The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies


OOC: Gamemaster discretion: In the previous mission Stripe Suit's Mind was attacked at a distance by manipulating waylines. I have decided that is too effective a technique and could negatively effect gameplay. From this point forward, attacking the Mind is only possible through direct physical contact with the Body, or in other words, physical touch. The Mind can still be attacked through cloth, so you don't have to take your gloves off, but it cannot be attacked through armor plates. Attacking the Mind of a person wearing Light Armor or better will receive a +25 bonus to the target's defense to reflect the less amount of area that can be effectively attacked.


Weekly post: +2 xp

A Proposal

The Runners have plenty of time and opportunity to search Stripe Suit and find nothing else of value. With his face revealed, Hawkeye easily discovers the identity of the secret Hudu Krew leader: Genghis Polima, Profit Manager for Mars Corporation, a mid-level management position. He had no wife or children on record, a confirmed bachelor. You find articles in the VR from last year referencing Helton city purchasing seventy water pumps from Mars, and Polima was the manager of that account.

The Runners collect ample evidence for Gibraltar before Trollick starts to incinerate the corpse. As Polima’s skin begins to boil, Shatterframe walks in through the door. When she sees what Trollick is doing, she waves her hands, amusement on her face. “Don’t do that here,” she says. At a silent command from her part of the wall opens into a chute large enough to fit the body. “Trash goes in there, right down to the incinerator. The owners don’t want anyone to know you killed someone in here, either. If you make too much of a mess, though, building security will stick you with a maintenance bill.”

Trollick looks around at the room splattered in blood, and shrugs before he tosses Polima down the chute.

Hawkeye contacts his Uncle Jimmy about confiscating Polima’s money, and includes Shatterframe in on the conversation since she is there.

Uncle Jimmy says, “Polima had no heirs so his credits will default to his corporation. If we raid the vault and take the credits, Mars and the bank will investigate, and they will come after us. Not even I’m willing to take on that kind of heat.”

Shatterframe says, “What we can do is wipe out the account, and destroy the credits. The thing about swiping credits is there’s always a trail in the VR. If we burn the credits, though, we take nothing back with us, and there’s no way to find us. It’s called a Smash and Burn, and that’s exactly what we do. Smash in the walls of the bank, burn Polima’s account, then run like hell.”

Shatterframe and Jimmy both volunteer to help Hawkeye if he wants to destroy Polima’s money.

State intentions

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye intends to do the Smash & Burn! Mars should not get the blood money for his parents' and the other engineers' deaths. He nods at Shatterframe, in complete agreement with her proposal.


Weekly post: +2xp

Uncle Jimmy Said . . .

After meeting up with Uncle Jimmy at a local diner, he tells the Runners, “We’ll need a safe space to work from, without cameras and with no attachment to any of us. The bank hackers will be able to tell where we came back to the Hard Realm, but if we leave no trace of our identity, then they can’t find us.” He points to Trollick and says, “We’ll need you to guard us. While we’re in the VR, we automatically fail any perception checks from the Hard Realm.”

The Runners agree to meet at an abandoned skyscraper near Victoria on the far west side of the city. This building is partially collapsed and scheduled for repair sometime within the next five years. Inside, the ground floor is covered in the refuse of the indigent of Helton. A few dark figures are seen, but they quickly scurry away at the sight of this group. You ascend to the second level and find an empty room with comparatively less garbage and feces.
The three hackers pull out folding chairs that allow them to sit comfortably, and take their positions. Uncle Jimmy’s eye covers slide down from his hat, and Shatterframe puts her slim headset, like a black helmet, over her head. Trollick takes up a defensive position and weaves waylines to wrap himself in darkness and grant increased hearing.

Give six new rolls

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye sits down, activating his rig as well, which looks simply like a pair of over-sized Ray Bans.

Mixed bag o' rolls: 84,81,46,100(+32),21,20


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Uncle Jimmy Said . . .

..., “We’ll need you to guard us. While we’re in the VR, we automatically fail any perception checks from the Hard Realm.”
Trollick makes a deliberate nod. "Done."

The Runners agree to meet at an abandoned skyscraper near Victoria... ascend to the second level...
Trollick takes his assignment very seriously. He has no idea what is going on inside the heads of the three deckers, but he does not need to. He scans the perimeter of the sight, pausing his vision at the stairwell and any other point of egress or access. In addition to his mundane observations he tries to stay tuned to any fluctuation in the magic, the waylines that govern mystical activity.

If the three are 'out' for some time, Trollick will move about the level to make a more thorough check of security. Since his ability to bend light is limited, he will also obscure his identity from casual perception. He understands that the concept is called "soullessness" by aberrant mages.
OOC: Random Rolls: 87, 17, 65, 43, 92+66, 58
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