The Rape of Morne [Final Update]


Agreed, also, Rackhir, there may be a few people who are reading or who are going to read Winter's Heart reading this thread. Please edit out the spoilers or provide a warning. ;)

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Hey SEP, what's the ETA for the next post?

In the meantime, lets play a game.

The game is called "my favorite part of Sep's story hour".

I'll start...

My favorite part is a tie between 1. when Ortwin went to Troap's tower, fought some Ogre Magi and got charmed. (good old school rob the wizards tower stuff like Howard's Tower of the Elephant).

and 2. thw wizard's party! :)


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tleilaxu said:
The game is called "my favorite part of Sep's story hour".

OK, let's do this by character...

- Nwm's attack on the Templars' encampment... or maybe Nwm's timely conversion of Nehael to Uedii...

- Mostin's arguments to Eadric for summoning Rurunoth. The whole thing on Goetia was way cool.

- Ortwin's attack of Troap's tower is also pretty high on my book...

- Eadric... I guess the discussion with Tityvalus (sp ?) is my favourite.

As evident from the spelling of the names, I haven't re-read the SH, I just read it once...

My favorite part.

Hmm. My favorite part? Well, call me bloodthirsty, but here it is:

Feezuu had not gone far - into a chamber only a hundred yards or so away. When Mostin appeared nearby, she was already mounting her Nightmare.

"I don’t think so," the Alienist said, and launched two doubly empowered sonically substituted lightning bolts and another quickened sonic at her.

"Almost," she said. And died.

two doubly empowered sonically substituted lightning bolts

Savor those words as they roll off your tongue, my friends.


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My favorites are:

1) The temptation of Eadric by Titivilius.

2) Nwm's absolute massacre of over 1,000 troops.

3) The taunting conversation between Rurunoth and Ortwin.

4) The description of Mostin levelling up.


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Need .doc format for posterity

Can someone send me this story in its entirety? My eyes are killing me from reading it on the board!!! Great story!!! I wish that I could find a group like this!! I have tried story lines as involved but they always collapse into wenching and bar brawls. I hope that I might get a good group together some time in the future.

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