The One Ring’s Tales from the Lone-lands Release Date Announced

Free League announced a release date for the adventure book and its 5e counterpart

Free League announced a November 14 release date for Tales from the Lone-lands for The One Ring RPG along with the 5e versions Tales of Eriador and Ruins of Eriador for The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying.


"Now they had gone on far into the Lone-lands, where there were no people left, no inns, and the roads grew steadily worse. Not far ahead were dreary hills, rising higher and higher, dark with trees. On some of them were old castles with an evil look, as if they had been built by wicked people."

The adventure book Tales from the Lone-lands and the 5e version Tales from Eriador include seven adventures. From the product description:

  • A Troll-Hole, If Ever There Was One, and Kings of Little Kingdoms are relatively self-contained adventures, but still hint at a growing danger.
  • Messing About In Boats involves directly one member of the Company, in an unexpected way!
  • Not To Strike Without Need and Wonder of the Northern World follow the slow infiltration of spies of the Enemy.
  • The Quest of Amon Guruthos challenges the heroes to battle an ancient evil.


The hardcover for The One Ring: Tales from the Lone-lands and Lord of the Rings 5e: Tales from Eriador are available for pre-order for 398.00 kr (US$36.32, £29.92) with the PDF available immediately.


Also coming on November 14 is Ruins of Eriador, the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying 5e setting book covering the westlands of Eriador between the Misty Mountains and the Mountains of Lune. Previously published for The One Ring as Ruins of the Lost Realm, this book describes the regions that were once part of the Kingdom of Arnor along with the city of Tharbad, a guide for Loremasters with narrative elements for building a future for the land of Eriador, and descriptions of twelve sites of interest including ones from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings along with brand new landmarks created for the game.


The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying: Ruins of Eriador is available for pre-order for 398.00 kr (US$36.32, £29.92) with the PDF available immediately. A bundle of both Tales from Eriador and Ruins of Eriador is also available for pre-order for 598.00 kr (US$54.57, £44.96).

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


I don’t believe they ever released a sourcebook for Eriador for first edition. As far as I am aware, it is all new content.

Both TOR 1e and AiMe 1e had the Rivendell and Bree books, which covered Bree and the Old Forest east to the Misty Mountains, and from Angmar south to Tharbad.


Tales of the Lost Lands is a book with six adventures set in Eriador in it. As far as I can tell they are all new and there is no old content in that book.

I think where the confusion comes in is that the latter part of this announcement mentions a second sourcebook for 5e that is an update of an older TOR sourcebook.


Aspiring Trickster Mentor
It's an Adventure for TOR 2e, and it wasn't part of their last kickstarter? I got this right?
Remarkably, this one simply went up for sale, no Kickstarter. I preordered in June, I think.

I've flipped through mine a little, and completely agree with @Mikeythorn : completely beautiful (like all Free League's One Ring stuff).

So, I've only read half the first Adventure and the last Adventure, but my initial impression is it is a little railroady. Nothing that can't be remedied, but a a few things stuck out as "This happens, and the PCs are fated to it." Also, PCs are going to be chalking up Shadow fast if I'm reading right.

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