The Realms of Enlightenment: The Grey Companions


Well you made it Jon, 1000 posts and over 42,375 views. Even through the slow times when it seemed like you were writting for yourself, you kept on and look where you are today. :devil:

Here's to 1000 more!

Jon Potter

New thread

Thanks for the kind words, HM. It feels good to have reached this milestone that seemed so far away not that long ago. It's strange to look back on the early posts and where the game was at that point compared to where it is now.

And Neurotic, it's nice to know that I've got some faithful lurkers out there. :cool:

But we've reached 1KP (that's 1,000 Posts for those who do not share my perverse love for acronyms) and I think it's time to retire this thread. So I've started a new one over here entitled: "Realms of Enlightenment: The Grey Companions (reborn)". I'll be posting the story there from now on. I've also posted the details of the 1KP celebration in the first post there.

And to get you hooked right away, I'll be posting an update there each day this week. So hit the subscribe link and adjust your bookmarks, thread two is on the move!