The realism of fighting in ISRP


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Okay, this may be a bit premature but since people are still heated enough to keep resurrecting this thread (hey, Gabe, can we get them to give us large diamonds before we let them resurrect threads? no? oh well :p)...

People want another tavern setting.
People want a tavern setting where there's no restriction on character types.
People seem to want a tavern setting where the owner doesn't care about major brawls.

And I want to revamp Sigil.

So what if the Hive becomes a tavern? The Great Bazaar stays a marketplace area where you can buy anything the planes have available, but the Hive becomes a tavern in a den of such scum and villainry that no one cares if you kill off the guy sitting across the table from you as long as he's paid his bar tab.

In Code of Conduct terms, the Great Bazaar stays a non-combat room. The Hive stays a combat room, but becomes the only combat room where regular RPing is allowed too. We move CageGolem to the Hive, or give the Hive a new golem of its own, either is possible.

Now to be clear, this is still under discussion! Not a given! But comments are welcome. I'm copying this post in a new thread specifically for comments, so please don't comment on the proposal here. Got that? Continue with the rest of the discussion.

Edit: New thread is now here:
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Sir Dieterich said:
Hmm, what's wrong with Chewbacca? I play him and would like to know why you want him gone.
Discussion of whether a particular character is, or isn't, breaking the rules, or is inappropriate to a setting, is best done privately or referred to the Magi. Not here.

Anyone who has questions about their own character may post the question in the ISRP Rules and Reference forum.


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So the FoD rule is stupid? Right so something like this is better, and yes I have played on sites where the following example happens quite a bit
P1: Jumps at P2 swinging for the throat
P1: Slits P2's throat then starts to laugh in the blood shower
Perfectly legal kill and nothing that can be done otherwise and if you dont go along with it you get called a noob and all semblance of rp dies for a good 3 hours as the room fights over if it was fair. Now if people here favor that, then yahoo has some wonderful rooms to play in.I for one prefer to be able to ignore, and probably taunt the maniac that thinks they can kill everyone just because their player can type fast. Acctually that is the main reason I play here, if something happens I dont like for no reason,I can say it doesnt happen.Now if I start a fight and lose Im not going to say it didnt happen, but I am not going to let some one ruin my fun and my Character because they feel like it.


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FoD works for you, you can not use FoD in controling other characters, thats a fact, when they gets his throat slit, or someone comes into the tavern wounded in his self-proclaiming death throws but when he does not get enough attention, stands up and curses the tavern patrons all hurt and leaves.

I play here because people have and show restraint and control mostly, sure there are people that play more DBZ anime style but in the tavern its not that bothersome with all the new rules, rules I do not care for, but agree with them. Freedom of Destiny should not be needed at all if eveyone plays well fairly. I have had a character that has removed anothers head only leaving strands in sinewy muscle, the proclaimed human head begain to laugh (the agreement was that they would die this fight, or atleast that is what I was told, I don't plan ahead.) but the head begain to laugh as her body grabbed it, set it back on and healed instantly, all the wounds and the incapacitation of her body just moved right out and stood there continuing to laugh. (I was then told, the person dicided this was not character that she wanted to have kill her character.) This is FoD, honestly I could careless, the character had lost alot of respect, but thats how they want to play it.

Some players learn restraint and later begin to play with less and less FoD and use it only when very unrealistic situations happen, like when someone summons one million duplicates of themselves like Naruto into the clearing, they took the beating from this million duplicates but did not die, they really had no choice but to use the rule. I would play it as if they were all illusions ^_^ anyhow i lost my place so Ill stop now.


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I think somewhere along the line FoD got confused with god-moding.The way I understood the rule was FoD means the no one can tell me what has to happen to my character, not that my character can take 72 stab wounds and some how just ignore them.Anyway im my opinion if people dont use FoD they are playing npcs, or are playing from a book or following a set script.You cant just use less of it, it is either your character uner your control or not.Sorry if I sound condecending.

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