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I Thought Houston Was A Safe City
When you inform Shatterframe of your decision to take the Port Arthur job she nods and lets you know you can start immediately. You make all preparations and set out for the address of the skyscraper. On the VR the location is flagged as unoccupied. The owner is Coca Cola Corporation and the building is flagged as uninhabitable and used for chemical storage. When you arrive at the location you find that this skyscraper is built right up against the sea wall, a strange choice of architecture not shared by the buildings around it. There are two HPD squad cars out front of the skyscraper, but they seem to be only sitting there and talking amongst themselves.

Shatterframe pulls up next to one of the squad cars and uses her outside speaker to announce. “We’re the couriers for the hard realm paperwork.”

One of the officers looks over at the car, nods and goes back to the conversation. You exit the vehicle and approach the building, noticing that is in good repair, not cracked or crumbling, and all the windows are intact. The front door opens as you approach and a small woman with a bright red shawl beckons you forward. Next to her is a burly giant in medium armor with a heavy pistol holstered on his hip. He nods in greeting.
“My name is Fernie, and this is Rumsher,” the woman tells you. From under her shawl she pulls a manila folder with case #78463-996 and hands it to group inventory. “I’m sorry if this is strange for you. We don’t have any skilled VR users in our group and to be honest we don’t trust it must. Fortunately, paper is still an option for official records.”
These documents describe in boring detail the desires of a group of mages bonded to marine life, and dedicated to marine biology, and a group of former pirates turned nature conservationists to petition to be recognized by the city of Houston as a new group of like-minded individuals, in this case marine life preservation. As such the new group would be granted possession of one skyscraper for their use, in this case the one in question.

You take the papers and turn to go, thinking this is a crappy, boring job. As Shatterframe is pulling the car away from the building you stay sharp in case someone shoots at you or tries to ram you with a vehicle. Nothing like that happens and it is a smooth ride to Downtown District of Houston. The vehicles you pass look the same, conforming to city standards, but the smallest building downtown is twice as wide as in residential and commercial neighborhoods. The largest buildings are five times as wide and just as tall, mammoth structures of human engineering. As with all skyscrapers outside decorations were forbidden so the buildings appeared plain. All the wealth would show on the inside. This was where the city council members and the heads of corporations lived with their families and friends. There was plenty of activity on the streets, vehicles of all sizes moving in perfect precision, people rolling on the sidewalks with glide boards. Far above, moving between the buildings were drones and airships, their lights marking them against the night sky. Lately you’ve heard rumors of people living on the rooftops of Houston that have never set foot on the ground, moving only from roof to roof.

Shatterframe drives to city hall, a three skyscraper building with a holographic image declaring its title over the plain surface. She parks in the designated area and the Runners exit with their papers and head to the main entrance, a row of revolving doors. On the other side of the doors is a large area, well lit, with rows of cubicals spread out in precise patterns.

Against the adjacent wall to the entrance is an orc in a pink pantsuit and large breasts showing ample cleavage. Her face is unappealing, brutish and grey, but she smiles pleasantly and asks, “Purpose of your visit?” The Runners show her the file, she reads the case number and accesses the information through the VR. “Proceed to cubicle fourteen-c,” she tells you.

You follow the instructions to cubicle fourteen-c and find three people sitting on revolving chairs. One is a human with short hair and a snide expression on his face. The second is an elf, but his face is puffy, and he looks quiet simple. The third is an orc with a bushy mane of blonde hair and a long mustache. They are wearing slacks and button shirts but disheveled. Along the walls of the cubicle is a counter that holds stacks of papers.

Syd stares at the man with the snide expression and recognizes him as Colin Mulchansky, or Chansky as he is known to the Hudu Krew.

Syd points at the three imposter civil servants and says, “Hudu Krew!”

Chansky cries out in disgust, “Crap it! We’ve been made!” The three gangers scramble and pull firearms from behind the stacks of papers, a medium pistol for Chansky, a light pistol for the puffy one, and a heavy pistol for the big hair. You bring your weapons to bear at the same time and there is no surprise round.

Roll Reaction, State Intentions, and provide a set of six rolls.


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Readiness + Athletic + Tranquility + d100
Trollick: 21 + 18 + 37 + 55 = 131
Without physically changing location, Trollick grimaces at big hair and claps his hands together pointing them in her direction. A pulse of air magnifies from his hands as it moves toward the orc, creating a painful, high pitched squeal that only she can hear.
Damage: 20 Mind
This causes bulk movement of air designed to remove a target from its feet. If the effectiveness is greater than resistance, the target is thrown a distance of 1 stride per 10 points of difference between effectiveness and resistance and suffers 1 point of non-lethal damage per stride (loss of Mind).

The rapid expansion of air, creates a loud thump in the target’s ears which can inflict stunning damage (loss of Mind). This is not designed to kill, only deafen. The target will only be rendered unconscious no matter how far below zero Mind is reduced.
Resist Fall: aggression (Combat Task) + d100
Resist Thump: conditioning (Combat) + Clarity/Tranquility (Collegiate) + d100
Trollick: 36 + 81 (from below) = 117
81, 58, 49, 99 + 94, 83, 80
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Tellerian Hawke

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Hawkeye's eyes narrow, as he begins to seethe in barely-controlled anger, "Hudu, eh? You're in for a world of pain, you lousy Tuchus Leech!"

OOC: Hawkeye intends to take this guy alive. He is aiming for Chansky's gun hand. His intention is to shoot him twice, once in the hand, and once in the left kneecap. The objective is to keep him alive for questioning.

Base Reaction Roll: 77

Base Combat Rolls requested (6 of 'em): 85, 79, 48, 93 (luck=86, total = 179), 54, and 33.


Syd, seeing what Hawkeye has planned, says:
"Easy, my friend. I got this. Chansky and I go back a ways."
He then looks to Chansky and says: "Ho, chum! What kind of drek ya runnin' the Krewe into now? Don't try nothin'. You can see one of yer mates is already off, and with two guns marking ya, ya knows yer gonna end up cold meat. Put 'em down, yeah, you can just holster 'em. Now, chummers!"



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Blah, Blah, not Bang, Bang
Reaction: Trollick: 80+81 (d100)=161, Hawkeye: 67+77=144, Syd: 78+85=163, Chansky: 75+55=130, Arlem Soulkilla: 70+79=149, Pretty Bilak: 70+07=77
Speed of Action: Syd (Negotiate), Trollick (Concussion), Arlem (Light Pistol), Hawkeye (Revolver), Chansky (Medium Pistol), Bilak (Heavy Pistol)
Syd Negotiate: 78+66=144, Chansky resist: 75+56=131. Results: Negotiate successful and combat is immediately resolved.

Syd makes his demand and sees what he hoped for in the eyes of Chansky, doubt and fear, and he knows he’s got him. Trollick and Hawkeye observe closely, ready to chew these scrubs up if necessary.

First Chansky, then the other two slowly set their pistols aside. Around you the sounds of other people moving about and working in the cubicle maze can still be heard. Apparently, no one has noticed your interactions.

Chansky says with respect, “I heard a rumor about you three chummies. Someone told me you did for a couple of nasties called Pinkins and Glitterface, then set up the Dead Lions for a clean sweep by the Bright Leaf. If you’re on this job, then we’ll step aside. Better our reputation on the street take a hit than our faces take a bullet or spell.” He glances anxiously at Trollick and Hawkeye.

You hand them the documents and while you’re watching the three undercover gangers process the papers and send them on to be filed. Once they set to work you find them quite efficient. You receive a paper receipt to return to your employers in exchange for payment.

Chansky says to Syd, “When the Dead Lions got wiped out it left an opening in the market for rare items. The Hudu Krew is stepping up to expand, investing in some new markets, but as always, the competition is fierce. We could use muscle like you to secure our position. Whaddya say? Wanna ride with the Krew again?”

Any other questions for the Hudu Krew members may be asked in the players next post and I’ll address it in my next post. State intentions.

Tellerian Hawke

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Hawkeye slowly moves his hand off the grip of his revolver. He was a split second from clearing the holster, and the gun was already an inch and a half out of position; when Hawkeye lets go, there is a soft, barely noticeable "pthunk" sound as the revolver slides back into its proper resting place.

Hawkeye says, in a muted tone, "Sorry, Syd. I've been a bit touchy since my last VR call. I've been meaning to talk to ya about it, but if ya don't mind, I'd like to ask your pal here a few questions. I promise I won't hurt 'em. But the Hudus have a few bad apples in their barrel, and I'd like to find 'em, before they spoil the whole bunch. You cool with that, bro?"


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As Trollick is raising his hands to clap them, he sees the effects of Syd’s words on the three chumps who would be extorters. He brushes his hands to gether like removing dust from them. The faint sound likened of a car speeding away can be heard by everyone within the cubicle.

Trollick smiles in a friendly manner. He always seems calm and amicable. “Best move.”

He nods at Syd. “Civil. I prefer civil.”

He looks at Chansky and shakes his head. “First you think you want to throw down, next you are suggesting we cog on your machine. Does not sound tempting.”


Hawkeye says, in a muted tone, "Sorry, Syd. I've been a bit touchy since my last VR call. I've been meaning to talk to ya about it, but if ya don't mind, I'd like to ask your pal here a few questions. I promise I won't hurt 'em. But the Hudus have a few bad apples in their barrel, and I'd like to find 'em, before they spoil the whole bunch. You cool with that, bro?"
Syd acts like he is thinking about Chansky's offer then shakes his head in the negative, saying: "Chansky, why would I do that? When the Krewe went all fractured, mostly by your head games and twists, it's no longer the same. It wasn't just a business, but a family, before you and your dogs came in. Now,it's just a business. My pals here and I, we're making us a new crew. And --- we've become family."

Syd knew that last bit was an embellishment, but at the same time, not that far off the mark.

He hears Hawkeye's suggestion and nods to him saying:
"Go for it, Hawk. You're the better interrogator, by far."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye's eyes narrow, giving him a menacing demeanor, "Ok, Chansky, I want you to think real hard about what I am going to ask you---"

At this point, Trollick taps Hawkeye on the shoulder, and whispers something to him in a hushed tone...
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Trollick touches Hawkeye on the shoulder, sensing where he is taking his query and says, “Hold that for just a second. Let me interject something that is bugging me about our current situation, and then hit them with the big stuff.”

Looking at the the gangers, “Obviously we read through this dross. It is much adieu about nothing, so who the hell would pay you to interfere with the filing or is it us and not the document?”

Tellerian Hawke

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Seeing that Chansky has told us all that he knows about that, Hawkeye decides to pick up his line of questioning concerning the Barnes hit.

Hawkeye glares at Chansky and says, "What I am about to ask you has nothing further to do with the current situation. This question is much more serious, so you need to concentrate. The info that I need concerns a friend of yours, Ponder Tom. He's currently in HPD custody. He was involved in a hit last year, almost 10 months ago, that was made to look like a home invasion. The victims' surname was Barnes. He had three other Hudus with him. Since he's in custody, we can't question him directly, but we'd like to know who the other three were on the hit. Don't worry, it's not you guys that we're after; the Hudus are small-time; we're looking for whomever funded the hit. If you cooperate with us, you will benefit from that cooperation; if you choose to play hard ball, then rest assured, we're heavier hitters than you are."


Upon hearing about the crew being part of a hit disguised as a home invasion mere months after he left the Krewe, Syd turns to stare at Hawkeye in disbelief for but a few seconds before turning back to glare at Chansky with a black demeanor so ominous it could wilt the toughest Merc.

"Chansky...when did the Krewe start running Wetwork?"


Weekly post: 10 xp for job completion

Chansky Don’t Know Drek
“. . . so who the hell would pay you to interfere with the filing or is it us and not the document?”
Chansky’s face screws up in confusion. “We were told to get these jobs a month ago by Maxine Gibraltar. She’s been running the Krew for a minute, pushing our expansion. I got a message this morning to accept the paperwork for that skyscraper and then torch it. I don’t know why. Did you ask the people that hired you? They might know.”

“The info that I need concerns a friend of yours, Ponder Tom. He's currently in HPD custody. He was involved in a hit last year, almost 10 months ago, that was made to look like a home invasion. The victims' surname was Barnes.”
At the mention of Ponder Tom the simple looking elf Arlem Soulkilla laughs and says to the orc Pretty Bilak, “I told you the cops grabbed Ponder. They probably got his balls in a vice right now.”

Chansky motions them to silence and says, “Anything else you want to know about Hudu Krew biz you need to talk to Gibraltar. She owns a place called the Axelrad Lounge. She’s there most every night. You can’t miss her. She’s a giant with a long braid of white hair.” He grins at Trollick and Hawkeye.

For some reason Arlem Soulkilla and Pretty Bilak both find that last comment funny, chuckling to themselves and sharing knowing looks.

"Chansky...when did the Krewe start running wetwork?"
Chansky sneers back at Syd and replies, “I said we were expanding, didn’t I? What’s it to you? Didn’t you just say you have a new family now?”

Perception: Trollick: 53+81=134, Hawkeye: 45+85=130, Syd: 49+96+81(luck)=226
The helpful information from these gangers is suspicious to Trollick and Hawkeye, causing them to believe that they will be attacked again when next they visit the Axelrad Lounge, but with Syd’s gang experience, he can tell the ambush will come before that, possibly on the way to deliver the receipt to your employers.

Armed with this information, Shatterframe takes a circuitous route back to the skyscraper on the seawall and you have no other problems on the way there. At the skyscraper the HPD again permits you to approach and Fernie and Rumsher come out and receive the receipt for their claim.

The Runners ask about the business with the skyscraper and why a go-gang would interfere with the papers at city hall. Fernie answers,
“If I told you that I’d have to show you what’s in the basement, and if I show you what’s in the basement you would have to join our group or die. Thank you so much for your help.”

Receive 5000 credits

State intentions


Thinking about Chansky's last comment and as they head back to Houston City Limits proper, Syd asks Shatterframe: "Since I have a fairly full credstick, I need to see about some enhancements. I'm zeroing in some serious juju about this next run at the Axelrad. Mind if I stop at The New You?" (OOC: Yes! I am stealing from 'Logan's Run'.)

Syd looks to his friends, his new 'family' Trolli (OCC: Oh look! Your nickname's a candy, TROLLI)! and Hawk;
"Chums, I think you should be loading up on whatever you think you need to do this. I'll lay odds, this Maxine Gibraltar is more than she seems, and then some. I think we need to be aware, really aware."
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Trollick makes a funny face and scratches his beard. He rotates his seat in Shatterframe’s car back and forth, then shakes his head. “I was thinking about how the Elves in the refuge forest out north of Cleveland took to calling me little Troll. I do not think I have ever used my name, which is Thomas.”

Looking up at Shatterframe. “Swing me over to Ranella’s after you drop off Syd.”
OOC: I would like to acquire a stone for Motility or Adhesion or both to finish out my bracelet.

With a grandiose gesture, “I am really thinking I would like to grab that Orc or that Elf... I don’t think Chansky would be the best grab... and press them for more information. I’m a little ticked at the candor. If the one proves useless, clip them and take the other, but leave Chansky. It’ll make him look suspicious. We are still new enough in the game to need a lot more resources, information, and supplies to become a force to be reckoned with. I’m really tired of HPD being on the fringe of everything that is happening and not knowing who is really calling shots. It may even be more than one player. I definitely want to make a run at Maxine, just for Hawkeye would be enough, but I don’t want to do it stupid. I want to make a statement, here.”

Tellerian Hawke

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Thomas said:
Looking up at Shatterframe, “Swing me over to Ranella’s after you drop off Syd.”
Hawkeye adds, "Me, too. I've had my eye on a few things I'd like to pick up... By the way, Shatterframe, could you tell me where I could pick up a better snooper program than the one I currently have? It feels like my current one is starting to show its age."


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Gearing Up for A Boss Fight

Mind if I stop at The New You?
Swing me over to Ranella’s after you drop off Syd
Me, too. I've had my eye on a few things I'd like to pick up
Shatterframe takes you wherever you wish to go, and you may make whatever purchases you can afford. Everything that you want is in stock, and there are no complications.
better snooper program than the one I currently have
OOC: That mostly depends on your stats. Increase Mental abilities and your snooper programs will be more effective. Since Hawkeye has a 10 in Commercial he can choose his next skill at rank 1.

I am really thinking I would like to grab that Orc or that Elf
Target assessment: Hawkeye: 65+79=144, Trollick: 91+53=144, Syd: 79+50=129

Syd shrugs and says, “I’m good either way. I don’t know either of those chummers.”

After a quick discussion, Trollick and Hawkeye reach the same conclusion: the elf, Arlem Soulkilla, seemed like a doofus that would most likely attempt some bravado and get hurt rather than give credible information. The orc, Pretty Bilak, seemed to have some intelligence, but not much confidence. He would be easier to intimidate, and would likely have more useful information.
Target locate: Hawkeye 28+179=207

Using the VR, Hawkeye locks onto Pretty Bilak’s virtual life and deciphers a pattern from his habits. His roommates are Chansky and Arlem and the trio is often together. They own a three-way split apartment in a skyscraper in Humble. Every week on this night Bilak leaves alone, and goes to bowl at the nearby alley. He is usually there for several hours, and that would be a good opportunity to intercept him.

State Intentions


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Trollick grins at the prospect of the groups self-assigned task. "This being, for certain, my first attempt at an abduction, I am guessing that I am best suited to be in the bowling alley and use my magic to subdue our target. Maybe we can all be there. Perfectly legitimate to be bowling. I would have to try to effect Bilak directly. I have no real talent for trying to chemically alter a drink to take out his mind. We could buy something, and see if an opportunity presents himself. I mean, who goes bowling without having a few drinks?"

Tellerian Hawke

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Hawkeye is running behind the scenes on this one; he figures that while one giant in the bowling alley might not turn heads, TWO giants might. Hawkeye intends to hack the bowling alley's security cameras (if possible) and turn them to positions that will not record the party's presence within the establishment, nor record the kidnapping.


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Hunting Pretty Bilak

The Runners find the Big Bowla bowling alley in the ground floor of a skyscraper and decide to recon the place before Pretty Bilak arrives. Investigating the place in VR, Hawkeye finds that the only cameras are outside, and Syd Vicious decides to stay on the street and keep watch. Hawkeye’s fears that two giants together would arouse suspicion is thankfully unnecessary as the clientele of this place is mostly giants and orcs playing together in leagues. The place is well-lit and maintained, and everyone seems to have a genuine good time bowling. Trollick and Hawkeye sit at the bar and have a couple of drinks while they wait for their quarry.

Tipped off by Syd before he arrives, Trollick and Hawkeye see Pretty Bilak enter and go to the league counter. Keeping a watch on him, they see him speak hastily with frustration at the clerk who shrugs and waves him off with contempt.

Despondent, Pretty Bilak goes over to the bar, sits only two seats away from the Runners without noticing them, and orders a beer before putting his chin in his palm and elbow on the bar.

Trollick and Hawkeye share a glance, then decide to strike up a conversation with Bilak. He seems suspicious and frightened at first, but he is quickly convinced by the Runners that this is a coincidental meeting, and that they were just looking for a place to have an evening out.

“My team didn’t show up so I can’t play league tonight. Want to throw a three-way game?” Bilak offers and the Runners accept.

For the next couple of hours, the Runners share a few pitchers of beer with Bilak over a few games. Bilak is a fair bowler, but the Runners are able to make it competitive while still letting him win to get his spirits up. Subtly the Runners turn the conversation to gang life and the beer buzzed Pretty Bilak opens up about his dissatisfaction with the Hudu Krew.

“It used to be about a bunch of tough-as-steel gangers out having some nasty fun on the Houston streets. Now it’s more like a business, and management gets more ruthless with every job. Our new leader, Gibraltar, joined with the Krew after her old gang, the Slik-Niks, were wiped out by HPD. She’s ultra-nasty. Our old leader, Nice Guy Larry, tried to keep her in line, but he disappeared. We all know she killed him, but no one knows how or where.”

He gives the Runners a hard look and suddenly Pretty Bilak doesn’t seem so silly anymore. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You want to know about Gibraltar. Well you can have at her. Nice Guy Larry wasn’t nice at all, but at least he never made us get desk jobs at city hall. Gibraltar almost never leaves the Axelrad Lounge, and when she does leave she doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going or what she does. If you want to go after here there, don’t go in the front door. She’s got pop out turrets in the ceiling, and electric tasers in the floor. The backdoor is a no go too, locked up tight with a dead bolt that doesn’t connect to VR. Your best bet will be to sneak in through the skyscraper. I know she has a secret access to her apartment on the second floor over the lounge. Sometimes she orders gang members to go up there with her for some really rough sex. If you can get into her apartment you can ambush her there.”

If there are any other questions for Pretty Bilak, ask them.

State Intentions