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D&D 5E The Rhyot Break - Chapter One: Endless White


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Zemryn finished off the Korrud without hesitation or emotion. It disgusted her, how his life had ended.

She nodded at the thief, her eyes narrowing as the biting cold swirled around her. They were free of the Korrud for the moment, but they might be dead from the elements before long.

Nodding at the man who volunteered to walk, she found a place on a sled.

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Steve Gorak

Gimlak, his heart still pounding, rejoiced in the death of the third Korrund. "We may yet have a chance to spill more Korrund blood" he says to the others, as he looks about the gear of the large dwarf. He also looks at the six wolf sled, to see if it was carrying anyting useful.

Once done, he proceeds to dismember the newly arrived corpse, and feeds the limbs to the six wolves. He then chops off all three heads of the dwarves, and places-them in a makeshift bag made of tarps or whatever he can find. "We don't know who we will meet. If they are Korrund, we will fight, and if they are not, we can show them this, so they know that we too hate the Korrund". Gimlak does not wait for approval or coments, and proceesd to push the six wolved sled back into a useful position. He nods at Rolin's offer to walk. "Let us know when you need to rest. " He laconically says, as he takes position to guide the vehicle.

OOC: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a heavy weapon or a shield ;-)


Faenala wasn't interested in anything the sled could carry anyway since it was unlikely to have any kind of clothes that would fit her, even remotely. And since she could use her prestidigitation spell to keep her clothes... her rags... dry and warm, mostly anyway, it didn't matter all that much. So while the others looked at what they could find in there, she approached the wolves.

She wasn't particularly confident of course. While she had never had a bad relationship with animals, she didn't really have an idea on how to get them to at least accept her. Not in many details anyway. She thought however that she had to try. Though maybe... They were wolves, and likely used to the cold conditions. But even them... maybe especially them would pay attention to some heat. And she had a way to produce that heat.

As soon as she thought about that, she put her idea in effect. It was pretty simple: use her Prestidigitation to increase the temperature of her clothes and approached the animals, hoping that sensing the heat they would allow her to get close...without chewing her.



Bria looked to the ground and exhaled deeply as Gimlak went about his carving of dwarven flesh. It was ugly, horrible and confronting, but she did not speak a word against it. The invaders deserved it. Every cut, slice, and splatter of red against the snow.

With Bria and Rollin walking ahead, the group then headed off, leaving the gruesome scene's future in the hands of snow, wind and rain. Nature had a way of cleaning up man's messes, eventually.

A sled was shared between Gimlak and Faenala. The wolves clearly distrusted the elven woman... but as a passenger she at least was welcome. Thorin and Zemryn would share the other, doing their best to steer the lurching and unpredictable motions of four-legged, drooling-mouthed power.

Through blinding cold sheets of rain, whirling wisps of white, and spine-trembling gusts of tree-bending wind, the group pushed on. This was the wilds now...

Hours passed uncounted, out there in the darkness, every step the mark of a pathway to freedom. They were free of the Korrud, for now, but risk and danger was still very much lurking in their shadows.

Just before dawn, the storm passed, and slowly light began to form behind a grey layer of cloud above. The group watched as a wall of black loomed closer. Ahead, the flat expanse of snow-covered fields ends, replaced by dark rocks and scree poking out like a drunkard's rotting teeth.

"We are nearing the caves," Bria mentions to her raggard companions. "We need to clamber up a way and find some shelter. It will be good to rest a while before pushing on. The wolves now, are useless to us. Perhaps for them too, it is time to be free."

[sblock=Loot]Items on final Korrud:
1x pair boots
1x S sized leather armor
2x longsword
1x light crossbow
1x whip
10gp in pouch
1x silver ring with an amber stone set within[/sblock]

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Steve Gorak

Gimlak looks at the wolves, and then his companions. "It is too risky to leave a pack of wolves bred by the Korrund roaming behind us. The best case is that they return to the Korrund, and the worst, is that they harass and attack us for the remainder of our trek. Know that that what I do now, I do with no pleasure, but out of necessity." Gimlak proceeds to load the light crossbow, and shoots the wolves one by one.


First Post
Zemryn had no liking for Gimlak's actions. Necessary or no, it made her wonder that even if they did somehow manage to gain lasting freedom, were they already so twisted by their experiences as to be unrecognizable to their former selves? It was self-evident, really, that they would never truly be free of the Korrud, even if they killed every last one of them.

"Necessity can be a convenient excuse for many things, Gimlak. I pray a similar demise for me shall not become necessary someday." Turning from the man and his grim task, she turned to scan the rocky terrain, eyes narrowed against the wind and snow.

Seeing Bria, she headed over to the woman. Showing her hands first, in a gesture of non-aggression, she then placed then gently on the back of the woman's neck. "Atemi has gifted me with the ability to bring relief to suffering. If I could do more, I would, as you have gifted me much beyond than what I now give to you in her name. Atemi Smiles on your Soul."

<Lay on Hands: Heal 5hp>


Faenala was disappointed that she didn't manage to do anything with the wolves, but at least they didn't try to bite her. That was still something… While they travelled, she took cover as best she could to avoid the falling snow, casting at regular intervals a Prestidigitation to keep her rags as warm as possible. That, plus the exhaustion of the day made her quite sleepy, but she managed to stay awake, if for no other reason that she had to cast her spell regularly.

She disembarked like everyone else when they reached the end of the snow covered land, looking around for a moment. As soon as Gimlak started shooting the wolves though, she stood resolutely in front of him, the wolves behind her apparently unafraid of his crossbow. She didn't say a word, but she looked really angry.

Steve Gorak

Gimlak nods at Faenala. “I respect and understand your anger, now please move aside”.

Gimlak proceeds to shoot the wolves. If the woman doesn’t cooperate, he will move aside and shoot. If she persists, he will gently grapple her, and continue shooting. Since both hands are required to reload, he will release her between reloads, and proceed. It is obvious that he is absolutely avoiding harming her in the process.

OOC: I don’t want to create a player against player issue here, but Gimlak is tough as nails, and will do what is necessary to ensure the group’s safety


Faenala refuses to give up. When Gimlak moves, she moves to, accompanying him to always be between him and his target. In fact, she casts Mage's Hand and uses that to mess with his aim. When he tries to grapple her however, she becomes really violent, enraged in fact, and does anything necessary to make it stop. But still, as soon as she can, she will stand in front of the wolves.

Steve Gorak

Grim, with respectful resolve, Gimlak says: “your heart will lead you to great things! Forgive me for what I must do”.
He presses on with the wolf extermination.

OOC: I am hoping other characters will see the necessity of Gimlak’s actions, and come in and help

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