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The "Open Gaming / OGCSRD.com" link at the bottom of every page goes to a dead site


The EN World kitten
At the bottom of every page on EN World is a banner with a series of links. One of those is for "Open Gaming / OGCSRD.com" and links to http://opengamingcontent.com. The only problem is that the page in question now has a notice that simply declares that it's for sale and who should be contacted.

I humbly suggest that this link be removed, possibly to be replaced with something else.


Extradimensional Explorer
It's in the bar with the quick style chooser, next to the "Contact Morrus" link.

FWIW, when I click the open gaming link, I don't get the same page as Alzrius, just one saying "An error occurred."


The EN World kitten
I'm using the classic skin, the one that makes the site background colors dark by default.