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The Ruined Tower of Zenopus hits Silver on DMs Guild

A review on the oldschoolfrp Tumblr:

"I bought this and gave it a first read-through. It is an excellent conversion of one of my favorite classic low level adventures, updated for 5e. There are some new monster stat blocks and minor magic items, a little town map on a peninsula (which makes it easier to locate the town on almost any coastline), options for expanding some areas, notes on factions, rumors, and ways to tie Portown to Saltmarsh, plus even 4 pre-gen PCs. Check it out."


There has never been any official followup either by TSR or Wizards, or even the writings of Holmes himself. In fact, as far as I know the first official recycling of the adventure material is the Tower of Zenopus site included in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, which includes some of the background and dungeon details from the original but does not include the full dungeon, and does not give any further clues regarding the fate of Zenopus.

Thus, the only clues we have are what is written in the original. Per the introduction, this doom involved unleashing "some powerful force in the depths of the tower" that result in the tower being engulfed in green flame. The coda to the adventure indicates that "depths of the tower" means "(undiscovered) deeper levels"; i.e., level(s) below the described first level of the dungeon.

Based on this description, I've speculated that the green flame was similar to the green flame in H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Festival":

How Zenopus Met His Doom

Ghosts of Saltmarsh simply states that one night the tower was "engulfed in a fiery green aura", without specifying that Zenopus met his doom on a lower level.