The Rape of Morne - Part 2 (Updated 2/26)

Thomas Hobbes

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Re: Question for Sep...

Fimmtiu said:
So what was the personal sacrifice that Mostin and the other mages had to make when they bound the Infernal, anyhow? In game terms, that is.

Judging from the terminology used, I'd say this was an epic spell with both backlash (i.e, damage) and expierience point cost. Like how one of the mages wasn't sure if he "had enough" personal power- you can't pay an XP cost if it'd knock you down a level.

Edit: Beat me to it. You'll pay for this insult, Minion. :D
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OK, the following folks' mailboxes have been bombarded:


I hope you each have large volume accounts ;)

EDIT: You should receive 6 email messages with a total of 8 different files (5 .doc versions of the stories, 3 other files for the Mostin picture, Wyre map, and Infernal Hierarchy file).

If something didn't come through, let me (or someone else) know.
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Zelda Themelin

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This story is really great. I like your plots and I like your writing style.

And in D&D sense, it's really something rare to read about high level games, that are still working.

Sepulchrave, if you are going to publish this or something else in the future, I am surely going to get buy those books as long as I can find them.

grodog, would you send me those files as well, please?
e-mail is:


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Logged on to Yahoo today...

"You are using 98% of your inbox space! Click here to buy more inbox space!"

I was confused for a moment, until I saw these files nestling in my THANKS!

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