The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


Possibly a Idiot.
"House Cannith?" Eixek scratches his beard while thinking. "I suppose it's possible. Their house is currently divided into three competing factions, all trying to gain whatever edge they can. Doesn't seem very likely though, they all try to maintain good relations outside of the house."

He unbars the door and opens it. "At any rate, we should go see where it happened."

GM: Is everyone is in agreement about going to the labs?

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"Ah, well. Come on then, troup, file out." Ozzar shushes everyone out, moving aside to let their host pass and trying to catch a glimpse behind his desk

OOC: no special reason to check, just general "investigator" feel :) investigation +2 perception +3 if relevant


Possibly a Idiot.
Eixek takes you to the building with the crest over the door. His dragonmark briefly shines, and the door opens. “Down here, in the labs.” He says, pointing down the stairs.

The inside of the barn-like building is unnaturally clean and bright. The floor is a gray smooth stone. The walls and cabinets are made from gleaming whitewood and polished silver. The air is cold, and distinctly lacks the smell of animals. Instead there is the arcane odor of various herbs hanging in the air, seemingly placed to mask any other scents that might be in the area.

The older stone stairs lead down to a maze of corridors. Everbright lanterns light the walls with a faintly blue, clinical light that flickers occasionally into shadows as figures pass by them. The halls echo with unintelligibly muffled conversations coming from a distance. A sound of soft moaning comes from beyond one of the doors, although the echoes make it difficult to tell which.

Eixek leads you down a corridor that seems much longer than the building should support. As he turns a corner, you lose sight of him, though there is no nearby door he could have bolted into. Turning around, to try and find him, you instead find the halls you have walked through seem to bend in a different direction. Or are they? This place is very confusing.

There are only two things you are sure of right now, your party is alone, and there is a moaning noise coming from the other side of the door at the end of this hall.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Wait!" Maladiel calls after Eixek, at first believing the man left them behind by accident.

The longer he waits, however the more Mal realizes it was no innocent mistake.

"It's a trap," he admits his failure to see it coming. "I don't know what to expect down here, but it's probably deadly."

Remembering his own frailty when they were attacked in the tavern, Maladiel shivers, his trademark smile gone, and he holds a wand in either hand. Readying himself for anything, he makes a quick estimate.

Muttering a few arcane words, the half-elf focuses on the jade wand in his left hand, frowning as if pushing the magic out of it. A soft glow envelops three of his allies, and they feel a little stronger and sturdier.

OOC: Casting Bless on up to three targets: Xian, Ozzar, and Malix. Whenever a target makes an attack roll or a saving throw before the spell ends (concentration, up to 1 minute), the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to the attack roll or saving throw.

Spell Slots Used: Level 1: 1/2


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Save your spells - we don't know if this is some kind of test or we're just becoming new guinea pigs."
Malix looks around
"Assume they are watchin and listening...hmmm...not much places to hide. So, let's see what's behind the door number one, shall we? So your spells don't run their course."
Shrugging he goes for the door closest to them and tries to open them. If it doesn't work he goes for the next
"Watch the door so it doesn't spring open behind us."

AC: 17 HP: 10/10
Move: to the door
Action: Dodge
Free: open the door, if they are opening toward him he stands behind, if away then he pushes them in and remains on the side


Xian looks at their surroundings. All the hallways look the same.

"I don't suppose anyone is handy at locating hidden doors? This may not be a trap although we must be prepared and cautious."

Xian draws his rapier and moves to cover his companions in case anyone or anything comes from behind the group.


Ozzar dons the shield and takes out his pick.
"Figures. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. At least we have some money."
He calls after Malix
"Don't go too far, with this twisting corridors, who knows you don't get lost too!"
As Malix stands by the door, Ozzar positions himself to intercept anything rushing along the corridor toward the rest of the group.


Possibly a Idiot.
Malix opens the door.

The light in the room is soft, red, and warm. The same kind used for incubation. A cursory glance about is interrupted by a gurgling cough and moan from a large creature curled up along the far wall. It sticks out one hooved leg, another, then a third and fourth as you realize it has still more. It raises it's head to look at you: Equine in shape, but with eight eyes, burred in a wild main of hair. A bulbous pulsating abdomen secretes a thick and sticky fluid that looks like it could be silk, but has the distinct smell of iron, or blood.

The creature's hooves fail to find purchase on the smooth ground, foiled by the very liquids it is oozing. Causing the creature to fall back to the ground, emitting a clattering squeal of pain.

Spider Horse.png

Before you or the creature can try anything else, a dark mist engulfs and silences the beast, and turns it's attention to you.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"What was that thing?" Maladiel calls out in shock as the creature is obscured by the dark mist.

Followed quickly by "Close the door!"

OOC: Is this a "roll initiative" moment?


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix closes the door and steps away, hoping that, whatever the mist was, it was limited to the room.
"I felt the attention of that mist, it may be a monster all by itself. Ware!"

Malix retreats to the rest of the group and assumes low stance coiled to spring forward and strike at whatever comes within striking distance.
Free object interact: close the door
Move: go back to the group
Action: Ready the attack whatever comes within reach

Just in case:
Init: 1D20+3 = [13]+3 = 16


Xian stands ready, eyes and ears alert for trouble.

"What monstrosity was behind that door? Was it a Vadalis experiment or something else? I don't like this. We were set up. If we live long enough I intend to find out who was responsible and why. Then they shall dealt with"

1d20+3: 22 [1d20=19[/TD]
1d20+2: 11 [1d20=9[/TD]


Possibly a Idiot.
The door is closed, the area goes quiet.

You hear the breathing of your companions. Their defensive posturing as they guard themselves from any threat that could be out there. But nothing else.

A trickle of mist leaks out from below the door. Then every door in the hall. The mist covers the floor, and forms a pillar in front of you. The pillar takes a strange shape, is that a face? It reminds you of sadness, and hangs in the air for a moment as if in contemplation.

Then the doors burst. You scramble to defend yourselves as more mist, with more faces contorted in misery, lunges at you. Weapon and spell alike cut through with no effect. The mist engulfs your body, a wrapping coldness that crawls up and around until one of its faces comes within inches of yours. It pauses just long enough to stare you in the eye and mouth the words “I’m sorry” before it finishes covering you and the world goes dark.

Unknown location.

Unknown day. Unknown time.

You regain consciousness in near darkness, the strong smell of sweat and rot permeating the air. The wooden floor you’re lying upon vibrates with the shuffling and movement of several dozen people, some in heavy boots that pound like hammers on the worn planks.

You find yourself in a large open room divided only by rough stalls with low walls. A muted gray light shines through small cracks in the outer walls, as if on a dark stormy day. “Hey, you, get up or they’ll beat you!” comes a hushed voice, its source quickly moving on to shake someone else awake.

GM: Welcome to the module proper everyone!

DC 10 Perception: This building looks like one of the Whitewood Barns, but the once-gleaming whitewood is covered in grime and dirt, coloring the walls a dingy yellow brown. Amongst the people in this barn, you notice a familiar Hobgoblin woman, is that Nisa?

DC 10 Investigation: The stalls contain a bedroll, straw bedding, or benches. You notice your weapons, shields, spell foci, tools, and packs are missing. But oddly, your purses remain intact.

DC 10 Insight: the other people in this stall seem to have some idea of what is going on. They huddle around with defeated looks upon their faces. A few of them have personal effects, but only trinkets, like jewelry or pictures, and nothing useful as a tool or a weapon. Their clothing is fancy, but warn down, and everyone is wearing gloves. The style is reminiscent of the one from Cyre.


Ozzar comes to and quickly scans the surroundings. Looking at the people huddling in small groups he sighs and heaves himself up.
"Hmmm..." he thinks "...purse is still here, someone doesn't care for the money, but they divested us of the dangerous stuff. Well, they are about to find out what can be done with leather and gold alone."
Aloud (but actually just loud enough to be heard) he says approaching one of the groups
"Sharn watch. Ozzar Nabadar of House Kundarak. What is going on here!?"
Not friendly by any means, but calm and not-yelling. As approachable and friendly as any...wall in Sharn.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Disoriented and still adjusting to waking up from a dream -- it was a dream, must've been... right? -- Maladiel rubs his eyes. As he is warned about beatings, the half-elf quickly stands up and adjusts his fine clothes before looking around.

He doesn't recognize the place. Or the people.

Quickly Mal realizes these people look defeated, and whatever is coming is the reason. Are we enslaved, he wonders, but just as soon he decides not to worry about labels before finding out more.

Instinctively he reaches for his wands, only to realize they are not there. By the Host! What's a sorcerer to do without his magic? Sure, there are other ways of casting spells, but they lack elegance and to Maladiel, style is everything.

He is about to talk to one of the people around him when he hears a familiar voice.

"Ozzar! Where are you?" He starts moving towards the dwarf, looking around as he goes.



Xian slowly opens his eyes and sits up. His head aches but different than when he consumed too much beer or ale. He does not recognize his surroundings. Someone or something rendered them unconscious and brought them here, wherever that is. He hears two of his travel mates voices. Xian scans the room and sees others with them. All of them look depressed. No, not depressed, worse, defeated and rejected. What is house Vadalis up to? Clearly nothing good.

"Gentlemen!" Xian calls out to his mates.
"I don't suppose either of you know what's going on? I seem to have misplaced my things."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix reactivates suddenly, his non-biological form coming from zero to full in a moment. Instinctively and instantly, he checks his surroundings for exits, immediate threats and general feel of the room. He flashes on his feet checking the dwarven mask as he goes. If this situation continues, his healer disguise will fall apart.

Luckily, he doesn't need much to be lethal, the staff he carried was more for show anyhow.

Hearing other of his companions getting up he stalks toward the voices, blending into other groups, naturally changing huddles as they mill about and brush on each other. No sense in being obvious if not necessary.

He approaches Nisa from behind, making sure it is she. He also looks at the state of the barn - has more time than is apparent pass? How would he know? But no, the rest of the group looks unchanged. And while elves and gnomes live longer than humans, hobgoblins do not. And Nisa is generally unchanged.

He comes from behind and takes her hand
"Come with me, girl. Maladiel needs to talk to you."

Insight; Perception; Investigation: 1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25
1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
1D20 = [12] = 12
- CRIT insight and almost crit perception :)

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