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The mandalorian [Spoilers]


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From the other canon there's no empire. In this they say episode 1 there's no empire only warlords.

Empires already surrendered after Jakku, the First Order seeds are already out in the unknown regions.

In the new canon they haven't been very clear on the leftover imperials that didn't go join the 1st order.
Empire - remnants - First Order was not overnight

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Empire - remnants - First Order was not overnight
I know, but the 1st Order has been established in this timeline. Not every faction joined the new order, sone joined the NR and it's not clear if any actual Empire is still around at least in the main part if the Galaxy.

Only warlords as per the show.


Damn this show is good, so far. It's more cinematic than most of the Star Wars films. I'm loving how little dialogue is being spoken, but so much storytelling is happening.

The Charge of the Flight Brigade in episode 3 made me whoop with joy. Fortunately I believe my wife had her AirPods in at the time. And I'm charmed -- as apparently everyone else is -- by Baby Yoda. Esp. the episode-long joke of their bassinet floating serenely unaware into all kinds of peril in ep. 2.

Even the use of music & scoring is up there with the best of the current crop of Peak TV (like, say Watchmen).


It's effing AMAZING how in three episodes - an hour and half of TV- they have already created so many iconic Star Wars images that will endure for years and years and years.


They've used nostalgia very well but while telling a fresh story.

Each episode has a throwback. The Mandalorian also gets knocked around every episode lol.

Not 100% sure but I might be the Filoni effect. I think Favreau, Filoni are being trained up but Filoni's main strength is storylines/story boards.

Really enjoyed Ep4. It's a "lull" from the main story arc (Baby Yoda), kinda, but it was refreshing. Liked the introduction and interactions with the Rebel Shock Trooper. Hope their paths cross again.

Yes, more world building on the culture of the Mandalore. I like how they approach it subtly, through dialog and action, versus hitting us over the head with a ton of exposition. This episode answered a few of my questions re: the Mandalorians.

The tone is so different than the larger-than-life movies that focused on Jedi and Skywalkers. A single AT-ST posed a grave threat; compare that with the Battle of Endor. I'm glad they're finally showing this side of the SW universe.

Finally, Baby Yoda's cuteness factor reached an 11 in this one - what do you think?


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The Mandalorian also gets knocked around every episode lol.
They've managed to have the Mandalorian believably knocked around every episode and believably destroy groups of multiple opponents every episode.

It's an effective formula for keeping me interested in the fight scenes.

Finally, Baby Yoda's cuteness factor reached an 11 in this one - what do you think?
Cara Dune gave us the most backstory to what's happening post empire that we've gotten so far, the Child is still the most adorable macguffin, and we learn a little more about Helmet Culture all in a Seven Samurai/Magnificent 7 homage.

I enjoyed it very much.
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Between the 4 episodes there's been more character development and world building than any of the Disney movies in a similar amount of run time.

Cara Dunes a badass because they gave her an effective background and casting an ex MMA fighter in the role.

Poor Phasma.

Very simple and very effective.

Why didn't they just find the walker, and put a couple bombs on it......I get that's less fun and dramatic, but still.

Also, it never occurred to him that others would be tracking baby Yoda? How do the trackers work? DNA? Chip? Does everyone have one, or something? Are there only 48 left, give or take?


We all know Mando will eventually realize he can't run away from the trackers, and turn around to face the Client.

The only question is how many episodes until that realization.

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