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D&D 5E The Rhyot Break - Chapter One: Endless White

Steve Gorak

Relieved that the plan seems to have worked, at least up to now, Gimlak turns the sled around, and jumps off. As he sees the Korrund, his blood boils with eagerness. He swiftly moves, maintaining a healthy distance from the six wolves pulling the Korrund-dog - gods willing, they will soon enough be eating Korrud flesh.

As he moves, he draws his sword, his focus completely undeterred. He moves closer, but does not swing his weapon. Instead, he jumps the dwarf, and attemps to grapple it!

OOC: Surprise round: move as described, item interaction draw sword, bonus action: Rage! (now gimlak has advantage to athletics checks - important for grapple)

Round 1: Grapple, athletics check 17, if successful (target must make acrobatics or athletics check), target is grappled (speed becoes 0 - so no untying of wolves ;-))

Note, I found this useful to better undertand grappeling in 5e

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OOC: Not sure the initiative order, but Zemryn's 17 will probably be somewhere near the top. I'll post my attack now, as I'm not a very good weekend poster. Go ahead and write her around if you need to.

Zemryn launched herself at the Korrud with a vengeful cry, her twin shortswords poised like two fangs of a serpent.

She struck, but not with the strength she would have preferred. The Korrud's elevation in the sled saved him from worse harm.

<To hit: 20>
<Second weapon to hit (no bonus): 17>
<Damage 5 and 4>


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Seeing the Korrud move blindly into the trap was heartening for Rolin as was the fact that there appeared to be only one of them, perhaps they would get out of this intact after all. At the signal to attack Rolin raised the crossbow and taking aim he gently squeezed the trigger letting the bolt fly towards the Korrud scum.

Alas the bolt flew wide of the target impacting the snow nearby with a small white puff. He pushed his frustration aside for the moment and hurried to reload the bow ready for another shot.



For a time, Faenala was at a loss at what she could do. It had been proved that she was in no shape to really fight, all her attacks having flown far and wide. In fact, she might even be more dangerous to the other escapees than the slaver. She squinted, looking at the speeding sled, wondering if she could maybe pull a strap somewhere to make it come apart, but she quickly gave that idea up.

On the other hand... There was another way she could do something quite efficient. With a vicious smile, she took a bit of fleece she had acquired a bit earlier, and with a few quick movements, cast an illusion. It wasn't much, it wasn't really complex. No, it was just a rock. It was however a rock in the path of the wolves. Far enough from them that they wouldn't just ram it...and harmlessly go through it, but close enough that they would have no other possibilities than scrambling away. Pulling a sled at that speed like they were, she hoped the result would be...messy.



The site of the trap escalates into a blur of chaos as events unfold! Before the Korrud can piece together the plot that surrounds him, hell has already broken loose.

The sled he follows begins to turn, and a tall brutish looking human leaps off into the snow and begins to charge. A bolt zips past overhead, close enough to draw another expletive from the lured dwarf's lips.

And then, for reasons unknown to the Korrud, his wolves pull tight to the left. Very tight.

"Straighten up ya yelpin' sods!" He yells, but they do not listen. Something else seems to be redirecting them? Caught off guard, the rider topples off his sled and lands shoulder-first into the snow, managing to stand just as Gimlak and Zemryn arrive in melee. The steel slashes from the elven woman slice deeply into his side. Then the weight of a large man pushes him down, down into a cold layer of snow...

[sblock=Local Map]
[sblock=Notes]Roll (similar to saving throw) to determine effect of Fae's illusion. How bad is crash?: 1D20 = [4] = 4
Oppose Gimlak grapple check: 1D20+2 = [4]+2 = 6

Ok, Mr Koz has movement of 0 until spending a full round and trying to make a roll to break free. Attacks against him by Zem can be at advantage. Attacks from range weapons at disadvantage due to close-proximity combat in progress.[/sblock]
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The fulfillment of countless number of desires, all of them violent and twisted, and all of them pointed at the Korrud slavers, unfolded as Zemryn's swords found their target. Atemi was a goddess of battle, not of slaughter, but Zemryn could feel that at this moment, she was lifting some of her more stringent rules of engagement.

Attacking a defenseless foe, for example. Gimlak had the bastard off balance, and there were priestesses of Atemi whom Zemryn had known as a child that would have waited until the fight was more fair. But those priestesses were few, and none of them had endured almost a decade of cruel enslavement.

Atemi...this foe deserves no honorable engagement. He is vile and worthy only of death!

A vision of her friend Alyne, her hand cut away from her arm, and then her body cut to pieces, flew through Zemryn's mind and made her eyes widen with fury. She attacked without mercy, driving the points of her shortswords into the Korrud.

<First attack w/ advantage: 15, damage 5>
<Second attack (no bonus) w/ advantage: 20, damage 8>
<Total damage: 13>


Faenala was rather pleased by the consequences of her little illusion. In fact, she hadn't dared hope it would go that well. But now with the Korrud on the ground, and likely dead soon, she didn't have much to do. With so many wolves around, she thought it would be nice to befriend one of them, but that seemed really unlikely considering the situation. So instead, she just watches the fight unfold, ready to act if there was a need.


Held and shoved, carved at by swords, the dwarf lies with blood leaching into the snow around him, deep red and pink hues trickling and merging with ice. He spits, and looks up to a tall human man and elven woman who will determine his fate. He does not beg or plead for forgiveness. You see pain in his eyes, but also a smirk upon the ugly little face.

"Do it. I die by sword. Your turn will be soon, regardless, haha."

He then breathes in deeply of the cold dark air, and once again spits a new patch of red upon the ground around him.

From the south, Bria walks sternly forwards towards the surrounded foe.

"Finish him quickly. We have not time for him to endure the pain he truly deserves. There may be more. We should go!"

The winds from the east have begun to gain strength, blowing thick clouds of spiraling white across the featureless lands around you. Bria wipes her face on a furred sleeve as the icy sting of a drop of virgin frozen rain lands upon her face.

"Friends, can you master these wolves? Rolin's be only strong enough for one of us. Same with the one to the north. This new pack however, might be right to pull two. Still though, one of us will have to walk..."


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Rolin stood back a little and waited for his other companions to finish the Korrud off, he knew better than to get in the way of warriors and their kill when they're still in the heat of the moment. Instead he turned and replied to Bria.

"I will walk, I have no ken with these beasts anyway plus I am fast and quiet, I can check the way ahead if you'd like."

He was disappointed he didn't get a chance to wound the damned Korrud but he supposed that at least it saved a bolt. Also Rolin was glad to offer to walk, he felt a bit uneasy with the wolves as it was and if he couldn't contribute in combat maybe he could as a scout for the group.

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