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The Invincible (amazon prime series)


David Jose
Not only is the gore part of the deal, it's part of the statement the show is trying to make. It's meant to jar you out of your initial expectations on purpose. It's not there to be edgy, it's there to drive home the fact that the subject matter, and the people involved are horrible.

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Anyone now how’s many episodes for the season? 6 Aired as of today.

I thought it was 6 total but that could just mixing up in my head from falcon and winter soldier info , or something.


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
I think it's 8 or 10 episodes, though I cannot quote a source on that. Here's hoping we can get a good 10 to 12 seasons of this show to cover many of the great stories from the comic.

Amazing episodes. For me it’s the total shock factor. It’s better than the boyz in the execution of fights and for me better fights than great shows like Batman and justice league. For me unlike the others there’s no stakes on the heroes


David Jose
I am SO freaking bummed that I no longer have these trades, I was an idiot for gifting them away. I'm not even friends with the person anymore...


The EN World kitten
I got a serious chuckle when...

...Mark ends up meeting technically-not-Spider-Man, who goes "you came out of a portal, I know how alternate universes work. Especially lately." Those last two words are what did it for me. :D

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