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The music of the game (of the other games)


When I'm a DM playing tabletop, face-to-face with my group (which is rare, I usually play online) I like to use music in the background. Generally I use video game background music, since that's similar to its intended purpose anyways. Two of the three DMs I've had in the past have done this as well, so perhaps it's a common thing. I don't really know.

Well, putting aside the rambling, is there any particular video game music, or just games in general that you like to use for this purpose? Lately I've been using a lot of music from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles myself. It was the music of Leuda, called "Leaving the Body Freely" that made me begin looking at that game's soundtrack, but I've since found that a lot of the music is really good.


I used to swipe the mechwarrior music, and I've started a pandora channel around the same. I would bet a YouTube list could do the same easily, even with some great covers too.


I've never seriously DM'ed before, but I'd think that the Hans Zimmer soundtrack from The Last Samurai would be extremely awesome to have in the background. It'd totally set the mood for an adventure!
My current campaign is using the soundtrack for "The Da Vinci Code". However, that may be a special case, since I've basically ripped off the concept for "The Eberron Code". Anyway, it's working well, both for being decent music and being different enough from "generic fantasy soundtrack" to provide a slightly different feel.

The only other (slightly unusual) recommendation I'd make is specific to a Star Wars game. There was a soundtrack produced for the Clone Wars 'movie'. I would strongly recommend that any GM running a Star Wars game pick that up - I feel it's different enough from the movie soundtracks to help a GM build his own stories, while still being familiar enough to be distinctly Star Wars.


The Homeworld soundtrack is excellent for space combat; we looped it for about six hours yesterday during our Starmada games. We've also taken to the Castle Crashers soundtrack and Battle Without Honor and Humanity for D&D combat, as well as Final Fantasy remixes from ocremix.org . I'm also a fan of the Dawn of War II soundtrack for dark atmospherics (it's available for free through Steam, I believe).

On a slightly less serious note, we fought ghosts two sessions ago... to the Scooby Doo theme song. We needed a laugh, with all the ability score damage we were taking...