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The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Music to my ears," Maladiel smiles at Malix. "I'd buy us all drinks, but unfortunately I'm broke, so who's paying?"

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Possibly a Idiot.
4th of Zarantyr, 998 YK. Noon.
The Vice House, Southshore, Metrol, Cyre.

A wooden mushroom-shaped sign welcomes you to the vice house:
“The Fun-Guy!
We have REAL mushroom beer and stew!”

As you step inside and your eyes adjust to the lighting, you notice how unusually lively the place is for this hour of the day. Most people prefer to enjoy their vices under the implied secrecy of the night, perhaps it’s the extensive night-watch winding down, or perhaps the people no longer care who sees them in their pursuit of comfort.

Taking stock of the inhabitants gives you a few areas of interest.

At the bar is a standard issue barkeep, a fat mustachioed man, cleaning glasses with a wand. A cauldron of stew simmers behind him, smelling of mushrooms.

At the back wall, you see a game of Zilargo darts in swing. A gnome, halfling, and a kobold, all taking aim at the illusionary animals as they dance across the board.

One corner features a pair of half-elves lounging around a hookah. You aren’t quite sure what is lit, but you know anything decent was used up years ago.

Finally, the stairs to the upper floor are guarded by a tired-looking Half-Orc bouncer drinking a steaming cup of some bitter smelling brew.

GM: You have been traveling for over 6 hours, and have not rested at all today. Roll a DC 10 CON save or become hungry.

Yelisha: Speed 30, AC 15, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13
Vesile: Speed 30, AC 14, HP ??, Passive Perception: 13
Maladiel. Speed 30, AC: 12, HP: 13/13, HD 2/2, Passive Perception: 14, Spells: 2/4. FBTG: 1/1. SP 2/2

Lazharis. Speed 30, AC: 14, HP: 15/15, HD 0/2, Passive Perception: 15, HD: 0/2
Malix. Speed 30, AC: 17, HP: 17/17, HD 2/2, Passive Perception: 15, Ki 2/2
Xian. Speed 30, AC: 13, HP: 5/15, HD 2/2, Passive Perception: 13, Spells: 3/3 + D, BI: 2/3 , Bloodied.
Ozzar. Speed 25, AC 16: HP: 19/23, HD 1/2, Passive Perception: 13, , SW: 0/1

Ozzar finds he is famished like he didn't even eat last night. Last week even! It seems the plant that took root in his arm took more energy from him than he thought possible. He joins Lazharis at the bar.

"The same! And I can work for more!"
Still, he doesn't forget where he is, he scans the bar while he waits for the food, his mind cataloging the clientele according to the laws of his city, loyal citizens, shady dealers, gamblers, adventurers...

Con save: 1D20+5 = [1]+5 = 6


Xian stumbled into the vice house with the others. They had been traveling nearly nonstop for hours. He was tired and starving. The smell of cooked mushrooms filled his nostrils. It was hardly the fine dining he was used to but right now, it was what he needed.

Xian took an empty spot at the bar.

"A bowl of stew and an ale please."

Con save

1d20+1: 5 [1d20=4]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
The monk unobtrusively stands near the support in the corner and waits to see what happens with the group.

Malix studies the room carefully and decides who would be a good target for some good old-fashioned pickpocketing. But refrains for the moment, partially because rich clients aren't here and partially because they don't need the attention. But he does locate someone who might know someone to get ingredients for special ink he needs to send a report.

He tries to remember what he knows of the agents lost to the Mists, if he can only remember a local agent and if that one isn't dead, he could actually be useful in this city!

OOC: Even if he cannot remember any agents, he will send the message to someone in Sharn, hoping against hope to get a word through.
The report will include the details of the farm and magic enabling communication with Cyre.

Insight or Perception +5 for reading the room
Stealth +5 for remaining unnoticed/irrelevant/unimportant
Persuasion and Intimidate -1 or Bluff +1 for getting the alchemist/underground contact to help with components (essentially negotiate the price)

Shadow Network
You have access to the Volstrucker shadow network, which allows you to communicate with other members of the order over long distances. If you write a letter in special arcane ink, address it to a member of the Volstrucker, and cast it into a fire, the letter will burn to cinders and materialize whole again on the person of the agent you addressed it to.


Possibly a Idiot.
The bartender slops bowls and mugs onto the bar.

With the unsavory memory of ragout on your tongue, the umami of a real stew warms your innards with an actual, if simple, meal. Having something solid for flavor to cling onto does wonders for the digestion. The beer is a bit watery, as expected. But contains earthy undertones, modified from a dwarven recipe no doubt, and is another welcome reprieve from the questionable water rations you have been sipping on.

“New recruits for the Dawnbringer shift?” The man asks nonchalantly.

Everyone here looks a bit ratty and worn, but so has the entire city up to this point. Even so, the three playing darts act as if they might have some capital to float.

While studying the room, you remember a name. X’ennia Lia Thuranni. A shadow network operator who was working out of Metrol before The Mourning. With any luck, she might still be around.

A local tells you that House Jorasco is monopolizing most of the alchemical trade to make medicines. But there are rumors of a “Dr. Dreamlily” who might be willing to part with some surplus, for a price.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
What do I need to find that Dreamlily person? Dice roll? Money? both?
Or maybe find X'ennia by myself? :D

My initial reaction would be to ask the bartender, but I would like to appear separate from the group, just in case - since he's opening other line of questioning :)


Possibly a Idiot.
GM: Oops, I forgot to port that over to the post! Dr Dreamlilly should be at the Arena, if you all feel like taking a trip over later.

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