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The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)

The bartender slops bowls and mugs onto the bar.

With the unsavory memory of ragout on your tongue, the umami of a real stew warms your innards with an actual, if simple, meal. Having something solid for flavor to cling onto does wonders for the digestion. The beer is a bit watery, as expected. But contains earthy undertones, modified from a dwarven recipe no doubt, and is another welcome reprieve from the questionable water rations you have been sipping on.

“New recruits for the Dawnbringer shift?” The man asks nonchalantly.
"We're actually here to speak with Callia" Ozzar tells the bartender through the stew. "You wouldn't know where to find her after we get some energy. And this is very good, excellent cook."

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Possibly a Idiot.
"Hah, had that Ragout for too long have you?" The bartender picks up a spice shaker and puts it on the bar. "Try it with some of this, it will knock your socks off!"

GM: Insight DC 10: The barkeep is testing you, you should be careful with your words and actions.
Perception DC 5: The salt shaker is made with silver, and has some kind of pungent pepper in it.
Nature DC 15: The pepper is cayenne, which is likely only still around due to it's ability to ward off rats and other vermin.
Lazharis: The guards are called "The Rats" because house experiments have turned them into Wererats, giving them all the powers, and weaknesses, that entails. While it is considered a state secret, it is not a very well guarded one, as anyone who has incurred the wrath of the guards can tell you.

OOC: Ozzar has passives to get all but Nature. Nature he fails with 8, no idea what that is.

The dwarven watchman shakes his head, this is not how you do it subtly. He knows the crooks hated names and direct speech, but it's a habit. He tries again, this time a bit quieter and subtler. At least he thinks so.
"Food is always better when you're hungry. I can try the spice. Ah, silver..." he hits himself few times on the forehead with it to shake the spice up and spread some lightly on his stew.
"Did you know that ancient word for stone, for which we dwarves are renowned, is Petru. That's where Petroglyphs come. You could say the stone itself sent us here to eat this wonderful food and talk."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix joins the trio playing darts. He tries his hand if they need a fourth or as part of the pair if they play like that.

While playing he tries to get info about this Dr. Dreamily and X’ennia Lia Thuranni while trying to pass as one new to this area, but still local to the Siege.

The story for X'ennia is they lost contact which grew sparser over several months and he's looking for her. For Dr. Dreamily, he just wants something to forget his life for few hours.

OOC: this last part assumes his dwarven disguise was successfully restored over long rest.


Possibly a Idiot.
"Learn something new every day here I tell you!" The barkeep chuckles a bit and nods to the half-orc guarding way upstairs. "After this, would you and your friends care for the regular up in room 203?"

The gnome and his companions welcome you gladly into the game, asking if you would care to make a bet.

To join in on the game, you get three darts, which you can make three attack rolls with. Each of the animal targets mimics actual animal behavior. By knowing how the animals act, you gain advantage on the attacks! You can use Animal Handling or Nature to check the DCs for the bonus:

Tribex : AC 10.
Clawfoot : AC 13
Dragonhawk : AC 15

DC 5 : Tribex move in herds, once one of them gets going, they should all run off in the same direction.
DC 10 : Clawfoots hunt in small packs. One member of the pack acts to scare their prey, making them run into an ambush set by the others.
DC 15 : The thin feather at the base of a Dragonhawk's beak is extremely sensitive to vibration. This allows the dragonhawk to detect threats quickly at a far distance, even in complete darkness. The best time to strike one is after it has dipped it's beak into the innards of it's prey.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix smiles as he recognizes the variation of the game. And even better, at Volstruck they had a game with less predictability.
"Sure, I'll put down some silvers...and if I win, I get some information. How about that?"

After receiving the confirmation, he watches the targets for a few seconds catching the rhythm and then flings all three darts into the dragonhawk at the exact moment it's head dips.

He waits for others to throw their way, fully aware they might not like the loss. On the other hand, he's not taking them money, it might get easier, especially if he loses next one.


"Learn something new every day here I tell you!" The barkeep chuckles a bit and nods to the half-orc guarding way upstairs. "After this, would you and your friends care for the regular...
Ooc: I waited for resolution of Malix, but we need to get moving in this game :)

"Why yes, regular in the room 203 sounds just perfect after today."

He gathers the group after everyone ate and explains in hushed tones where they are going.


Possibly a Idiot.
The half-orc nods back, the way upstairs is unbarred for entry, when the party is ready.

The gnome whistles after the third shot lands. "Mighty fine dart tossin'! I hear the doctor only does night shifts at the Arena. Ain't heard of any X’ennia Lia Thuranni, but there is a Singer that comes round the bar at night, maybe they know eachother? "

GM: Sorry for the delay, I got sidetracked a bit


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Thank you. We can play again tonight if you're up to it. Maybe you get that money after all. Good to know you."

Malix rejoins the group as they start up the stairs.

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