The Order of the Scorpion


First Post
The purpose of the Order has changed, as of now. To those who might still see themselves as members, find me. To any who wish to join, a note can be left here, or directed to my home, for information.

~Jeajea Veanson

(( email me at ))

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A rare Grinning Demon comes upon the information left by JeaJea. It is the Grinning Demon Damascus08, Lord of the Grinning Demons, Lord of all Dauthi Demons, Member and Apprentice of the Terisian Cabal, Follower of Tourach and Acolyte of the Temple of the Ebon Hand. "I heard you were looking for new members. Count me in. I'm a busy Grinning Demon, but I can help advance your cause by being allies and comrades. If you see me, don't be afraid to call out. Just don't scream....."With that, the Grinning Demon left.

Epic Threats

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