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Coming The Tales Were True!


Adventure in the fantasy folktale England where you might meet Morris dancers at one turn and the Frog Prince at the next.
The Tales were True – A Magical 5E Folk Tale Based Supplement for GMs and Players

Alwion is an alternate version of the British Isles, encompassing what we know of as England, Wales, and Scotland. While similar in many ways to our world, in this land, magic abounds and the tales but whispered of in our world are all real. It is a place where the fae mingle with normal mortals, often offering up bargains that seem too good to be true (and probably are).

Fairy Godmothers. Brownies. Travelling Witches. Boot-wearing Cats. Golden Egg Laying Geese. Jenny Greenteeth. Enchanted Animals. Goblin Merchants. Apple Eating Lazy Lawrences. Buttery Spirits. Roland the Farter. True Thomas. Herne the Hunter. Wailing Banshees. A Frog Prince. Changelings. Silver Tongued Bards. Sleeping Giants...and so much more.

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Brought to you by Kimberly Pauley, award winning author of MG and YA fantasy novels, as well as contributor to fantastical 5E campaign supplements such as The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns and Sunken Isles (Eldermancy). Contributing writers include Amie Rose Rotruck, Ben Sandfelder, and Leon Barillaro. Art by Ellie Jordan. Design by David Markiwsky.

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