The realism of fighting in ISRP

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Ok, heres my points. Yeah ok a bar brawl is nice and all but why draw weapons? If you wanna go to the times, most places inforced 'peace tieing' your blades and weapons before even getting through the city gates. Right there will kill any opertunity to draw steel before town guards are on you and imprisioning you for disrupting the peace. Even if you didnt want to take that into accout becuase you teleported in or advoided the gates you still have to deal with the simple fact that the Magi have set the rules as thus and you can deal with it.

A few punches thrown are fine but take it outside; most barbarians and fighters come to a tavern becuase they want to relax after a campagin of fighting agaisnt evil minions instead of worrying about someone hitting them or getting drug into a fight inside that could spill there drink.

If you dont like a rule, then talk it out with a Magi in person, preferably one that has moderation rights over the room in question and talk it out with them. Perhaps that could clear things up a bit or at very least give you a better understanding of what your confused on.

Last of all; i know the chat has changed since it was on Wizards but thats how things are and we have to deal with it. Even i will agree or be known to vent a bit at some of the changes that we dont like but i let it go and move on, enjoying what i can. id rather have the place then not have it at all. The Magi do work fairly hard and get stressed over trying to keep everyone happy and then keep the owners of appeased, then try and enjoy there hard work themselves when they can find time.

So i ask you all atleast give them a break, its not hard running a thing like this and keep everyone happy all of the time, they must take what the majority want as a whole and work around that most of the time so i guess everyone else needs to try and atleast play nice.


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Alright I guess first things, this Blade tieing. You do understand that this area of Greyhawk and the realm has just not to long ago gone through a large war, I believe you are barking up the wrong tree there an entire city would not be disarmed so long as there are hords of Orc mulling about as well as other monsterous creatures 'REALISTICLY'. Duely anyone with an ability to kill, or go on adventures to wipe out the evil of the realm might see this tavern as a place to 'clean up' realisticly.

REALISTICLY about adventurers going to a tavern to relax, might also imbibe to much liquor, this esly making a weary nerver racked warrior less patience for the towns goers of the tavern, and thrash them so he can continue his fun in peace as to where others might find fighting fun when they are drunk. IT IS UNREALISTIC to think that all these types of characters converging on one area will not come out with heavy hitting misunderstandings. You mix human with drow or someone with cats eyes, or a orc with a face on its shoulder, your going to have problems, NOT EVERYONE IS LAWFUL GOOD. or so compassionate.

You should brush up on the history and area of the game you play, this is not a world of humans vs humans. Not so cut and dry. Lets all try to play HOW WE WANT, IT IS FoD isnt that what most say? and it works for them so get over it, you all play Free Forum and Freedom of Destiny do not sound hypocritical in the way others play. Well you know.


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Once again.

Weapons don't need to be tied. They may even be unsheathed. Just not used to fight in the Tavern.

There will be no brawls in the Crossroads Tavern. Freedom of Destiny doesn't override the CoC and Setting Rules. Nor does character alignment, concept, development, race, history or anything else. Its clearly written in the CoC itself. Note guys, this means CE characters, including Drow, don't get away with it either.

If I have to start cruising the logs each day to ensure things are going as they should, then I shall. Its up to you all how that goes. I don't like the idea much, but if necessary, it is an option I will use. Please don't make me go there, it wouldn't be fun for myself or any of you.

If you need an IC reason the peace is kept, the Lord's keep is just across the road, the Watch hangs out in the Tavern, etc.

Play and have fun by all means. But should I catch people brawling in the tavern I won't be inclined to mercy, especially for anyone who's been talking on this thread.



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Do not take this the wrong way, that post was about REALISM of a tavern of that style, not saying it happnes, just the make up of the place and the situations or events that can take place, I DID NOT SAY that happens in the tavern, it was solely to respond to the psts above.


Also if the watch hangs out in the tavern, then how is it all of this stuff is able to take place, or even to allow drow within the tavern at all? Would this not, as said in other threads spread panic and then from that having a nice linching?

Quote Siani: "If I have to start cruising the logs each day to ensure things are going as they should, then I shall. Its up to you all how that goes. I don't like the idea much, but if necessary, it is an option I will use. Please don't make me go there, it wouldn't be fun for myself or any of you."

I believe it would only be disfavorable to you, and to those that well are breaking the rules, I honestly would love for you to get rid of the wookie that runs around, or the little wolf pup etc. So for those that like the rules I am sure would have no problems. And I wish you would go there.
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You said it was unrealistic that they don't brush heads and wanted to bring in Freedom of Destiny, so you got the run down on CoC, FoD and the IC reasons to realisticize them.

As has been covered many times before, the tavern enjoys a special status of neutral ground. Partially because of it's owner and it's history, partially because it is right across the road, partially because it means it can take a lot of money from people it wouldn't be able to otherwise (without fighting a war with them anyway) and distribute it amongst the community from the watch and OOC because people like to have a variety of characters.

Thus it enjoys the status where what goes on in there is the tavern's business and so long as it doesn't threaten to spill onto the streets the locals are fine with ignoring it an allowing the extra wealth to benefit their area. Pretty much how most unusual institutions in reality get along.


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Just on the first part, I dont even like it, but I was not going to tell them not to use it, I think FoD is stupid, but you know what, thats exactly what it is, they do what they want and claim it.
Otherwise I can agree with everything else, BUT I was not going to get in trouble again speaking against how others like to play. Ehh go figure.

Gabe I said nothing though of "unrealistic that they don't brush heads and wanted to bring in Freedom of Destiny"

I said that it would be unrealistic to assume that everyone is going to get along, and not swing at each other especially with all the variety of creature and patron, and yes alignment. And throw drinking into the mix, inhabitions lowered scrap happens. But again I did not say a word about people needing to bring FoD into it, actually that is the stupidest thing that has ever been offered to IsRP. To me, and thats also not downing anyones playing style, that is putting down the ideal of it, and what it stands for and represents.


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There is nothing particularly unrealistic about the requirement to show some self control regardless of alignment.

Even drow and demons, the posterchild Chaotic Evil characters have to practice self control and restraint if they want to survive long enough to get to see their enemies. Even goblins follow their chief's rules when they're in plain sight of him or one of his enforcers who will do horrible things to them if they don't.

If two factions meet in the tavern and find each other completely unbearable then they can take it outside to the clearing where they can kill each other without being killed by their other dozen or so enemies, who will soon include the tavern owner.


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I never said I disagreeded because I do not disagree, just correcting on what you thought I said and what I mean, and yes, I have been chiming Restraint of characters in level playing style control etc.

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