D&D 5E The Rhyot Break - Chapter One: Endless White


The storm would cover their tracks, no doubt about that… Unless it covered their bodies of course, even without taking the Korrud into account or the fact that they were far from being in good shape after so long in captivity, they weren't exactly equipped to survive the cold weather for long. Except for that Bria obviously.

When she spotted the Korrud, Faenala didn't hesitate: she wanted nothing more than to kill every last one of them…except survive. And she had no doubt combat really wasn't her strong suit, now more than ever. So she started by moving a bit to put the others between the Korrud and herself. Maybe it was cowardly, but she didn't care: cowards lived longer than heroes, and she'd need time to see the Korrud destroyed. Second, and even more importantly, she cast her Mage Armor, in case one of the Korrud's bolt had her name on it.

And after that? Oh, she intended to make them realize they weren't immune to the cold either.

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Steve Gorak

“My name is Bria, by the way,” she unveils as you push on, her words accompanied by puffs of cold cloudy breath.

Gimlak talks briefly as they are advancing "Well met Bria. I don't have the words to thank you..."

His body tenses and his hand instinctively grabs the hilt of his sword as he sees the bodies of the elves tense at because of a threat he cannot see. He whispers "How many, 2? Over there? I will divert their attention, make your blows count!"

Gimlak rushes forward and draws his sword. It has been a long time since he was armed in front of Korrund. This feeling of empowerment grew like a torrent through him. This is a good day. A day to spill Korund blood!, he thinks to himself as he advances. "Die, Korund scum!" He screams when he is closer, to attract their attention

[sblock=ooc]Action: dash towards the Korrund
Item interaction: draw sword
bonus action: Rage!!!!

AC: 15
HP: 15/15


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Zemryn strove forward along with the others, her makeshift pack over her shoulder.

"Bria. I am Zemryn, Servant of Atemi. You are surely sent by the goddess herself." She talked quietly, though the frigid wind was masking their noise well as it howled and hissed.

The sound made Zemryn stop, her heart thumping in her chest. Not from fear, but from excitement. Years of captivity...years of torture...to die fighting would be far better than going back.

Not that she intended to die. Atemi had tasked her with a mission, and she would strive with her final breath to fulfill it.

A low sound, somewhere between a purr and a quiet howl, escaped from Zemryn's lips as she caught sight of the Korrud. She bent down on one knee, dropping her pack quietly and retrieving the crossbow within. It was already loaded, and she stuffed three more bolts into her belt alongside her shortsword. Her crossbow skills were quite good, having been honed in the practice yard at the Shrine of Atemi. Even now the smell of fresh hay from the targets filled her nostrils and the sound of laughter filled her ears. Blessed memories! Let them drive away the cold!

It was clear that one of her companions was preparing a spell and that the large human was intent on charging the Korrud despite the darkness. Her place was clear enough. As for their rescuer, Zemryn assumed she knew what she was doing well enough to let her act alone.

"Atemi go with you!" She hissed to Gimlak, smiling in the dark. There was a single tree that could be used to shield her approach if she wheeled slightly to her right at the start.

She took off eagerly. As she ran low to the ground, she gestured with her free hand, her fingers twisting in a practiced manner. "Atemi, Atemiri, Atemari." Her voice was a melodic whisper as she sought the aid of her goddess.

The crossbow was pointed and ready.

<Cast: Cloak of Atemi (Blade Ward)>
<Stealth roll: 11>
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Thorin knelt to the ground, feeling the power flowing icy through his veins. He needed to hide, but he wasn't very proficient with that. Instead, he forced his power out around him, feeling the very snow. He wanted to be that snow, to mimic it.

Slowly, snow began to grow around him, forming over him in a mount, a bubble, until he was nothing more than another mound of snow among thousands.

It wasn't real, though. The wind whipped through it, and it was thin enough, from the inside, that he could see through at parts. But it concealed him.

OOC: Minor illusion to look like a snow mound. Should I make a stealth check?


"Dammit," Bria muttered through gritted teeth as the team dispersed. Gimlak had charged off and it was quite a sight to behold, the brave man running into the darkness towards likely death!

A true martyr. But our miles of journeying weren't to see him die.

Glancing around, Faenala appeared to have wisely re-positioned herself, and Zemryn with crossbow in hand was heading out for some cover. Probably wise moves.

"Dammit," she said again, standing, before rushing in Gimlak's footsteps to hopefully close in and confront the enemy. As she cut her way through the snow as quickly as she could, she pulled a dagger from beneath her furs.

This would hopefully even things up a bit... except for the wolves of course.

Bria Nature Check: 1D20 = [6] = 6
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Rolin observed the two groups, one definitely Korrud, the other he wasn't sure, were they with them or against them? That question soon seemed to be answered as he saw one large looking form charge towards the Korrud followed by another not so big but definitely human sized one and yet another split off towards cover.


With this distraction Rolin could slip further away and closer towards freedom. Preparing to turn and slink off into the darkness his conscience started to prickle him. These enemy of the Korrud would likely have been companions of his rescuer or possibly even fellow slaves, ought he not help them?

Heavens help fools like me!

Rolin could seldom win an argument with his "better" self, knowing he would be of little help in a straight fight unarmed as he was he started to track quietly towards the rear of the Korrud, keeping an eye out for any rocks or sticks poking from the snow he could use as a weapon.

OOC: Stealth check: 1D20+7 = [18]+7 = 25

OOC: Initiative _: 1D20 = [2] = 2
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The two short, yet formidable foreign guards, standing atop their sleds appear quite stunned for a brief moment. Probably the unprecedented sight of what could only be an escapee, charging at them with insults on his breath! One of the Korrud waves a stubby finger at the man running in, and then the unfamiliar woman close behind him.

“Ahha, the filthy wretches come, come, fools!”
he yells in common, dropping his crossbow into the sled and drawing a short sword from its scabbard before moving forwards.

The other dwarf, off to his left bends down and fidgets with something at the front of his wooden contraption, before he stands again and gives a wolf a hard slap on the behind.

“Go!” he commands it in Korrud tongue. The beast turns it's head to meet his gaze for a second, a dark and angry glare. It then trots off a short distance, while the Korrud does as his colleague has done, and draws a sword and steps off his sled, to meet the charge.

There is movement behind the two approaching foes, as other prisoners change position, but for now the dwarves pay them no heed. Gimlak and Bria have their full attention!

Bria is fit and strong, baring no weakness, having not been kept in captivity as you have. As at last Gimlak comes near enough to see his enemies in detail, she has already overtaken him, a flash of white in the darkness; her furs and motion like a blur through the snow. Faced with an unchained wolf and a stumpy, leather armored dwarf ahead, she makes a choice.

“This man shall die. The wolf... “

OOC: Round 1 Begins! Initiative:
Bria: 24
Zemryn: 23 (Next)
Gimlak: 13
Faenala: 12
Korrud Guard 1: 9
Korrud Guard 2: 9
Released Wolf: 9
Rolin: 5
Thorin: TBA

There is no time for further contemplation. Bria strikes at the grinning guard with her dagger, at the last moment ducking low and whipping the edge across his upper chest. The layer of leather opens as easily as peeling a fruit, cold steel biting against hairy, thick and tough flesh beneath.

“Rargh!” The Korrud’s eyes widen with surprise and searing pain, feeling warm blood trickling down his stomach beneath the failed hide.


OOC: Bria’s rolls: Bria attack: 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20 Bria damage: 1D4+4 = [2]+4 = 6

All: Popped the sleds on the map, wolves marked in grey are still chained to sleds. Each square is 10’. Korrud AC is 12 (armor). Wolf is 14 (Dex + Natural). Rolin is still unnoticed by all.

Faenala / Zemryn: Disadvantage to ranged attack rolls against K1 or any targets who end up in melee with friends. Wasn’t sure on your exact positioning, will leave it to your imagination.

Gimlak: You are 15’ away from K1 or K2. Close enough to move and attack if you wish.

Rolin: Can proceed up to within 15’ of the Koz unnoticed, maybe closer. Wasn’t sure how close you wanted to get. I'll let you roll a 10% chance of finding a small branch (D4 bludeoning) or rock (same damage but can be thrown 10' normally, or up to 30' with disadvantage) as you move in too. Should you attack this round I'll give you advantage (roll attack twice, pick best result) for surprise. You obviously saw K2 drop a crossbow whilst stood in his sled too.
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Zemryn's breath burst out of her in white clouds of excited exertion. She rushed under the hanging boughs of the tree, knocking free a layer of snow around her as she slid to one knee and took aim. Bria, their rescuer, had now risked her life again, this time in battle with a hated Korrud slavemaster.

She would not stand alone.

Atemi...battle pleases you. Guide my strike now, and let me have my first taste of vengeance! I will dedicate it to my mother!

Bria had taken a piece of the dwarf with her dagger, bless her brave heart, now Zemryn would take another piece of him with her goddess-given crossbow.

<14 to hit, with disadvantage. 10 damage>
<used Rolz.org>


It has been a very long time since Zemryn, daughter of Amys, has spilled the blood of the enemies of Atemi. Clearly, she hasn't forgotten how though!

Her bolt slices through the air, and even despite the winds and difficulty of the shot, it lands true. Right in the Korrud facing Bria. A high-velocity meeting of metal, wood and flesh. Her bolt deeply embeds itself in the guard's left shoulder.

He grunts deeply, and would appear rather pale if there had been normal light. His face tightens with a look of pure hatred and evil intent. The little bastard isn't down and out yet, but he may not be far off from it. Every drop of Korrud blood upon the snow is going to count.

OOC: You guys don't need to wait for me to post after each attack. Just happened to have time for this one. I'll pop in here and there as opportunity and timing presents itself. Will let you know as quickly as possible of course, should anyone fall :)

Steve Gorak

Gimlak rejoices at the sight of Korrund blood. "How does it feel to be on the receiving end of these blows, Korrund dog!", he says, as he approchaes the injured Korrund next to Bria, and strikes with his sword. The blow slashes easily across the dwarf's chest, as more blood flows.

OOC: Attack: 16 and damage: 8

If the Korrund falls, Gimlak gets a bonus attack from the great weapon master feat. He will move down to the second Korrund, and attacks with a wide euphoric grin, even if the sword swing goes wide.

Attack: 9, damage: 5
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In most circumstances, Faenala would have ignored the wolf, simply glad she wouldn't have to try and avoid its teeth. But there and then... She was afraid it had been sent to carry news of they escape, something that would make their path to freedom that much harder to walk. So with a grimace, a single word and a few gestures, she targeted the wolf with a Ray of Frost: it wouldn't take it down, but hopefully it would keep it too busy to get away...and slow it down on top of it.

Sadly, maybe because she was a bit rusty, the ray failed to hit its target and exploded harmlessly in the snow a few feet away from the animal.



The dwarf facing Gimlak and Bria drops his sword at blood splattered and snow covered feet. A gurgling sound erupts from the Korrud’s throat as he clutches at his chest, warmth and life gushing from the barbarian's gift of a laceration like a deep red waterfall. Then he topples over, to spend his last breaths staring at a night sky and the faces of those whom his kind has oppressed.

But there's no time for a celebration, yet.

Swiftly moving in on the remaining dwarven scum, Gimlak’s next foe is ready for him. The little brute reflects the human man’s follow-up blow upon his sword. He smirks then, and makes a jab at Gimlak’s thigh, missing and poking at little more than thin cold air. That’s not to say he’s done yet though.

The dwarf yells out with every inch of his breath, gasping a little at the end once it's done.

“Over here!”

Rolin, still lurking somewhere behind the vicious melee in progress, senses on high alert, hears something else then. A short and stabbing shout in the distance, somewhere off to the south. More damned Korrud!

Meanwhile, Bria nervously backs up a little, having noticed some form of cold ray-type effect smash into the ground beside the stray wolf. The beast snarls angrily at her then, revealing a set of elongated white teeth like blades, mmm no ordinary wolf, before leaping at her.

The woman in white falls backwards into the snow as the animal’s weight topples her, biting at her left arm, tearing into fur and flesh.

“No! Argh!”

OOC: Bria has been knocked prone. Attacks against her are at advantage until she spends half her movement next round to stand up. Rolin’s next :)

[sblock=Round 1 Status]Round 1 Initiative:
Bria: 24 (-2HP & Prone)
Zemryn: 23
Gimlak: 13
Faenala: 12
Korrud Guard 1: 9 (-24 HP Dead)
Korrud Guard 2: 9
Released Wolf: 9
Rolin: 5
Thorin: TBA[/sblock]

[sblock=Rolls]K2 attack Gimlak: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9

W attack Bria: 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15

DC11 Strength Save: 1D20+1 = [4]+1 = 5

Wolf Damage: 1D6+1 = [1]+1 = 2


Thorin draws the cool energy within him, focusing it at the wolf ahead as he hides in his snow illusion.

OOC: Initiative (whoops) [roll0]
Ray of Frost: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]


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Rollin's eyes lit up when he saw the Korrud closest to him drop the crossbow on his sled before advancing to meet the other group, given the lack of available options he figured making a dash for that weapon would be his best bet.

He approached quickly and quietly and once within a short enough distance charged towards the sled and made a grab for the crossbow.

OOC: Find improvised weapon: _: 1D100 = [86] = 86
So I didn't find a rock or stick

Assuming I make my run from just within 15'


Bria found herself beneath the smell of a carnivore’s breath, and sandwiched between the cold softness of snow and the heat of a large animal.

“No! Off, off!”

She rolled to her left, struggling away from the wolf that was making ready to maul her. Once free, she rose to stand, arm dripping blood from the beast’s teeth marks, as she swept at it with her dagger.

The blade sunk deep into the animal’s flesh, the wolf howling and whimpering in agony. Blood. So much blood. She must have sliced it close to an artery!

There was no time to look around at the others, or wonder how young Gimlak was going. The wolf wasn’t quite dead yet, and with a taste of blood on it's lips it would be coming back for more.

In the cart behind Gimlak’s foe, a half elf has sneakily clambered in and grabbed a crossbow. Nobody has seen Rolin yet, as they are preoccupied with battle.

The sounds to the south grow in volume. All can hear now the cracking of whips and Korrud shouts coming closer.

The Korrud before Gimlak smiles, reassured that help is on the way...

OOC: Bria rolls: Bria attack Wolf: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26 Bria damage: 2D4+4 = [4, 3]+4 = 11
Round 2:
24 Bria (-2HP)
23 Zemryn
13 Gimlak
12 Faenala
10 Thorin
9 Korrud Guard 1 (-24 HP Dead)
9 Korrud Guard 2
9 Released Wolf (-11HP)
5 Rolin
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Zemryn did not waste time celebrating the death of the Korrud, but instead leveled a bolt at the wolf, who seemed sorely wounded. To finish it off would leave them only one foe!

But alas, a drift of snow from the tree above her fell on her arm as she fired. Were the very trees aligned with the Korrud scum?!

<9 to hit. Miss>


OOC: I have found that Rat of Frost almost never actually hits its target. Thorn will try to hit the wolf as well.


Success! Finally!

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