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D&D 5E The Rhyot Break - Chapter One: Endless White


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Rolin raises the crossbow, points it at the back of the remaining Korrud and squeezes the trigger. With a satisfying "thwak" the bolt flies from the bow and piercing through layers of leather buries itself between the Korrud's shoulder blades. Rolin smiles to himself at the sight of the bolt striking the Korrud scum.

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The wolf facing Bria yelps in chilling pain and surprise, as a stream of frost and ice flys in upon a magical ray. The beast shivers and trembles, whines, and then stiff as a doornail falls sideways, thudding against the snow like a toppled ice carving. Thorin, somewhere out there hidden under an illusion, at least is having good ranged-attack luck.

Someone else is quite lucky too! As if from nowhere, a man dressed in what could only be prisoner's shaggy furs, has appeared on the cart near Gimlak, and before you can blink has skewered the last Korrud point blank, in the back!

The dwarf bellows a horrible scream in surprise, the pain unimaginable with a metal arrowhead lodged deep into tough and foreign flesh. You wait for him to topple, to fall on his face and slowly bleed out into the snow... but the brute is too determined to fight back! With a grimace on his face, knowing that the walls of death are closing in, he jabs his shortsword out towards Gimlak. Well, it seems with a bolt lodged in his behind the dwarf's movement is slowed, and the human foe easily maneuvers out of harms way.

Seeing their masters falling, having witnessed one of their pack downed in battle, the remaining wolves begin to snarl and show their teeth. Still very much animals of the wild, their next move is hard to predict.

The lone western wolf, chained by itself to a Korrud contraption, begins to pull on the reins, dragging the sled northwards. Oh, straight towards Zemryn! It seems the wolves attached to the sled that the newcomer Rolin is standing upon, have a similar idea. They begin to charge off northwards, trampling on a fallen Korrud and heading roughly in Bria's direction.

In the background, to the south, all can hear another Korrud following his friend's tracks right towards you. It is only a matter of time!

[sblock=Local Map]

Beings indicated in Black are dead. :.-(
OOC: [sblock=Rolls]
K2 attack Gimlak: 1D20+3 = [7]+3 = 10
Wolf 1 Direction: 1D4 = [1] = 1
Wolf 2/3 Direction: 1D4 = [1] = 1
Both sleds can move at approx 25' per round with one average weight rider. Each additional rider will halve their speed (so they are really only viable for one rider or one large load of supplies).

It isn't really obvious if the wolves plan to attack, or simply want to run away now that their masters appear beaten. Rolin, with a high enough animal handling check (1d20+0) I'll allow you "some" control of the sled you are in, if you want.

You all probably have two, maybe three rounds left before you'd guess the other Korrud might arrive.
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For Zemryn, the immediate threat was not the lone wolf, struggling forward with a sled meant to be carried by two. No, the threat was the remaining Korrud. Of course, she was biased. She despised the Korrud. Any excuse to attack one was an excuse she was going to embrace.

But the truth was that they needed to get moving. The other Korrud were getting closer!

Atemi...mother...Alyne...I am your vengeful spirit!

Taking several steps forward in the snow, Zemryn leaped to her left to avoid the oncoming wolf and went into a roll. If the wolf chose to try and take a nip at her, that was a justifiable risk. Coming up from the roll, she burst forward through the snow. Switching the crossbow to her left hand in mid stride, she pulled her shortsword free.

"Your death god awaits your limp corpse, Korrud dog!" She spat at the Korrud, sword beginning to rise in preparation for a strike.

<Moving 15' (movement halved) and then 'Helping' against remaining Korrud, who would be within 5', by taunting/distracting>
<I understand I may be provoking attack of opportunity from wolf>

Steve Gorak

His resolve is strengthened by the help of his companions, Zemryn in particular. His strike missed, but with a slight feign, he slashed the Dwarf-dog as he pulls the sword back towards him, readying the next blow. He smiles as he sees more blood flow.



Bloody and beaten, slashed and impaled, the Korrud groans his last ugly breath and falls lifeless into the snow.

Bria moves sideways and out of the way of a driverless sled then, as it passes. The wolf still attached appears to want what everyone else who stands desires. Freedom. Perhaps once safely away it might gnaw away the restraints, she considers. There is no point in pursuing it, unless her companions think otherwise.

Her eyes then flick across to the new escapee Rolin, stood atop a cart where two drooling and wild animals appear to await direction. She nods to this new man respectfully.

"We are thankful! Can you ride it?"

Looking around to ensure everybody else is safe and unharmed, she takes a deep breath, considering their next move.

"What say you friends? We can not outrun whoever is coming. But perhaps we have time to arrange our pursuer something of a welcome!"

She raises her dagger into the air with those words, and smiles. She too has reasons for revenge. But there is no time for greetings and pleasantries, or sharing of pasts. Not yet. Not while Korrud still come...

Steve Gorak

Gimlak's heart is still pounding, but they all can breathe a bit, until the other Korunds come. After Bria's thanks to Rolin, Gimlak nods at the newcomer. He is now part of them, a brother in arms.

He then quickly assesses the situation, and glances at the dead dwarves for gear. He also eyes the sled that is moving away, in case it carries something that could be useful.

Gimlak then says: "I know how to ride these slays, I've done it more than I care to admit, when I was in the resistance." An idea is burgeoning in his mind. "I can try to draw the other Korund-dogs. I can go towards them, and feign that I am afraid, and turn back towards you, as you wait in ambush."

As he waits for the others to comment, he chops off a dead Korrund's arm, and then says without details, with a grin: "I suggest you do the same for the other wolves, get them used to Korrund flesh!". He then rushes to get the sled being carried away. When he gets to it, he throws the beast the piece of meat, to get its interest and cooperation, and turns the sled back.


First Post
Zemryn smiled in the dark as the Korrud fell to the ground. They might escape with their lives after all!

Watching Gimlak chop an arm free and toss it to a wolf, she grimaced slightly. Leaving an enemy to be eaten by wolves or carrion birds was not out of the edicts of Atemi, but butchering a foe like a pig struck Zemryn as distasteful.

She looked over her shoulder, at the remaining sled that was heading towards Faenala and the Dragonborn. Hopefully they could corral it, as it might contain things they could use.

Then her eyes turned towards where the other Korrud were approaching. Gimlak was game for an ambush, and Zemryn agreed with the tactic. "We will make our stand here. Let the immortals decide our fate."

Especially you, Atemi!


At full pace, the barbarian is able to catch the runaway sled. His offering of hideous Korrud meat gains the lone wolf's attention, glaring at it, licking his lips, and beginning to chew.

How much trust this has gained you with the beast is an uncertainty, though it looks like you could certainly control the contraption attached to it. Rolin's sled is likely to outpace Gimlak's of course, with twice the wolf-power.

[sblock="Sled control"]Performing any difficult maneuvers on these sleds (such as sharp turns or swinging weapons whilst controlling them), will boil down to your Dex and any Animal Handling success you have during these brief moments to "bond".[/sblock]
  • 1x Arm (Detached by Barbarian)
  • 1x Light Crossbow
  • 4x Crossbow bolts
  • 1x Short Sword
  • 15' of coiled Rope
  • 1x Leather Armor (Size = XS)
  • 2x Boots (One for each foot)
  • 1x Leather Backpack!
  • 3x Gold Pieces
  • 1x Light Crossbow (Rolin)
  • 7x Crossbow bolts
  • 1x Short Sword
  • 1x Dagger
  • 5x Deer Jerky Strips
  • 1x Leather Armor (Size = S)
  • 1x Silver Ring (Has inscription of a teardrop on it)
  • 2x Boots (One for each foot)
  • 1x Waterskin (Half empty)


For a couple of seconds, Faenala looked at the Korrud's body as it lay in the ground. Now that he was dead, she didn't care about him anymore. She was a bit ambivalent about the fleeing wolf though: it wouldn't be a danger, but it wasn't a resource either. Not that she could use that herself, she'd probably be bitten in short order.

She really wasn't liking the idea of a laying in wait, prepared or not though. No matter what, they would always be outnumbered, probably badly. Waiting was not a way to win anything, merely to chose how they died. Still... there was some truth in that they couldn't outrun the Korrud either, not even of they were to use one of the sleds considering how many of them there were.

The elf looked for a moment at Gimlak, apparently a bit disgusted by his...offer. She didn't say anything though, and simply walked to the sleds, to see if she could find anything interesting, more specifically things she could use for her spells.

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