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5E The Runelords Trilogy in 5E Eberron *Spoilers* Discussion, Conversion Notes and Adventure Log


I just wanted to say that I love reading people's ideas like this. Great thread.

Would you consider posting a bit about the 5E monsters you use, for the benefit of others who might be interested in a similar conversion project?

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Came to think of it - there are also some Runelords related Pathfinder society scenarios, leading up to the defeat of Krune, iirc. They are in season 4 and also features the cult of Lissala. Though I was the first to say you have more than enough on your plate, they might still be worth looking into, to add some impact on the showdown with Krune in Return, and the whole Lissala thing.
Yes I did look at that. It’s a very short side quest really designed for a single two hours. A bit of a jolt really. Not sure it adds much.

I definitely think the Emerald Claw and Zutha give mileage too!
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I just wanted to say that I love reading people's ideas like this. Great thread.

Would you consider posting a bit about the 5E monsters you use, for the benefit of others who might be interested in a similar conversion project?
Absolutely. The campaign started on Wednesday and will run every other week, maybe more often. I’ll post a journal in character and then a GM’s amendments and state what mechanics and details I used.

Matrix Sorcica

Yes I did look at that. It’s a very short side quest really designed for a single two hours. A bit of a jolt really. Not sure it adds much.

I definitely think the Emerald Claw and Zutha give mileage too!
According to the paizo forums, it's actually:
Cult of Lissala Arc
3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune
4-07 Severing Ties
4-08 The Cultist's Kiss
4-10 Feast of Sigils
4-12 The Refuge of Time
4-20 Words of the Ancients
4-26 The Waking Rune

But haven't read them, so don't know if they add anything.


Chapter One: Session Two
The Aftermath

Heading to the town garrison for their reward the party saw Sheriff Hemlock coming down the steps. He thanked them for their timely intervention and presented a purse of 25 GP each for their services to the town. Tharnlass enquired after goblin survivors and the mayor told them of one goblin trapped in a barrel that they had in custody. They were welcome to interrogate it but he was on the way to the temple as Father Zanthus had asked for assistance.

Tagging along the party saw the tidy up from the previous nights attack, burnt stalls and scorched walls. Father Zanthus was glad to see them and showed them the boneyard where a mausoleum had been opened during the attack, undiscovered until today. Agreeing to enter - for a reward - they saw sealed sarcophagi dedicated to the nine gods of the sovereign host. One had been opened but before they could investigate, skeletons in rusted armour leapt from dark alcoves. As they fell to spells and swords they turned to ragged squares of black cloth embroidered with a white skull. Further in they found a discarded set of black robes with four missing patches.

One of the tombs belonging to Father Tobyn the priest of the previous temple had been emptied of his remains. He had perished in the fire along with his daughter who’s body was never recovered. Father Zanthus couldn’t think of who would do this. With some persuading from Tharnlass he told them of the troubles, a serious of murders and a suicide that happened about nine months before. He finally gave them a token of thanks, three potions of heroism blessed by Dol Dorn

Returning to the garrison the goblin prisoner was interrogated, a mean fellow named Gutrub. Luckily Adysson spoke goblin which made it much easier. A warrior in the Brinestump tribe he told them that the goblins were following the orders of a big un like Adysson. He didn’t know where they went but did say that Warchief Ripnugget would see them dead and feed them to his lizard. Nothing more was forthcoming even when Tharnlass our his rapier to the wretch’s throat.

An afternoon of shopping for weapons and better armour with the gold given them by the town led them to Ven Vinder, a friendly man who was having trouble with his daughter, reportedly eloping with the owner of the towns wood mill. His other daughter tried to lead Tharnlass to a private spot to ‘thank’ the hero for his service to the town, but Tharnlass’ silver tongued and an invented wife and children got him out of hot water without offending the girl. Ven, none the wiser, offered the heroes a substantial discount and some free items if they told people he had outfitted them. Addyson chose a solid looking warhammer - all the better for smashing skeletons - and they took some well made crossbows and adventuring gear.

Retiring to the inn and a hot meal, they heard from Ameiko how her mother had died at the cliffs and that she was sure a shadowy figure had pushed her. The figure was in her dreams and she wondered if the spirits were trying to contact her like her mother. Her father Lonju had not been himself since the troubles nine months ago. While his wife had an affair that led to a troublesome brother, that was many years before and was unlikely to be the reason for Lonju’s anger.

The next morning the hint with Aldern went pleasantly, though Nix was taken by surprise by the boar and knocked to the ground. Between them they took the boar down with their spears. Nix finishing it with a jolt between the eyes. Far more humane than the boar spears seemed to be. Carrying it back and chatting along the way Aldern told them more of the area, his manor to the north and the city of Sharn, which none but Tharnlass has visited. The boar was roasted by Ameiko back at the rusty dragon, who the meal was interrupted by a furious Lonju. Only Tharnlass’s gust pushed the old man back enough for Ameiko to smack him hard with a lady and send him from the inn saying ‘she was as dead to him as her mother’.

The rest of the meal was subdued but a screaming from outside demanded their attention. A mother was clutching her small child that had savage bites on his arm. Entering the dwelling they saw what they thought was a man crawling into a hole in the floor beneath a cupboard but instead it was the partially eaten body the child’s father being dragged by a starving goblin surviving the attack. It was soon killed but too late to save the man. Sheriff Hemlock arrived and arranged for her and the child to be cared for, but it was a sad sight and Tharnlass advised the town be search even more thoroughly.

Accompanying the sheriff back to the garrison they were introduced to Shelalu Tharask, a dragon marked Scion of House Tharask who acted as a scout, bounty hunter and unofficial member of the town watch, as the group had too become. She kept an eye on the various mercenary tribes of goblins remaining in area after the end of the Last War. The most dangerous of which were the Thistletops, led by chief Ripnugget. She posited that only a powerful force could have united the tribes into the band that attacked First Tower. She promised to take them to Thistletop and see what was going on the next day.

The next morning though, there plans were interrupted. Ameiko was missing and her halfling maid showed them a letter in Sarlonan from her half brother Tsuto suggesting the attack was linked to their father and that she should meet him at the glassworks that evening. Clearly she had not returned. Investigating they found the glassworks closed but the forges were still running. Forcing a window Tharnlass was able to open a side door and the party found the place deserted of workers. They soon found them in the main forge being dismembered by a large force of goblins led by a Sarlonan Half elf, Tsuto. Lonju, his father, was dead, encased in the melted glass poured all over him.

Nix sprayed slippery goop all over the floor to block the doorway as the goblins came sliding and scrabbling across it. Meanwhile Tharnlass sent Tsuto running with a howl of discordant whispers. Goblins spilled into the corridors attempting to come at the party from a different angle. Adyssons Warhammer split goblin skulls until he came face to face with Tsuto who was fast as lightning with jabs and strikes. Almost falling he was saved by Nix’s healing and all three drank the potions given to them by Father Zanthus. With this aid they were able to beat the tide of goblins, Nix blasting them apart with lightning wreathed hands and Tharnlass jabbing with his rapier. Tsuto fell and the final goblin fled. Though a carefully aimed blow from his rapiers pomel knocked it unconscious. The heroes were battered but they had fought the toughest battle together yet.
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Notes and amendments for...

Chapter One: Session Two
The Aftermath.

Another good session, this one had a lot of roleplay and a few fights, lasting 4 1/2 hours in total.
  • I added the reward of 25gp because again the party felt a little under equipped.
  • The skeletons were standard skelly’s (four in total) and I had them turn back into the cloth patches. The robe of bones will be a relic of the Emerald Claw and they will get to see these cultists in action in Chapter two where they replace the Red Mantis.
  • The Potions of Heroism felt right as a reward partly to mirror the townsfolks praise of them as heroes but also because at first level they were seriously lacking in HP. Tharnlass’ low AC and low HP were giving me palpitations.
  • The goblin interrogation was improvised and I used info from Shelalu’s section later to pass things along. The party were also inquisitive about the fire that burnt the temple and with a good persuasion check I gave them the details on ‘the troubles’.
  • Ven Vinder gave them the standard 20% discount advised in the book. As Tharnlass still couldn’t afford studded leather I had Ven gift it, along with things for the others on the grounds they promoted him. This should play well when he is accused of murder in chapter two.
  • The tickwood boar was easy enough, they used long spears with 10’ reach which Nix and Tharnlass were unproficient with, but it made it more interesting. Nix stunning the dying boar with a single point shocking grasp was inspired.
  • Gresgurt the closet-goblin was a goblin commando.
  • Tsuto at the glassworks was a Spy with a monks flurry of blows and dodge ability and two ki points to use with them. He was tough but not impossibly so as I kept his stats reasonable and they stopped him getting sneak. With the 8 normal goblins it was a tough fight, made harder with a lack of Burning hands.
  • I improvised called shot rules - disadvantage on the attack and knocking unconscious if it brought the foe to 0 hp.
  • I leveled the players up to 2 as intended after the fight.
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Chapter One: Session Three
Underneath the Glassworks

With Tsuto and his goblins defeated, the party checked his body for clues, checked Lonju Talashtai’s was beyond help and began to interrogate their goblin prisoner.

Aside from pouches of gold and silver dust used to stain glass and some fine silver earrings, Tsuto also had a journal and a magical ring. The journal detailed his love for the woman who had orchestrated the attack on First Tower. They put two and two together realising that this must be the daughter of the old priest who died in the temple fire. The old priests bones stolen in order to complete an unholy ritual to a fell power named Lah Mashtu, which none of the party had heard of before. It made clear that she was encamped at Thistletop. The silver ring seemed to slow time a split second allowing the wearer to avoid blows. After some discussion Tharnlass took the ring, as he was clearly less armoured than Nix and

The goblin prisoner after some skillful intimidation by Tharnlass corroborated this and also drew a map - poorly - of the the cellar beneath the glassworks where Ameiko was being held, saying the caves they crawled through were a bad place.
The party took the goblin prisoner to Sheriff Hemlock who secured the upper level and they took a commission of 150gp to find Ameiko and make these ‘tunnels’ safe.

Descending they found a grateful Ameiko tied in a storeroom. She had no idea about the brick walls that had been torn down revealing older smugglers massages beneath the glassworks. They bid goodbye to Ameiko and took out their lantern, following the tunnel almost half a mile until they could hear the lapping water of the estuary ahead.

A side tunnel with another broken drown brick wall caught their eye. The other side was old, with a musty smell reminiscent of snake skin. It was old predating any history the party were aware of. Stepping through they were assaulted by a foul humanoid of pale rubbery skin, savage claws and a bifurcated jaw which filled their heads with visions of fury and wrath when it bit them. They dispatched the creature with lightning, warhammer and rapier but it almost seemed to be on guard.

The tunnels led to another crumbling wall and a some form of complex of corridors and worked - Exploring the ruins, and listening at the stone doors as best they could they delved deeper. Nix took a full sized ranseur from a red marble statue of a beautiful but furious woman. Mix figured she could use it as a staff. The symbol on the statues book reminded them of an ancient legend, barely remembered, of a time when there were only 7 schools of magic.

They discovered a prison with two more of the wrath-spawn and found the wooden platforms there, as well as the skeletons of prisoners and their rags were amazingly well preserved making it seem the place was only a few decades old rather than much longer. A destroyed library held shards of books and scrolls and more cells held strangely mutated skeletons, humanoids with multiple limbs, or enlarged craniums.

The first recognizable creature was a foully hunched and mutated goblin it’s three arms each bearing a weapon. It was peering in pits each containing the walking dead. Attacking it tried to push Adysson unsuccessfully into a pit before rushing away down a corridor only to leap at Tharnlass as he pursued. The goblin fought to the last hissing with his last breath that ‘the mistress will see you punished’. That didn’t stop Tharnlass taking the white metallic short sword that would char paper or cloth if held against it. It was no metal that Nix recognized.

Stairs leading down beyond the goblin were blocked by fallen rubble. So they instead went to the stone door at the end of the corridor. It opened out into a spherical room with floating objects bobbing around. Adysson entered but began to float in the air. Tharnlass used his control of winds to retrieve Adysson, and the objects, throwing back a mouldering bird. A wand that created a ring of thunder around Nix, a scroll that would summon a flaming sphere and a book in an unknown language full of woodcuts of monstrosities. The party decided to take a moment to rest and regain their strength.

Conversion notes

It was a shorter session today. About 3 hours.

- Treasures on Tsuto were two silver earrings worth 10gp, 6 pouches of gold dust and 8 pouches of silver dust worth 5gp each, his diary and a ring of protection.

- We are getting rid of the ability to automatically understand magic items. Players will work this out based on experimentation and identify/detect magic spells. See example below.

- The cellars were explored very swiftly as was the smugglers tunnel. I couldn’t tell from the adventure if the Sinspawn was supposed to be on the other side of the brick wall so I may have added an extra brick wall by accident. It wasn’t really any trouble.

- The wrathspawn were easy to convert I used Thug as a base, changing them to aberrations, gave them immunity to charm and mind reading and changed their attacks to claws and a wrathful bite. The bite simply did 1d10 damage and required a DC 11 saving throw or suffer one level of exhaustion for 1 min. Extra bites increased the levels and the duration. AC was 13. The creature was tough and a nice shock but only CR 1/2 so wasn’t too bad. Two PCs got bitten in the session

- The Korovus three armed goblin had an extra attack but was otherwise a normal Goblin Boss.

- The white steel blade was originally a +1 long sword but that was a bit good for level 2 PCs. Instead I decided it would be Siccarite a star metal relevant to future chapters and associated with Wrath. It was a non-magical short sword that overcame silver and cold iron immunities and dealt one extra point of fire damage on a hit. This substance will be explored more in Shards of Sin when the party are about level 5.

- The wand was original a wand of shocking grasp. I switched it for a wand that allowed the user to cast Thunderclap at will as Nix already had the shocking grasp cantrip.

This simple ring appears to be a plain band of silver inscribed with tiny eyes too fine to be seen without careful examination. When it is worn, your vision blurs for a fraction of a second. You realize as people move that you get split second warning, allowing you to avoid blows or avoid incoming projectiles and spells better than you otherwise would.

Any suggestions for other properties of the Pathfinder Skymetals in 5e?

Also I was originally going to have Thistletop be the head of a statue of a Hobgoblin king of old as it can’t be of Karzoug, Shalast is in Xen’drik. However as the hobgoblin empire was much newer than the giants and newer still than the Demons it wouldn’t explain how a Barghest servant of Lah Mashtu would be trapped there. Any ideas?
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Chapter One: Session Four
The Catacombs Beneath First Tower

Waking from an uncomfortable nights sleep in the corridor of the catacombs, the party recovered their spells and strength. Nix has kept guard, one optical unit pointed to the corridor another on the repairs she had taken the previous day. Addyson made prayers to the Sovereign Host and Tharnlass sharped his newly found stabbing sword, amazed at the heat coming from the weapon.

After eating, the party backtracked past the collapsed stairwell to the room of pits. They considered pouring fire into them or doing something to lay the occupants to rest, but worrying about ammunition and supplies they resolved to leave this for the watch as the zombies seemed contained.

They took a different turning and at a door heard no sound so Tharnlass opened it. A bucket sized shape burst up from the floor on the far size of the room teeth snapping for Tharnlass’s throat. It was a human like head, bat like wings growing from where ears would be, and trailing fronds of viscera where it looked to have been torn from someone’s shoulders. Trying to zap the head or smash it out of the air it did graze Tharnlas’s skin and be felt a tingling sensation that his neck was stretching. He fought the panic down and Adysson batted the thing down with their shield and pulled the creature into the wall with their warhammer.

This was again a dead end, a staircase, collapsed and blocked by rubble, led upwards to the town. This complex must have been much larger than expected. Retracing their steps a third time the game upon a shrine bearing a disturbing idol - a pregnant woman with a grossly distended belly and the head of a three-eyed jackal. A pool of oily water filled a shallow depression on the alter before the shrine. Trying to scoop the water out, Nix noticed with horror a spreading stain begin to creep up her arm. She scrubbed the water off and washed the stain with water but in her mind she caught flashes of a great wasteland, lighting striking from the ground upwards into the sky and red and black clouds rushing at amazing speeds. Shuddering she stepped away from the idol. Amazingly the depression magically filled back up to the brim.

There were double doors ahead and no other way. Listening Tharnlass heard a small, scratchy voice muttering “she will return, yes she will, she will return and the mother will be raised up on high”. Opening the doors they beheld a great temple, fifty feet long. A small scaled imp-like creature in fitting robes and clutching a dagger was standing over a glowing pool, large runes around its rim. Seven-sided and blocky which instantly drew the eye. The creature slashed its palm with the dagger dripping blood into the pool. Though it’s eyes widened with horror as the radiance dimmed perceptibly.

It turned and hurled a string of curses at the party in a language they couldn’t understand but the sounds made their insides curl. The fiend resembled the kind of familiar darker wizards often summon to aid their researches but she wore clothing and seemed to have greater command of magic, flinging bolts of fire. As Adysson and Tharnlass moved to engage her, another sin spawn pulled itself from the well of magic, skin slimy and pale.

Gesturing to Adysson, the witch tried to compel him to drink the contents of the basin outside the room. Luckily the Paladin fought off the urge, striking back in retaliation. Mix flung rays of frost at the creature as Tharnlass fended off the sin spawn - resisting it’s wrath inducing bite. Taking to the air and turning invisible cause the party to lose sight of the fiend but it soon reappeared striking Adysson with witch bolts... sending streams of lighting continuously. Until Tharnlass and Adysson could deal with the Sin spawn and all three turned their attention to their diminutive foe. Their combined attacks took her down.

Tharnlass took the witch’s dagger as it appeared magical. While Nix helped herself to its scrolls. Investigating the runed-well had a unshakable feeling she had seen these runes and that glow somewhere else... though she couldn’t remember where. Investigating it was clear that the floor had been cut fairly recently to allow the runic well to be slotted into place on the plinth. Though too heavy for them to lift.

Heading back to the surface the shared the tale of the catacombs below, and warnings to Sheriff Hemlock about what he would find there. They also sold some goods to Ven Vinder and bought some further supplies. A local sage known as Broderick Quint was able to identify the dagger and a few other items. Though the book with the woodcuttings was a mystery to him. For 30gp he did agree to arrange for the book to be translated and copied by a sage in Sharn of Quint’s acquaintance. Both scholars of Morgrave University. Borderick also spoke of his theory that the ‘tower’ of First Tower was an ancient war machine designed to fling fire a mile or more. Though such ideas seemed far fetched.

It’s been a while but the campaign is going strong. Level two definitely a bit easier to DM with twice as robust PCs. Changes for this area were easy too.

  • The vargouille was a direct lift from the monster manual, nice and easy.
  • The Erythnia the Quasit was a max hp Quasit with the spell casting of a level 3 Warlock. Spells invisibility, suggestion, witchbolt and mirror image. I gave her a scroll with 2 mirror images and 2 witch bolts.
  • The dagger was a simple wavy bladed +1 dagger.
  • The party left the well behind but It will be studied by Broderick Quint and will become more relevant when they return from Thistletop.
  • Broderick Quint had a unique magic item. A magnifiying glass that allowed the casting of the identify spell for 10 mins per day.
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Chapter One: Session Five
Thistletop and the Cliffs.

The next day messages arrived from Shelalu Tharask and Sheriff Hemlock. A merchant had been attacked by goblins on the road near Thistletop and was offering a reward if someone would return the thoroughbred warhorse taken by the goblins. 50gp each! Shelalu had already accepted the commission and as the party were intending to investigate Thistletop anyway it made sense to travel together.
The journey took about 3 hours and they arrived at the promontory Shelalu described at about lunch time. Scouting around they found the outcropping was topped by thick gorse bushes a dozen feet high and intermingled into a solid mass, backing right up to the wave lashed cliffs. Tharnlas’s sharp eyes spotted a disguised panel woven of wood and matted gorse blocking what appeared to be a secret entrance. Steeling themselves they pushed the passage open with care revealing four feet high tunnels they needed to crouch to enter.

The tunnels twisted left and right with several branches. Shelalu led the way followed by Nix and Adysson. Though Tharnlass slipped into the shadows and took an adjoining passage. They soon stumbled into a den of goblins, almost as surprised as they were. It didn’t take them long to recover from their shock as Shelalu took one in the eye with an arrow. The goblins mobbed them, with Adysson bravely stepping in the way taking several vicious wounds from lucky strikes. Nix flung rays of frost at the goblins from behind, while Tharnlass stepped from the shadows and stabbed his blade and dagger into an unsuspecting goblin. Unfortunately he too was targeted almost dropping as the goblins fought tooth and class. Eventually the goblins lost their nerve, first one ran to open another hidden board that led out onto a cliff side ledge. Then the rest broke, fleeing out onto the ledge.
Looking out Adysson saw cliffs 70 feet down with a narrow spit of beach at the bottom. Across the estuary they could see a rounded rocky pile rising out of the water 50 feet away with a wooden fort built atop it. A rickety rope bridge let to it from the eastern side of the thicket and two of the goblins were edging along the ledge towards it. Another two had gone left and disappeared out of sight. Taking aim Adysson dropped the first one with a well placed crossbow bolt. The other dodging and cackled as spell after spell missed him and bolts snapped off wood and shield. Luckily Shelalu dropped the creature with another arrow just in front of the gates to the goblin fort.

Heading left the party found the goblins - one wounded - at a dead end above a lagoon below, rising and falling as waves swelled. The lagoon was bordered by a steep beach and a cave led from the lagoon into the cliff below. A bolt killed the first and the second jumped screaming into the lagoon - only to miraculously land in the water unharmed. Inspired Tharnlass and Nix both jumped in, though not before another bolt wounded the swimming goblin. Determined to take a more sensible approach Shelalu and the armoured Adysson tied a rope off and climbed down but not before seeing a large shadow pass underwater from the cave to the goblin, silently dragging it under the water, blood pooling in the lagoon.

Making it the shingle beach the party resolved to enter the partially submerged cave tunnel. With a rope around his waist - and with strict orders to be pulled back if the rope was tugged - Tharnlass swam into the dark cave. It didn’t take long for the shadow to approach, claws rending Tharnlass’ leg and teeth sinking deep. The others hauled him back as quick as they could, towing the large creature back through the water. A monstrous hybrid of fish and ogre clinging to Tharnlass like a shark to its bait. It let go and started to clamber up onto the beach, rearing into the air at least 10 feet. Nix dragged the wounded elf as from it as she could and healed his wounds. The others attacked the creature which while slower on land was no less fearsome. A furious battle ensued its claws nearly decapitating Nix and Shelalu. Tharnlass jumping back turned the tide though and creature was beaten down finally collapsing on the shingles.

A short rest to bandage and take a breather allowed them to recover enough to explore the sea cave which opened into an underwater grotto littered with bones and some treasure - a jeweled scabbard, a leather roll of rune-enscribed bolts, and a green spinel. The party left the lair by climbing up to a hole in the ceiling via a path of iron spikes hammered into the limestone rock.

They found themselves back in the thorn lair. A kennel of goblin dogs, scabrous and mangy made a lot of noise even though tied to the walls by choke ropes. Concerned about leaving enemies behind and remembering the attack on First Tower the party killed the dogs, as the snapped and tried to break their rope tethers. Past the dogs kennel the path to the rope bridge was clear but they were tempted south by firelight.

An aging goblin shaman was waiting for them, grinning that they were strong to have killed the bowler in the hole and that the goblins they slew were nothing - hangers on from other tribes. The shaman had been displaced by a human heretic and chief Ripnugget had been led away from generation of his ancestors by this false prophet. They presumed this was the much heard of Nualia who had apparently claimed the lower levels of the fort along with her guards and companions. A wizard, a Bugbear hunter and a strong but dumb fighter. Gogmurk would allow them to sleep here if the party would sneak to the lower levels and kill Nualia allowing him to take his place as Ripnugget’s advisor again. He swore that they would stop the attacks on traders and First Tower.

Taking him up on his offer, but refusing the suspicious stew he provided, the party rested from their exertions and regained their magic. The next morning they headed towards the bridge and the goblin fort. Deciding to scout the perimeter first the party rounded a corner tower to see four goblin commandos riding goblin dogs and harrying some creature on the ground. Tharnlass observed them from cover and the party prepared to ambush the distracted goblins.

This was a fun session with an interesting environment. The low thorn roofs and the secret edges, ledges and cliffs let to some interesting encounters.

  • The goblins were standard goblins (though three crits in the first fight made them very effective in combat.
  • Gogmurk was a small Druid changed to goblin.
  • His companion was a panther.
  • The goblin dogs were Mastiffs with a diseased bite.
  • The runic bolts are +1 bolts. If they hit a creature carrying a non-magical shield or would have hit were it not for the shield they bolt deals damage and shatters the shield.
  • The spinel was worth 25gp
  • The jeweled scabbard was worth 50gp.
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[Edit: Apologies if this is in the wrong place]

I’ve been wanting to do this project for a while but the right conjunction of players, time and resources never came about. With the release of Exploring Eberron I decided it was time. The premise is a mash up of the Sihedron Trilogy of Paizo adventure paths (Rise of the Runelords, The Shattered Star and Return of the Runelords) and set in Eberron.


In a twisting of the official history (not a lot needed) the Runelords of Thassilon were the primordial giants that ruled the largest giant empire on Xen’drik up to the great disaster that severed Dal Quor and destroyed giant civilization. Their empire covered Eberron (including several sunken lands) with outposts on the south coast of Khorvaire and the other fringes.

The party are drawn into this world by the awakening of one of the Runelords giants, Karzoug the Runelord of Greed, meanwhile searching for the Shattered artifact the Sihedron. This culminates with several of the Runelords awakening in the final chapters ending with an impending apocalypse and an epic set of time travelling encounters across the ages of Eberron.

Alright, can you post your monsters somewhere? I'm running these consecutively rather than all at once, in the PF setting because I love it so much, but if I can save some time and energy, that'd be awesome.

Reading though all this. Very interesting; I like your take. Having run RotR twice all the way through I have some opinions about the mythos and structure of the campaign. Curious to see how other DMs modify it.


Reading though all this. Very interesting; I like your take. Having run RotR twice all the way through I have some opinions about the mythos and structure of the campaign. Curious to see how other DMs modify it.
Please share! There are definitely things I haven’t worked out yet. Not least of which is how the peacock spirit and religion of Thassilon like Lyssara fit into the Eberron mythology.

My biggest worries were;
- cramming pretty much the whole campaign in and only going up one level where you would normally go up 3 or 4. Though we do seem to be enjoying the slower progression currently.

- The imbalance of magic items. The Sihedron shards are pretty powerful for instance.

- Making sure Eberron elements are properly woven in


On a separate note I want to run a small segment - probably one session on an Lyrander airship. Only restrictions it has to travel between Sharn and Stormsreach, someone on board must be a house Tharask Bounty Hunter after Tharnlass. I’ve found a beautiful map, Clouds Destiny on cartographers guild which is perfect.

Any ideas? If I can’t find anything better I’ll use the Emperor Luipold segment from WFRP and convert the characters and rules.

Halloween Horror For 5E