The Story-Line Reference Thread!


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(( Someone with more authority than me.. can we sticky this? ))

Anyone who is running a plot and/or storyline for ISRP, and wishes to open it up to new players and persons go ahead and contact me for this thread. Here is what I am looking for with all entries.

Plot Name (If any)
Who to Contact
What you are looking for.. do you need heroes, victims, villains or something else?
Summary.. a quick overview of what the plot is about, what players should expect. don't give away any secrets, but let people know what sort of play is going on.

Email it to, and be sure to include ISRP in the title.. so I don't toss it out by mistake. I'll update this thread, when I get the information.

All persons viewing this thread, keep in mind this is OOC information, so the plot summaries and ideas should not be used as IC knowledge.


Murderous Cults!
Seeking: We would need possible allies and enemies, or a third party group to add more drama.
Summary: Murderous Cults of course! Contact for more information.

Neutral Chaos
Contact: (Amastacia)
Seeking: A bit of everything, just give an idea for a spot for your character.
Summary: A group of people who have expectations placed upon them by others (Parents, friends, neighbors, etc) who are trying to break out of the mold whether it be going against those expectations to the good or to chaos.

New Clutch (Lost Dragons from Pern)

Contact: Ruthia at

Roles: Currently looking for Members of the cluthc, as well as interested parties to have either
A: Owned one of said dragons
B: Is friends with said dragons
C: Is AFTER said dragons.

Description: outcast from Pern by an evil group known as the Guardians of Pern, these eggs where sold to the highest bidders in many cases. Now that they have grown to adult hood, can they reunit with their lost family members and form a good strong bond able to face the on coming dangers ahead?

Perfect Balance (Moonbeam Adepts of Juxtaposition)
Contact: Jea at; Gregory at

Roles: Heroes, whom may or may not give their lives in the storyline; Adepts, to further the cause of balancing out the Balance.

Description: At the hands of the ones who call themselves the "Faceless Lords", the Balance is unraveling at a rapid pace. The Balance will soon become the UN-Balanced, and we the cosmos needs heroes of stout heart and strong mind to counter the darkness that marches the forth.

Ultimate Order (Faceless Lords)

Roles: Looking for participants in the following areas: willing victims, preferably those who are well-known in the community; villains, whom are willing to spread the word of the coming Order. There are other multiple roles available - just ask!

Description: The world is chaotic, bloody, and messy; everywhere you look, there is an excessive amount of anarchy. Perfection can only be achieved through the tidying up of Order. People are not conscious, and do not know what is for their own good, and so are unwilling.
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So.. if this one... wished to join said story-line... this one just has to email that email address?

Or hmm...

I'm not to sure if I want to join at this time, I was just curious.


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I applaud this idea Dontella.
Saves a lot of hassle I suppose.

I hope there are more story lines then this.
I believe all mind are dead. :D oh wait... :(


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Is it worthwhile listing subsections of stories sperately, or even directly under the main story arc? Or just listing the main story arc? The two storylines I'm running have a number of substories, all of which could be given a seperate mention... also, is it worth listing stories that are pretty much closed? What about listing who is involved with any given storyline? Am I complicating things and making there be too much maintenance to do?



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Jea - Email me whatever you want posted and I'll post it up :) It's not too much work.. just make sure it hits my hotmail account *nods* and not my bazillion other random email accounts.. hehe.


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I'll do so when I get time, probably in around two months or so. First I have these damn examination things to do... gah...

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