=OOC / rolls]Perception;Insight (1d20+9=10, 1d20+4=7)

Devinihm's my first character: level 1 wilden swarm druid. He's currently unapproved, though I did email the judge account a week or so ago, so I would assume he'd be approved before any XP award, which is when it matters.[/sblock]

Voda Vosa

First Post
Earth listens, and nods, his neck making a stony noise. "I agree to help you. Devils should not taint these lands." he states. "Where are the other crime scenes? Which were the victims? Is there a pattern you've discovered?" he asks the captain.


First Post
((OOC: Ack. Looks like I'm late to the party. Deputizing happened as I was posting. Can I still get in on this?

Also, I'm not sure what 'Malenkirk rules' are in terms of combat?))


First Post
"Well, it might be terrifying, but at least we get to stay in town on our first adventure," Auntie Mab mutters to her rat familiar. "Better than delving down some musty hole chasing dragon's treasure or Apoli knows what I'll wager."

"Ooh, a deputy inspector!," exclaims the old woman as the lieutenant hands her the paper. "Finally, some official recognition of my stupendous clairvoyant abilities! Tristram, be a dear would you, and go have a look down that alley while Auntie Mab divines the location where the killer will strike next."

The elderly woman gives a mysterious flourish of her hands, then touches her fingers to her temples, closes her eyes, and intones: "Om, mani padme hum, om, mani padme hum..." as her little brown rat scampers down the alleyway to investigate the trail of blood.

[sblock="Tristram's Rolls and ooc"]Perception 17, Stealth 34

[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION] - FYI, Auntie Mab is primarily a rogue (with a warlock multiclass). She just likes to act magicky. ;)[/sblock]

Voda Vosa

First Post
((OOC: Ack. Looks like I'm late to the party. Deputizing happened as I was posting. Can I still get in on this?

Also, I'm not sure what 'Malenkirk rules' are in terms of combat?))

Basically rips your initiative from your insides, and while still bleeding, tosses it to the trash can. But it makes combat quicker.


First Post
Rysethynn nods at the official as she accepts the paper officially deputizing her and looks it over. Her gaze then follows Tristram as he scurries off into the alley. She stays close to Mab, waiting to hear either her divination or the answer to Earth's questions.

[sblock=ooc]Not sure how I feel about a 5-level gap, but since the majority of the party is level 1 or 2 I'll stick with it and see how it goes. What's the worst that could happen. :p[/sblock]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Illarion Meriele, Chaos sorcerer 1, I'm not sure I'm eligible for higher level as my other two have grand total of 6 levels (minimum for third)

I don't mind Earth as long as we don't end up against something that can drop him and then chew us out for fun. Wardens are tough!

"We will find it for you. Don't worry." says the elf and promptly misses the papers offered. However, fleeting contact eye to eye leaves the liutenant wondering about the blindness of this creature.

"Let's go, just follow the screams." and elf trails after Earth his stick beating staccato rhythm on the cobblestones.
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First Post
"Instead of following the screams it seems better to follow the blood as there are many reasons to scream in Daunton." says Krav to the blind elf while giving the papers a once over.

Once we get the info off the guards I'm off down the alley.
While we are waiting, I'll say a few words on how I run fights.

1 - I roll all initiatives. Waiting two days before everyone has had the chance to roll theirs is a waste of time.

2 - I roll a single initiative for my bad guys and play them all in the same turn. It loses some of the tabletop experience but it plays a lot faster than individual initiative.

3 - If you haven't posted your PC's action in two days, I usually run your PC at some point late in the third day of inactivity. Warn me in advance if you don't believe you can post for more than two days.

And the biggest...

4 - I don't care in what initiative order you post; your action takes place at exactly the moment you post and as long as you only act once per round, it's all good.

The initiative in practice is only relevant once; the very first round.

Let's say initiative is:

Mesa 22
Matlal 17
Tor 12
Montroya 9
Andrec 8
Jarel Karn 5

That means Mesa and Matlal get to act before the BGs. I don't care in what order! If Matlal log in the thread before Mesa, don't wait, act first!

Once they have both acted, I play all of the Bad Guys.

Then everyone act, in whatever order.

It is possible that Mesa and Matlal will log on the thread before Tor, Montroya, Andrec and Jarel Karn have all acted. It doesn't matter, they can act! Once all 6 of PCs have acted (and acted only once, of course!), I run bad guys and then it's once more your turn. That simple.

I repeat; your actions take place when you post. Should you want to delay, then simply wait for the others to post.

It is very common when you play that way for a player to log last in a turn and then be the first to log back after I have updated the fight and played the BGs. This leads to a PC acting almost back to back. It matters little; in the end he still has acted only once in either round.

This saves a lot of time especially because most players can't log on the thread thrice a day to see if it's their turn yet. If you log on at any time after I have run the BGs turn you are free to post without waiting for your buddies to act in order.

Two frequent rules issues arise from this practice:

1 - What about effects that last 'until the end of PC's X turn'?

Often a leader will grant a bonus to someone else 'until the end of the leader's turn'. This will usually be interpreted as 'Until the end of the target's turn' instead. Good old common sense. The target doesn't lose the bonus if the leader act before him and doesn't gain TWO turns of using the bonus if he manages to act twice before the leader acts again.

2 - What about PCs who purposefully delay taking their turn in order to give a chance to their allies to grant them a free save?

Ongoing damage and others conditions effect occurs at the beggining of your turn. If you know someone might grant you a free save (leaders can often do that) before you act, it may save you damage or avoid a stun effect to purposefully delay taking your turn, giving a chance for the other PCs to help you... That's cool. I don't mind. It just increases the value of team work which is a good thing.

Everything else, I play by ear.


Playing that way, I once completed a fight in 4 days. Don't believe me? Check out this thread.

Of course, I think we were all on crack that week. We didn't maintain that insane rate of post for every fight! If you just post about once every two days we should be able to complete 3 rounds a week and still be flying faster than 90% of PbP games.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 1, Minute 7

Earth listens, and nods, his neck making a stony noise. "I agree to help you. Devils should not taint these lands." he states. "Where are the other crime scenes? Which were the victims? Is there a pattern you've discovered?" he asks the captain.

"The other three crime scenes are a ship called the Lucky Lucy in the harbor at Pier 6, the cellar of a tavern called the Chipped Flask in Backtown district, and a mansion on High Lane in the hills, 178 High Lane. I've got men posted at each to keep people from getting in - originally until I could get to it, but I guess now it's until you get to it. It looks like four killed beneath the Chipped Flask were killed first, sometime during the night two days ago. The crew of the Lucky Lucy were killed the next night, as was the butler, a maid, and the owner of Hill Lane."

"I've only had time to look through the scenes briefly. They are... disturbing. Whoever or whatever killed them pretty much tore them to pieces, and quickly too. I'll leave you Constables Jacobs and Priven here to watch the newest crime scene. I need to go, we're getting ready to do a raid on one of the cult hideouts and I want to be there to supervise. If you have any more questions, as the city watch at the locations or talk to me tomorrow during the day. I have a busy night."

With that, she nods to you all and heads down the street, leaving two city watch behind that seem to be waiting for you all.

[sblock=OOC]jkason, I say the more the merrier. Typically an adventure will lose 2-3 players over the course of it anyway, so no worries. Oh, that brings up another related rule/guideline...[/sblock]

[sblock=Disappearing PCs]I have a general rule that if you disappear roughly two weeks, your character will leave the adventure. If you warn me before hand, get someone else run your character (since I have enough work running the adventure). I try to keep my adventures moving at a decent clip and nothing slows them down like waiting for people who aren't coming back... so I won't.[/sblock]
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