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Dusty Dragon
Darwin looked at the map with curiosity... although not *too* much focus. He had to keep watch after all. No point in ending up like grand-uncle Protosulfureux, who had gotten ambushed by goblin while busy planning how to best ambush the goblin patrol...

But wait, this looked familiar. "This looks like a map of the local area, isn't it? So either it would be kept with the local maps or... it's misplaced, in which case it will take weeks to find it, or a lot of luck"

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The two map fragments tell you two important pieces of information. First, the pieces you have show the coastline around Hagan's Pass. In fact, Hagan's Pass is identified on the map. In addition to this, you also see some kind of "dotted line" going out of Hagan's Pass and into the sea. You will need more pieces of the map to see where this line goes. Second, and this may also be important, this map was drawn by a professional cartographer. It could have been a ship's navigator or maybe just a professional map-maker.

OOC: Due to his Sailor background, I'd like to have Shiver make a History check with advantage to see if he can make anything else out of the map fragments.


Shiver doesn't know for certain, but he recognizes some of the lettering and personal marks from whomever crafted the map. Shiver would need to see more of the map to be 100% sure, but he thinks that the map may have been created by Nolz Perabet, who was the ship's navigator for a certain notorious pirate captain.

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"I'm not sure but...", he squints and truns the map fragment round and holds it up to the light.

"...I think these marks here, and the way this letter e is formed...this looks like Nolz's work".

He lowers the fragment and hands it back, looking puzzled and annoyed.

"Nolz was the navigator for Sedgewick".

He looks to the side, at apparently nothing.

"Aye, Bosun, I reckon you're right. A treasure map! To Sedgewick's secret stash, if that old giffer in the pub is to be believed..."

His eyes focus on the group.

"a treasure map, shipmates! And we're headign to sea by the looks! Let's find the rest fo this map!"

And with a whoop he speeds off to explore the library, randomly poking in drawers and ledgers...


Dusty Dragon
Darwin hisses: "Quiet - there may be gnolls in here! Let's find that thing and get out of here... get a lead on them see?"

Darwin glances around nervously and focuses, trying to see if the whoop had triggered any alarm. He then muttered "This must be more than some random treasure if the Gnolls are so desperate to get it... something... important... or dangerous. Hmmmmmm.... Kini," he added "can you tell if these fragments are a copy of an original? And these pieces are torn of from the original, where would a partial map be kept? Are they stored separately from intact maps? ... this place is too big for a quick search..."



Hagan’s Pass/Book Depository

“I don’t know,” Kini said, cringing. “There are maps all over the the library,” she said. “I wasn’t studying maps. The local history section might have something,” she suggested.

Conditions: Mage Armor, Pass Without Trace

[sblock=Kini’s Mini Stats]
Kini's Character Sheet
AC: 12 (15 Mage Armor)
HP: 24/28

Cantrips: Firebolt, Light, Improved Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation, Shocking Grasp
1st (2/4): Color Spray, Mage Armor, Magic Missiles, Shield, Silent Image
2nd (1/3): Invisibility, Phantasmal Force, Web



OOC: Kini is unable to tell if it is a copy without spending more time with it and would probably need the original (assuming this isn't the original).

The ramblings and noise do not appear to have aroused suspicion. You still don't hear any commotion from the central tower.

Shiver does not find anything related to the map fragments in here.

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