The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

Desdemona. The one on the right. (Obviously.)

Photo 2019-05-12, 10 59 10 PM.jpg

My first "puppy".
I'd puppy-sat one before for a month by Dessie was my first real dog, that I had from puppy to old lady. (And only. Not likely to ever have another.)

Taken a year ago. I haven't seen her in four months, but I'm assuming little had changed.
She's been blind since early May 2019, after glaucoma claimed her other eye. We were worried she would adapt and would be sad and lost in the dark, but she adapted well enough and has been a relatively happy doggo since. Lots of love and always happy to lick her people.

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My folks just got a Mazda CX-9, and it’s simply too tall for our grrrrls to jump in and out of. So we bought a ramp. Last night, I started the process of ramp training our Border Collies. We’re starting off with the ramp fully extended, but lying flat on the den carpet.

It’s going to take some time, especially since the older one wanted pretty much none of it and quickly wandered off. But after a half hour or so, the younger one was chasing her wiggle giggle ball on it...and bringing the toy to me.

We did night #2 of ramp training. Little dog is getting it- we took her from level ground to using it to get on and off the den sofa.

Big progressing slowly. We got her to go 4-5 times down the length of the ramp, but only one way. And after the last trip, she snuck off to hang out with Dad, never to return.

Perhaps seeing her younger compadre conquering the ramp will prompt her to ”dog up” and work with the ramp a bit more. That is, after all, how we got our second Border Collie to take the lead over our third on bath night.


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Ramp training day #3:

Little dog is having fun going up and down the ramp after one of her stuffed squeakies, but she’s clearly not quite ready. She jumped off the other end of the couch a couple times- working smarter, not harder, from her perspective- and did crowd the big dog off the ramp once in her enthusiasm.

To her credit, big dog did stick around for a while. After some initial reluctance, we did get her to go up and down the ramp on a level surface several times. But she balked at it when I elevated it to the sofa. She’d only put 1-2 paws on it while reaching for her toy. Then Dad left the room and she gave us the big adios.

Thankfully, we’re not in any real hurry. I haven’t gotten the weather tech liners for the Mazda yet, and we still have a small sedan we can use if we need to get either of them to the vet in the near future.

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