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The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Trollick said:
"...then put a bullet in him after..."

Hawkeye says, "I have no compunction about killing people who deserve it. But if I make a promise to someone, I keep it. Period. You see, there's one thing my father told me that has always stuck with me; he said that people can take your life from you, they can take away your land, your house, your money, your friends, your family... they can lie about you and ruin your reputation, at least temporarily... but they can't take away who you are, or what you believe in. They can't take away what you stand for. So if I give this guy my word that he will be paid for the information we want, then he will be paid. I ain't no shady counter-intelligence operative; I refuse to double-deal. I'd rather die upholding my word of honor than to live with the knowledge that I'm no better than the scumbags I'm fighting against. When we're in a scrape, in the heat of the moment, I am content to shoot first and ask questions later. But when we negotiate, we do it in good faith, or else I'm out. I know it's a fine line, but walking that line, and always remembering that it's there, is what keeps me sane some days."

Syd said:
"I kinda know someone who can 'launder' the Creds..."

Hawkeye says, "Creds are great, don't get me wrong; but let's not forget data decks and mini-discs and thumb drives. Data is often far more valuable an asset than mere money. If they have dirt on people, we want that. If they have operatives that we can turn to our service, we want that, too."

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Gamer Extraordinaire
Weekly post: 2xp

Talking About the Striped Suit Man

OOC: I changed the name of the city so there would not be any issue with real world Houston which is only an hours drive from where I live. Still same location geographically. The name derives from someone finding an old Hilton sing and painting an ‘e’ over the ‘i’.

OOC: The purpose for introducing the Magnum Foster two hand full auto is to introduce customizable weapons to TUW: ES. All weapons are produced to strict manufacturing standards, but different techniques on the street can reduce weight and the hindrance of weapons. Weapons can be reduced by 2 lbs and -5 hindrance per 10000 credits spent, but the process can only be done twice for a maximum -4lbs and -10 hindrance for 20000 credits. The high price comes from the illegal nature and specialized skill set of the work.

Note: the Magnum Foster is an example of genius engineering and prime manufacturing not available to players, which is why it exceeds the limit.

OOC: Character knowledge: Syd Vicious – Syd knows that if the wrong person sees him with the Foster Child, there is a chance of theft since Syd could not report the crime of an illegal weapon. Syd should never let any HPD see that gun or it will be roll Reaction. A shooting range would not be a good place to fire the Foster Child, but the next mission involving the striped suit man would be an excellent opportunity to try it out.

Note: no need to worry about Gibraltar or any of the Hudu Krew trying to take the gun back. I won’t put that in the story.

Shatterframe, do you know anything about this pinstriped man? Or about who he works for?

From the vehicle audio system Shatterframe answers, “I’ve never seen or heard of this scag before, but if he’s pulling Hudu strings, he’s very likely with the Mars corporation. If you do climb that ladder, be careful about which rungs you knock out. You chummers aren’t ready for a corporation to have a conversation about you. I do have one important tip for you about this quarry. In the video he’s not wearing a gun, which tells me he doesn’t need one, and that only means one thing in Helton: magic.”

Shatterframe drives by the address Gibraltar gave you to allow you a first look at it. The sign on the skyscraper identifies it as Eagle Lake Casino, and below that another sign informed that the place was closed for renovation. As part of the instructions for her meeting Gibraltar was told to meet the suit man on the third sub-basement level in storage room 7F. The next two days pass in a blur. Syd visits Patr Island, taking some time off for relaxation, and Hawkeye and Trollick do their usual thing. The time of the meeting draws near.

State intentions for how to proceed. If you want to add something to the two-day gap before the mission, it can be added retroactively.

Give me a set of 6 rolls


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Trollick feels a little out of sorts. He is unsure of a bag and tag operation, preferring a stop a drop instead. Courier runs are in a whole different venue, so no comparison.

He discusses options with Hawkeye and Syd, gathering their insight and strategy. When it comes to the the actual deed, he feels that is necessary to wait for a queue from Hawkeye before taking any definitive action.

Having no specifics purchases to make, Trollick takes some time to visit with Zerusk and Katmus to maintain his working relationship with these two contacts. On the off chance of fortune, he also asks if either has had dealings or inquiries with Mr. Pinstripe.
87, 56, 92 + 34, 17, 26, 88

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye says to the group, "It's a casino, so getting inside should be no problem. Once we're in, I will link into their intranet, and try to hack the security cameras. We don't want to walk in there blind. Shatterframe said the guy is likely a Mage, so Trollick will be in charge of sensing and counteracting his abilities. If he has bodyguards with him, they will fall under Syd's purview. I'm going in armed and armored, but I plan to spend most of my time in the VR, unless something weird happens."

32, 92 (+18), 61, 91 (+79), 78, 44


Gamer Extraordinaire
Weekly Post: +2xp
Surprise Round

Trollick takes some time to visit with Zerusk and Katmus . . . he also asks if either has had dealings or inquiries with Mr. Pinstripe
Zerusk is pleased Trollick stopped by for a friendly visit, but shakes his head profusely when asked about Stripe Suit. “I keep my nose out of street biz. Less likely to get it blown off that way.”

Katmus acts professionally when approached by Trollick. In response to his inquiry she says, “I have never met anyone like that. If he is performing outlaw business, then it is likely he only wears that suit for specific dealings, like a disguise. If you require any assistance, let me know and I will fight by your side. Conversely, I have heard your name associated with a gang conflict at the Axelrad Lounge. According to the rumor, you held off six go-gangers with diamond edged swords with only your bare hands? Tell me the truth of this.”

Once we're in, I will link into their intranet, and try to hack the security cameras.

Connecting to the VR, Hawkeye can tell right away why this venue was chosen. Since Eagle Lake Casino is closed for renovation, security is lax. All the gaming equipment is out of the building, being used in a functioning casino in another part of Helton, and only the artists working the restoration ever go in or out. The sub-levels are only used for storage, are not part of the renovation, and are practically empty.
Hawkeye finds that the security cameras have already been tampered with, set to all perform diagnostics tasks at the same time, ten minutes before the planned meeting with Stripe Suit. These diagnostics will take over an hour, leaving nothing seen or recorded by the cameras during that time. Hawkeye does not see any way to remove or tamper with the timed diagnostics without alerting whoever set them, so he leaves them alone.
Turning his attention to the layout of the building, Hawkeye finds access to an underground entrance of the sub-levels. There is an emergency escape tunnel that connects to the lowest sub-level, eight, and he can see that another hacker has set the door lock for this secret tunnel to disengage at ten minutes before the scheduled meeting.


Hawkeye leaves the VR to tell Trollick and Syd what he saw. Having figured out Stripe Suit’s plan for in and out, and what time, a plan is set. Checking the sub-level layout, the Runners determine an excellent spot for an ambush. At ten minutes to meet time the cameras will become useless, so there will be no way for Hawkeye to see what is happening from the VR. He pulls his revolver and takes part in the ambush. Syd brings his new Foster Child while Trollick trusts in his magic skills.

The Runners wait at an intersection of the sub-level hallways that Stripe Suit will have to take to reach the elevator to the third sub-level where the meet is supposed to take place.

Hawkeye 60+110(d100)+25(preparation)=195, Trollick 51+87(d100)+25=163, Syd 62+97(+17)+25=201

Since this is an excellent time to manipulate shadows, Trollick uses waylines to warp the light around him, producing darker shadow to help hide him. The Runners hear Stripe Suit approach up the hall, the cadence of his steps indicating he is not wary at all. When Stripe Suit steps into the trap between the Runners, they can see he had not even put his mask on yet. The suit he wears is exactly the same as the video, but instead of the mask they see a dark-skinned man with close cut black hair. The hide checks were successful, and surprise round is implemented.

Hawkeye 66+61(d100)=127, Trollick 67+56=123, Syd 77+67=144

Hawkeye 45, Trollick 20, Syd 40

Hawkeye 82, Trollick 103, Syd 104: Syd, Trollick, Hawkeye, Syd, Trollick

During the Surprise Round, Stripe Suit receives no actions. Declare intentions for this round of attacks.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Not wanting to kill the guy, Hawkeye will hold his fire; he will show him the pistol, and say:

Hawkeye: "If you want to keep your knees intact, you'd better come with us, quietly."

Hawkeye will also (at the same time) lay a hand on Stripey's shoulder, and attempt to manipulate Way, to aid Trollick's attempt to muddle his mind, and make him more cooperative.

Lastly, Hawkeye is recording the whole episode with his cyber eye's internal camera, including a nice close-up of Stripey's un-masked face.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Knowing that the alteration of another's mental faculties is not his strongest suit, but following the chosen protocol, anyway, Trollick sees no need to reveal himself as he has no need to be closer than 51 feet from the man to target him.
Bending + Muddle + d100
Bending: Mind + Commercial + Knowledge + Will = 22
Muddle: Essence + Collegiate + Cohesion = 27
22 + 27 + 85 = 134: Damage Factor = 10
Skepticism + Clarity or Tranquility + d100
Skepticism: Mind + Commercial + Obscurative + Knowledge + Will
Clarity: Essence + Collegiate + Cohesion
Tranquility: Essence + Collegiate + post-Collegiate + Cohesion + Adhesion


Due to too many HPD, even in plain clothes he recognized two of the officers, Syd balked at trying out the Foster Child at the range. He knew he'd get arrested, well, probably. If not, the Child would be confiscated, dead or alive; and Syd had no reason to end up dead --- just yet.

Now, waiting for Pin Stripe Man, Syd was hoping his bodyguards would try something so he could test the Child out.
And, waiting is a drag --- but, he waited.

Then, Pin Stripe Man shows up, their ambush a success --- but, no guards. Ah, well.

He has the Foster Child on Pin Stripe Man as he waits for a reply or action from their quarry.



Gamer Extraordinaire
Weekly post: +2xp

Not So Scary After All

If you want to keep your knees intact, you'd better come with us, quietly.

Hawkeye steps forward with his revolver revealed, ready to put his hand on Stripe Suit’s shoulder to assist with Trollick’s mystic assault. At first a glimmer of amusement flashes over the man’s face and he attempts to twist away from Hawkeye’s grasp. The emotional context of this mission gives Hawkeye exceptional clarity of motion, and not only does he successfully grab Stripe Suit, but he slips behind him to hook his arm under his neck, subduing the man.

66+91(+79)=236, Stripe Suit: 75+63=138

From his vantage point, Trollick sees a moment of panic flicker over Stripe Suit’s face. That’s all the opening he needs for his mental assault. With the combined efforts of the Runners, Stripe Suit’s Mind is decimated in an instant, and he goes limp in Hawkeye’s arm with his eyes still wide open.

49+92(+34)+25(assist)=200, Stripe Suit: 50+50=100, 10 Mind damage

At first the elation of their victory elicits grins from Trollick and Hawkeye, and a scowl from Syd since he did not get to shoot his new gun. Although Hawkeye was unable to counteract the commands of the hacker that negated the casino cameras, he still had an alarm set on the secret exit on this level, specifically to let him know when it opened and closed. Stripe Suit had closed the door after his entry to this level, but the VR notified Hawkeye that it opened again just now. Hawkeye immediately notifies his fellow Runners of the reopened door. Whoever has entered this level from the secret exit, there can be no expectations that they are friendly.

Stripe Suit’s back-up is coming for him.

State intentions. Provide a new set of six rolls. Any unused rolls from previous number sets will be used first.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye will keep ahold of Stripes, but not with the typical gun-to-the-head tactic; instead, he will keep his gun hand pointed in front of him as he moves, using Stripes as a Human shield. He will keep his head behind Stripes' head, to minimize the risk of being shot. He will also manipulate waylines to make himself darker / more shadowy / harder to see. The first thug through the door will get a bullet to the heart. Hawkeye knows that the team will evacuate as soon as possible, and his intent is to keep Stripes moving, and follow them out. He doesn't want to get into a firefight, if he can avoid it. And he's hoping a pro bodyguard won't risk shooting his boss.

Lastly, if it looks as if Stripes will recover, Hawkeye will try to muddle him again.

100 (+51)
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