The Southwest (region of Kanpur)


World of Kulan DM
This region has several subregions, which are mainly influenced by North African culture. This region is the gateway to the Dark Continent, a region that is borrowed right out of one of my favorite DRAGON Magazine articles.

Æthixim (East African [Aksumite | Arabian])
The map in Gary Gygax’s Necropolis by Necromancer Games has several great place names on the map for Khemit. Æthixim takes two of those names — Æthepe and Axxum — and combines them. This land is going to be a fantastical version of Aksum. However, since it is so close to my version of Zakhara, it will be heavily influenced by Arabian culture as well. I foresee a strong alliance between Æthixim's King and the Grand Caliph of Golden Huzuz.

Baidhin Islands (Phoenician)
Carthage has always fascinated me, but I have yet to delve deep into the history of that ruined city. From my preliminary research it seems like a lot of North Africa was controlled by the Phoenicians. The Baidhin Islands are independent of Cathe (see below), although the two regions share a lot in common and have been allies in the past. Both are enemies of the cannibalistic, dwarven headhunters of Kungya. The Baidhin Islands will be more of a traditional Phoenician land.

Cathe (Mythic Carthage)
Cathe is going to be my Carthage. However, it will be a very fantastical Phoenician land with lots of elves, dwarves, orcs, goblinoids, rakasta, etc.

The Cicatrix (North African | Rift to the Underearth)
The Cicatrix is an ancient rift in the earth that leads to the Underearth, Kulan's underdark. I'm thinking that this rift has been fought over for generations but that no one has been able to gain complete control over it. Cathe and Khemit constantly bicker over the rights to this entrance to the Dark Below. In truth, it is controlled more by duergar and illithids.

Hollowfaust (SCARRED LANDS Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers [d20 Sourcebook])
Another d20 sourcebook that I have is Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers, which is part of the Scarred Lands setting. It is definitely going in the mountains surrounding Terre Mortis (see below). Hollowfaust will be a “major” influence on the region.

DM's Note: I've already placed Shelzar: City of Sin on the far southern coast of Kanpur on the Dark Continent, and I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put Mithral: City of the Golem. (The Scarred Lands city books are awesome!)

Kesh Lands (North African [Desert Tribes | Kushite])
Another land inspired by Gary Gygax’s Necropolis. I took the name Kesha and dropped the “a.” I am thinking Kushite crossed with nomadic desert tribes as per the movies “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns,” except without the guns. (Well, maybe flintlocks.)

Khemit (Mythic Egypt [Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (d20 boxed set) | Gary Gygax's Necropolis (d20 sourcebook)])
Gary Gygax's Necropolis is one of the best Egyptian-theme campaign books I’ve ever seen. And while the bulk of the book is adventure, the material in the back of the book makes it even more valuable. An expanded Egyptian pantheon, monsters, classes, magic, and a section detailing the basic premise of Khemit helps flesh out the land without straightjacketing a DMs own creativity. I particularly like the sections on Current Government Organization, Cities and Towns, and Common Given Names.

In addition to Necropolis, I have a copy of Green Ronin's Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra. If Gygax's book can be said to be the best Egyptian adventure/sourcebook for d20, then Hamunaptra is easily the definitive Egyptian-based boxed set for v.3.5. Now that I have it, it is slowly taking over Necropolis's role as the canon for my version of Khemit. (It's Awesome!)

Kungya (Dwarven lands [African | Phoenician])
Here, I'm thinking, Cathe has tried to invade this region by land several times but the deep jungles are full of dangerous Africa-inspired jungle creatures and cannibalistic dwarves. If you’re not a jungle dwarf then you best tread lightly here. Either that or be able to run really fast.

Lamnaro (Aerenal elven lands [African | Arabian])
The name was built from the elven name generator from Dragon Magazine #251. Broken down “Lam-Na-Ro” means “East-Ancient-Walker.” This land and the other elven lands of the Dark Continent were once thriving elven kingdoms/empires. Now, ages later, the ancient elven lands of Lamnaro, Caerox, Caesaira, and Firryaith are just ruined lands lost under the growth of jungle, savanna, and time. Lamnaro is the least ruined of these lands and still has a government and populace.

Eberron has changed this land. The elves of Lamnaro are going to be based on the society of the Aerenal elves from that setting. Therefore, the land will have its own version of the Undying Court, which means deathless creatures and a hatred of the undead. I foresee conflict between the elves of Lamnaro and Terre Mortis (with Hollowfaust caught in the middle).

Libu (Cyrenaica)
Libu is the name of an ancient Berber tribe. The name Libya comes from it. Wikipedia states that Egypt and Libya were enemies based on the Great Karnak Inscription Merneptah. Libu was also connected to the Greeks during the time of Cyrenaica. And the Romans described the Libu tribes as raiders and nomads. How much of this is true is hard to say since conquerors write history.

Regardless, I am using Libu as the name of a powerful city-state, which sits on the coast of Kanpur's southern sub-continent. It is close to both the city-state of Tânger — across the Straight of Dragons — and Sharn and the Free Cities to the north and east. It is also very close to both the Kesh Lands and Khemit. Khemit has tried to conquer Libu in the past but there is a truce right now. How long will it last? No one knows.

The citizens of Libu are not fond of the Keshites but they rarely war with each other. Both are more concerned with protecting themselves from Khemit and Cathe. Libu has the advantage in this since it has the patronage of Valenas [not shown on this map]. However, Valenas is on the northeastern shore of the Illiadis Sea, so that patronage only goes so far. The people of Libu also conduct a lot of trade with the citizens of Tânger, but they tend to avoid Sharn and its politics.

Numia (East African [Nubia | Kerma])
Another land based on a place name from Gary Gygax’s Necropolis. That name is Nubian Oversight, but I figured I'd just go with Nubia. However, I've now renamed it to Numia.

Gygax's Nubian Oversight is obviously a fantasy version of Nubia (perhaps during the time of the Kingdom of Kerma). Wikipedia states that "Nubian–Egyptian relations are complex and extend across many centuries." They often conquered each other but there was also mixed marriages. Relations between Numia and Khemit will be similar and I will be using the Kingdom of Kerma as my starting point for the region. Throw in magic and monsters and who knows where it will end up.

Scalded Savanna
I didn’t like the huge space left wide open between the jungles of Kungya and the ancient, elven land of Lamnaro. So I decided to give the region a fairly generic name and see where it ends up. This region is fairly bare of any sort of civilization, being home mainly to roam bands of feral catfolk and other, more unsavory, types of creatures (i.e. aberrations, undead). The land is dry and harsh, yet still qualifies as savanna rather than desert.

Terre Mortis
I'm thinking desert waste, hordes of undead, lost cities, and lots of African influences. However, this area won’t be inspired by the content in D&D Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead, since I got rid of that book. (It never really fit my personal style.) Terre Mortis will be more inspired by traditional undead creatures as well as the creatures and undead describes in several DUNGEON Magazine articles.


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